The Orchard Inn (Bristol) Review

Address: The Orchard Inn, 12 Hanover Place, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 6XT


Ben Crossmans (Dry)
Countryman (Sweet)
Gwynt y Ddraig Happy Daze
Hecks Perry
Moles Black Rat
Parson’s Choice (Dry)
Richs Farmhouse (Sweet/Medium/Dry)
Richs Legbender
Severncider (Medium/Dry)
Severncider Perry (Dry)
Thatchers Cheddar Valley
Thatchers Gold
Thatchers Traditional
Ticknum Tipple
Westcroft Janets Jungle Juice (Medium/Dry)
Wilkins (Sweet/Medium/Dry)

Past Draught Ciders/Perries

Bath Ales Bounders
Cornish Orchards Perry (Medium)
Norton Wood Dry
Tricky Cider (Sweet/Medium/Dry)


Thatchers Katy


When my friend recently brought up The Orchard in conversation, I just had to go down and see it again. It’s a little like an old friend for me, that isn’t quite local enough I can easily walk to visit, but I feel guilty I don’t see enough of because they are so close. Luckily as my other half is a perennial taxi user, it wasn’t to be the usual long journey to the other side of the river, but a nice short taxi ride.

As a former UK cider pub of the year in 2009, the amount of cider on offer is always going to be in generous proportions. What I really like about the pub is not just the amount of cider on offer, but the variety there is too. It stocks from the sweeter cider like Thatchers Gold, right down to proper scrumpy cider like Norton Wood and Richs Farmhouse. It does have a really local feel to the pub, but not too local that you feel like everyone is watching you when you visit. I’ve yet to experience their food yet, but I have heard good things about their pasties and pork pies. All in all I always love my times there; I just wish it wasn’t so out of the way from all my usual locals.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 12pm-11pm

Sat: 12pm-11pm (Open 10am-12pm for breakfast)

Sun: 12pm-11pm (Open 10am-12pm for breakfast. Sometimes earlier)

Tel: 0117 926 2678

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