The Coronation Tap (Bristol) Review

Address: The Coronation Tap, 8 Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4AX


Cori Tap Exhibition
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Thatchers Gold
Thatchers Traditional
Westons Old Rosie
Westons Stowford Press


Thatchers Cox
Thatchers Green Goblin
Thatchers Katy


When everyone thinks of Bristol cider pubs, the first one always on their mind is the Cori Tap. Dating back to the 1800s, this cider pub is what really put Bristol on the cider map. Its reputation is such that even the rich and famous frequent there on occasion and go and get “corried”. One of the biggest things it is known for is its lethal Exhibition cider. At 8.4% and only served in half-pints, then you can understand why it can become dangerous drinking it.

The pub itself is like an old beer tavern from back in the day, with wooden panelled walls/floor, low ceilings and quite compact in space. It is a lovely looking pub and serves plenty of proper cider from barrels and in bottles. My big problem with the Cori Tap is the Friday/Saturday evenings. After 9pm, it just becomes too packed and to be honest a little uncomfortable. It is descended upon by the Bristol Uni students and unless you fancy being like a sardine in a can, then I’d avoid it then. It does do lots of live music during the week. With it keep being a finalist in The Publican “UK Music Pub of the Year, then it would be worth a visit for that alone. Overall I like the pub, but prefer it during the week than at weekends.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 5:30pm-11:30pm

Sat-Sun: 7pm-11:30pm

Tel: 0117 973 9617

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