Hogans Draught (Sparkling) Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Hogans
Cider Name: Draught (Sparkling)
Region: Warcwickshire
ABV: 4.5%
Taste: Medium/Sweet
Served: Chilled pint
Smell: Fruity
Colour: Light golden
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Sparkling


Whilst stumbling through the heart of Clifton one weekend, I happened to come across a Hogans cider on draught at The Clifton pub. Hogans are the only cider producer I have heard of from Warwickshire, though they bring in all their apples from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Thankfully they haven’t abandoned the art of making cider and they are making this in the traditional way, which is always great to see.

The cider itself wasn’t really a surprising or full flavoured cider. It was sparkling and very refreshing, but lacked a little in depth on the flavour. It’s a fairly sweet cider, with a slight tang to the taste and similar in taste in many ways to Appletizer. I would say it’s way better than the likes of a Magners or even Stowford Press, but it just doesn’t quite pack the punch I am looking for. At 4.5%, this could easily be a sweetish cider drinker’s session cider.


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