Stella Artois Cidre Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Stella Artois
Cider Name: Cidre
Region: Belgium
ABV: 4.5%
Taste: Sweet
Served: Chilled 440ml can
Smell: Apple
Colour: Golden orange
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Sparkling


Whilst on a trip to Asda for my BBQ shopping, I had spotted a 4 pack of Stella Artois Cidre on sale. I’ve heard from many good sources that it was an awful cider (if you can really call it that!), but not being one to judge before I tried, I opted to buy a pack to try for myself.

The can was distinctly like your standard can of Stella, but with Cidre straight across the middle and they were trying to make it look a bit cidery by putting pictures of apples on it. That’s about as close to cider as it really got. When they proudly put on the can that it contains only 50% hand-picked apples, you do wonder (or not wish to know) what the other 50% was!

In taste, it was sweet, sickly and very artificial. I will say it is very smooth and easy to drink, but it just isn’t cider. The odd thing about it was that it still had that Stella taste to it. Not as distinct as the lagers, but something in the background that you could tell it was made by Stella. I’m guessing maybe they used the same barrels, which is what gave it the similar hint to it?

Overall I didn’t like it and I wouldn’t recommend it in the slightest, but I can see it appealing to casual drinkers who just want something different. For anyone who appreciates a proper cider, then avoid at all costs. You will be disappointed otherwise.

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  1. 1

    Badger said,

    lol 🙂 you actually bothered to try it… that took some courage

  2. 3

    Ian Kettlewell said,

    I thought the Cider was lovely, might not have the taste for a ‘real’ cider but I’ve never liked anything branded cider anyway but Stella cider from a bottle has a great review from me and everyone else I know.

    • 4

      TheCiderBlog said,


      Many thanks for the comment. It’s always nice to hear other peoples opinions on ciders, whether they are similar to mine or differ to mine like yours does.

      I can understand why you like Stella Cidre and many others you know do too, but I’m just writing from my point of view, which is as someone who likes genuine real ciders and not over commercialised/industrialised ciders like Stella Cidre is.

  3. 5

    Just boought a four pack and one of the cans was a lager not impressed

  4. 6

    Chris said,

    Cider is from Somerset and it is not “Born for Ice” Long live Thatchers Gold or better still Wilkins Farmhouse cider!

  5. 7

    bobby2sox said,

    I’m a real cider fan but tried this out of interest. Not a sweet cider fan, either, but kept an open mind. Maybe it was the warm summer evening and the chilled cider, but to me it made me feel like I was back in France 20 years ago courting and I really enjoyed it! Not like our ‘proper’ English cider, but a refreshing drink and pleasant enough if you like that gentler French version for a change. Unfortunately, I got over excited and had another bottle. This morning after nearly 1ltrs of the stuff I have a hangover like the ones I used to get 20 years ago on considerably greater amounts of alcohol. Is this actually ‘dirty’ alcohol?

  6. 8

    lordemlyn said,

    Maybe its because you drank out of a plastic glass. Never good.

  7. 10

    Dunc said,

    The clue’s in the name, Stella Artois… Cider for lager boys! Just like the advert says its not “CIder” its “Cidre”! Tastes like fizzy apple juice from concentrate with an awful after taste of Stella lager. Over sweet sickly sugary rubbish in a can.

    If you like this then you’ve probably spent your time destroying your taste buds drinking Magners with ice in plastic gastro pubs!

  8. 12

    Mark said,

    Hi CiderBlog like the post and pics check out this picture of a chilled Stella Cidre now would that wet the appetite? your plastic cup maybe lacks a bit of ice chilling 🙂

  9. 13

    Bunty ( to my close friends ) said,

    well i have to say i tried and found it bloody awful, much the same as the awful ‘wife-beating’ lager they produce. Why the f**k when there are so many fabulous drinks out there, are we subjected to this awful muck. Oh by the way, don’t be fooled by this bullshit of a 3-party politics in the UK. All it is, is ‘good cop-bad cop’. They all went to the same elite schools, all drink in the same private clubs, and all f**k us over left right and centre. VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT BY VOTING GREEN PARTY. IT IS HONESTLY THE ONLY BLOODY WAY. Try Goose Island India pale Ale, absolutely fabulous

  10. 14

    […] on something that people as of late has been asking me more and more frequently – why don’t I drink cider. Very simple, I don’t like cider. Yes, I wear high heels and skirts, but I prefer beer. And just […]

  11. 15

    Geoff Lidster said,

    I’m a real ale drinker, used to like the odd pint of lager in warmer weather but gone off that pretty much now. During recent bursts of hot weather I turned to cider as a refreshing alternative and I’m not ashamed to say that I quite like the taste of Bulmers, Gaymers and Strongbow as well as Aspalls. I had a bottle of Magners last year and it was absolutely horrible, Sweet and pretty tasteless. A friend of mine has started drinking cider whilst we’re in the pub so I bought a few different bottles on offer from Tesco. Amongst these I chose a couple of bottles of Stella Cidre. He drank one without comment and an hour ago I opened the other bottle to see what I thought of it.
    It is absolutely wretched rubbish. It has a very faint aroma of apple, it’s not very fizzy and it’s horribly sweet with a chemical after taste. It bears no resemblance to anything I’ve ever drunk in the name of cider before. Upon examining the bottle I see it’s made from 50% hand picked apples. Does that mean the other 50% of the apples are picked by machine or the other 50% is something else. It tastes foul and I’ll never buy it again. I can’t understand how a company that makes such a distinctively different and pleasant lager can market such a dreadful product.

  12. 16

    […] again a review of Stella Artois Cidre on The Cider Blog states “When they proudly put on the can that it contains only 50% hand-picked apples, you do […]

  13. 17

    Lori S said,

    My daughter was extremely pleased to share this gluten-free product with me as I have been eating “clean” for more than a year to heal the arthritis in my fingers. It was sweet, not incredibly full of apple flavor, but good. A few sips in…I knew I had a problem…I read the ingredients and “sucrose”….never saw it coming. Only consumed one half bottle, but experienced the most violent heartburn for more than an hour. I cannot begin to describe the pain. THANKS, Stella! We’re done. I urge EVERYONE to search sucrose side effects, sucralose, aspartame, etc…they change the names as the public learns to hate each one….WE DON’T NEED ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.

  14. 18

    Kirk said,

    This cider tastes like aspartame but I can’t find it on the label, it’s crap.
    Sucrose sounds like sugar, but its not? Lie lie and cheat some more
    Stella is a deceptor.

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