10th-11th June – 12th Chappel (Essex) CAMRA Cider Festival Preview

Address: East Anglian Railway Museum, Chappel and Wakes Colne Station, Wakes Colne, Essex, CO6 2DS (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 10th June: 11am-11pm (£TBC)
Sat 11th June: 11am-11pm (£TBC)

Concessions: Free entry for CAMRA members

Glass Deposit: £2 (refundable)

Tickets: Available on the door

Ciders/Perries: 50 ciders/perries (approx)


Producer Name Cider Name Region ABV %
Appledram Cider Sussex 7.5
Biddenden Bushels Kent 6.0
Broomfield Orchards Cider Kent 7.0
Burrow Hill Cider Somerset 6.0
Cam Valley Discovery/Cox Cambridgeshire 6.9
Cam Valley Idared (SV) Cambridgeshire 6.5
Carter’s Cider Essex 7.0
Cromwell Oliver’s Choice Cambridgeshire 6.7
Cromwell Oliver’s Sweetheart Cambridgeshire 6.7
Crones Owld Norfolk Norfolk 7.5
Crossmans Prime Farmhouse Cider Somerset 6.0
Delvin End Pheasant Plucker Essex 7.0
Delvin End Summer Festival Essex 7.0
Doublevision Cider Kent 7.4
Evershed’s Crown Gold (SV) Bedfordshire 6.0
Grays Cider Devon 6.5
Green Valley Rum Tiddly Tum Devon 7.0
Gwatkin Stoke Red (SV) Herefordshire 7.5
Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon Glamorgan 7.2
Gwynt y Ddraig Happy Daze Glamorgan 4.5
Jollydale Cider Lincolnshire 6.0
Millwhites Rum Cask Hertfordshire 7.5
Millwhites Scrumpy Hertfordshire 6.5
Millwhites Whisky Cask Hertfordshire 7.5
Naish/Chant Badger’s Spit Somerset 6.0
New Forest Snakecatcher Hampshire 6.0
Perry Brothers Cider Somerset 6.0
Pickled Pig Porker’s Snout Cambridgeshire 6.5
Pickled Pig Rum Cask Cambridgeshire 6.5
Rich’s Cider Somerset 6.0
Rosie’s Wicked Wasp Denbighshire 6.0
Sheppys Cider Somerset 6.0
Weston’s 1st quality Herefordshire 5.0
Weston’s Bounds Brand Herefordshire 4.8
Weston’s Old Rosie Herefordshire 7.3
Weston’s Organic Vintage Herefordshire 7.3
Weston’s Traditional Scrumpy Herefordshire 6.3
Wilkins Farmhouse Cider Somerset 6.0
Winkleigh Sam’s Devon 6.0


Producer Name Perry Name Region ABV %
Bridge Farm Perry Somerset 6.5
Broadoak Perry Somerset 7.5
Cromwell Sweet William Perry Cambridgeshire 5.8
Crones Norfolk Perry Norfolk 6.4
Doublevision Impeared Vision Perry Kent 7.4
Gwatkin Malvern Hills(SV) Perry Herefordshire 7.5
Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry Glamorgan 5.0
Hecks Perry Somerset 6.5
Little Red Rooster Pider Sussex 8.4
Lyne Down Perry Herefordshire 6.0
Newtons Perry Herefordshire 5.5
Ross-On-Wye Perry Herefordshire 6.5
Severnsider Perry Gloucestershire 6.4
Weston’s Country Perry Herefordshire 4.5

Food: TBC

Entertainment: TBC


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