Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury (SV) Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Hecks
Cider Name: Port Wine of Glastonbury
Region: Somerset
ABV: 6.5%
Taste: Medium/Dry
Served: Half-pint at room temperature
Smell: Apple
Colour: Golden orange/Amber
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Still


After having such a good pint of the Hecks farmhouse cider/perry previously, I went for what was a fairly safe bet at the Bristol Cider Festival with the Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury cider. There were so many sweet ciders there, like the Lilleys/Broadoak, and I just wanted something with a bit more oomph and dryness to it.

This cider is a single variety made from (you guessed it) the Port Wine of Glastonbury apple. Now I’m not sure if this was a dodgy batch or it is normally like this, but it just had an odd taste to it. There was something with it that was putting me off it, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It had a slight sour and bitter taste, which lingered for a while and was making me not want more than a pint of this. I wouldn’t say it is a bad cider, but just something I did not quite get. I’d love to try it again to see if it is normally like this though.

Update – As expected, this was another dodgy batch I had previously. On having this again it felt fairly sweet, tangy and had a very gorgeous finish to this. The taste starts fairly scrumpy like, but ends with a mild wine like finish, which does linger for a good while.

Update 22/09/12: This one came straight from the farm and is really smooth and gorgeous. It’s fairly sweet to start with and then the end has a slight dry and sour touch.

Overall Rating: 9/10


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    neotropos said,

    I thought the name ‘Port Wine…’ came from the finishing in Port barrels. My understanding is this cider is made from the Court Royal apple variety. Happy to stand (re)corrected though. A beautiful cider – providing it’s not a dodgy bottle! It does seem to happen from time to time. Cheers

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