29th-31st July – Penny Farthing (Bristol) Traditional Cider Weekend 2011 Preview

Address: The Penny Farthing, 115 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2PB (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 29th July: 11am-12am (Free)
Sat 30th July: 11am-12am (Free)
Sun 31st July: 12pm-11pm (Free)

Tickets: N/A

Ciders/Perries: 11 Traditional ciders/perries will be available.

Westons Perry. Alc 4.5% vol.

A Clear Coloured Perry with a strong, traditional character.

Broadoak Traditional. Alc4.5% vol.

A Golden Medium cider with a Smooth balanced flavour of fresh, crisp sharpness.

Westons Bounds Scrumpy. Alc 4.8% vol.

Crisp, dry and fruity.


Westons Traditional Scrumpy. Alc 6.0% vol.

A strong medium dry cider that is not to sweet to smother the mature flavour of the traditional bitter sweet apples..

Broadoak Bristol Port. alc 6% vol.

A hazy red cider with a Slight medium/dry sparkle.

Thatchers Cheddar Valley. Alc 6% vol.

A refreshing medium cider with a unique hazy yellow colour. A distinctive full flavour with a hint of fruit sweetness.

Westons Old Rosie.  Alc 7.3% vol. (SOLD IN HALF PINTS ONLY)

Truly old fashioned, full of flavour with a medium dry character.

Broadoak Moonshine.Alc 7.5% vol. (SOLD IN HALF PINTS ONLY)

A Crisp refreshing cider that tastes a bit like appletize but less carbonated.

Broadoak Perry. Alc 7.5% vol. (SOLD IN HALF PINTS ONLY)

Very Pale Green/Gold. Very sweet taste with a rough earthiness in the background and slight sharpness on the finish

Broadoak K.B (Kingston Black). Alc 7.5% vol. (SOLD IN HALF PINTS ONLY)

A copper Coloured cider that is Slightly sweet on the palate with a dry woody flavoured finish.

Broadoak Old Bristolian. Alc 8% vol. (app). (SOLD IN HALF PINTS ONLY)

A clear pale yellow cider with a refreshing dry finish.

 £ 3.50 PINT          £1.75 HALF PINT

Food: TBC

Entertainment: TBC


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