6th-10th July – 34th Derby City Charter CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2011 Preview

Address: Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby, DE1 3AH (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Wed 6th July: Trade Session 4:30pm-6:30pm (Ticket only) & 6:30pm-11pm (£3)
Thu 7th July: 11:30am-4pm (£1) & 6:30pm-11pm (£5)
Fri 8th July: 11:30am-4pm (£2) & 5pm-11pm (5pm-6:30pm=£3/Evening=£6)
Sat 9th July: 11.30am-4pm (£3) & 6:30pm-11pm (£6)
Sun 10th July: 12pm-2:30pm (Free)

Concessions: Free Admission to CAMRA Members carrying a valid membership card.

Tickets: Available on the door. Trade session requires an advance ticket.

Ciders/Perries: 37 ciders/perries available


Biddenden Bushels, Ashford, Kent Med Sweet 6.0%
A clear, very pale cider, from local culinary fruit

Burrow Hill, Somerset Medium 6.0%
Mid-brown fruity cider. Burrow Hill is well known for its cider brandy

Carey Organic, Herefordshire Med Dry 7.0%
Clean tasting, crisp organic from a rapidly expanding cider maker

Crone’s Special Reserve, Norfolk Medium 7.5%
A clear, fruity organic cider. Classic Eastern Counties style

Double Vision, Maidstone, Kent Med Sweet 7.4%
A clear, mellow Eastern Counties cider

Gwatkin’s Yarlington Mill, Herefordshire Med Sweet 7.5%
A single apple variety, dark brown, bursting with flavour

Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon, Glamorgan Medium 7.2%
A mid-brown, full flavoured cider from Wales’s largest cider maker

Hancocks, South Moulton, Devon Sweet 6.5%
A clear, easy drinking cider made from their own apples

Hartlands, Tirley, Gloucestershire Med Sweet 6.0%
A hazy cider made by one of the real characters of the cider world

Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury, Somerset Med Sweet 6.5%
A single apple variety cider, pinkish and delicate

Jollydale, Stamford, Lincolnshire Med Sweet 6.5%
Cider from a blend of varieties & culinary fruit [New]

Millwhites, Ditcheat, Somerset Med Sweet 7.5%
Dark brown cider fermented in a rum cask [New]

Naish, West Pennard, Somerset Dry 6.0%
Somerset farm cider as it was 50 years ago, untouched by progress

New Forest, Burley, Hampshire Medium 7.0%
A clear, mid-brown cider with a lingering finish

Perry Brothers, Dowlish Wake, Somerset Medium 6.0%
Clear, easy drinking cider from a large Somerset cider maker

Pickled Pig Porkers Snout, Cambridgeshire Med Sweet 6.5%
From maker with a fast-growing reputation

Rathays Old Goat, Herefordshire Med Dry 7.1%
Uses own orchard apples, planted by Bulmers in the 1960s

Sheppys, Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset Sweet 6.0%
Pale, fruity, easy-drinking cider from producer on Devon Border

Three Cats, Morley, Derbyshire Sweet 6.7%
Pale, sweet and with a slight sparkle, made with culinary apples

Torkard Two Bees, Hucknall, Notts Med Dry 8.4%
A small, craft cider maker using mixed cider apple varieties

Swallowfields, Herefordshire Medium 6.5%
Pale and fruity from a fast growing cider maker using local fruit

Westcroft Janet’s Jungle Juice, Somerset Medium 6.0%
A classic and highly popular Somerset farm cider

Westons Old Rosie, Herefordshire Med Sweet 7.3%
A cloudy, ever popular cider from a very larger cider maker

Whin Hill, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk Med Sweet 6.5%
An outpost of cider making on the North Norfolk coast

Winkleigh Autumn Scrumpy, Devon Med Sweet 7.5%
A clear, easy drinking cider with a slight sparkle

Wiscombe Suicider, Colyton, Devon Medium 8.0%
A dark, full bodied cider fermented in a rum cask

Woodthorpe Hall Ruby Suzie, Derbyshire Medium 10.5%
A small cider maker in N Derbyshire, the strength is not a misprint!


Broadoak, Clutton, Somerset Sweet 7.5%
A smooth, sweet and highly quaffable perry

Double Vision Impaired Vision, Kent Med Sweet 7.4%
Very pale, easy drinking and deceptively strong

Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees, Glamorgan Medium 5.5%
A delicate, golden perry with floral overtones

Hartlands, Tirley, Gloucestershire Med Sweet 6.0%
Pale, hazy full-flavoured with a lingering aftertaste

Hecks Blakeney Red, Somerset Med Sweet 6.5%
A single pear variety from one of the few perry makers in Somerset

New Forest, Burley, Hampshire Medium 7.0%
A full-flavoured perry made from local fruit supplemented from Herts

Newton Court, Herefordshire Med Sweet 7.0%
A slightly hazy, flavoursome perry from locally grown organic fruit

Olivers, Herefordshire Med Dry 6.0%
Crisp, clean perry with plenty of flavour and some bite

Rathays, Herefordshire Med Sweet 5.5%
Delicate, slightly hazy perry from a small maker with own orchards.

Swallowfields, Herefordshire Medium 5.5%
A pale, smooth perry largely from Blakeney Red pears

Food: TBC

Entertainment: Live music from the following bands:

Wednesday:- BO-DUDLEYS, Ripley Morris Men & Bow Belles


Friday:- THE WAM BAN BAND, Li’l Jim’s Squeeze & Lords & New Creatures

Saturday:- KINGS of LYON & Little Giants



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