Hecks Browns (SV) Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Hecks
Cider Name: Browns
Region: Somerset
ABV: 6.5%
Taste: Medium/
Served: Pint at room temperature
Smell: Apple
Colour: Dull straw/Yellow
Clarity: Slightly cloudy
Carbonation: Still


My experience with single variety cider up until now has been a bit mixed. Some have got it so right and tastes really amazing and you wonder why you had never had it before. However, some has been a bit of a letdown, where it was like you had been given a puzzle without all the pieces; there was satisfaction to a point, but there something missing that you knew it couldn’t be completed. A new single variety cider I had recently stumbled upon was made from the Browns apple. How would this fair in the whole scheme of things? Could it be another decent one to compete with the likes of Yarlington Mill and Dabinett in being my favourite single variety apple?

Straight from the first taste you could tell it was quite sweet and smooth, but then the dryness kicked in and gave it a beautiful finish to it. It felt a very juicy cider with a slight twang to it, which was definitely something you would want to go back for more of. I really enjoyed this pint and I have learnt of another decent single variety apple for the future. Well worth a try if you haven’t had this cider before.

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