22nd-23rd June – 2nd Greater Manchester CAMRA Cider & Perry Festival 2012 Preview

Address: Palace Hotel, Oxford St, Manchester, M60 7HA (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 22nd June: 12pm-10:30pm (£3)
Sat 23rd June: 12pm-10:30pm (£3)

Concessions: CAMRA members & EBCU members enter for only £2

Tickets: Available on the door

Ciders/Perries: 40+ ciders/perries available.


Cider Name ABV
Barbourne Cider 6.5%
Barkers Cider 7.1%
Blaengawney Blindfold Medium Cider 6.0%
Blaengawney Heartbreaker Dry Cider 7.0%
Blaengawney National Treasure Sweet Cider 5.0%
Broadoak Moonshine 7.5%
Crossmans Cider 6.0%
Days Cottage Cider 7.5%
Dunkertons Court Royal Cider 7.5%
Gwatkins Yarlington Mill Cider 7.5%
Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon 7.2%
Hecks Bramley Cider 6.5%
Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury Cider 6.5%
Hecks Porters Perfection Cider 6.5%
Hecks Yarlington Mill Cider 6.5%
Mad Hatter Craigs Delight Cider 5.5%
Mad Hatter Ding Dong Cider 6.0%
Malvern Magic Cider 6.0%
Mays Cider 5.5%
Newton Court Cider 7.0%
Nooks Yard Cider Dry 7.3%
Nooks Yard Cider Medium 7.0%
Olivers Cider 6.0%
Parsons Choice Cider 6.0%
Pickled Pig Porkers Snout Cider 6.5%
Pure North Deanhouse Cider Dry 7.0%
Pure North Valley Gold Cider Medium 6.4%
Ralphs Cider Dry 7.0%
Ralphs Cider Medium 7.0%
Rathays Brown Thorn Cider 6.9%
Rosies Triple D Cider 7.2%
Ross on Wye Somerset Redstreak Cider 6.0%
Sheppy Cider Medium 6.0%
Sheppy Cider Sweet 6.0%
Springfield Red Dragon Cider 7.1%
Springherne cider 6.0%
Swallowfield Cider 5.5%
Tricky Cider 6.5%
Westons Wyld Wood Organic 7.3%
Wilkins Cider 6.0%
Winkleigh Sams Cider 6.0%
Woodys Cider 6.0%
Mad Hatter Pyder 5.5%
Barbourne Perry 6.3%
Barkers Perry 6.0%
Blaengawney Blakeney Red Perry 4.5%
Broadoak perry 7.5%
Days Cottage Blakeney Red Perry 7.5%
Double Vision Impeared Vision Perry 7.4%
Gwatkin Blakeney Red Perry 7.5%
Gwatkins Farmhouse perry 7.0%
Gwyny y Ddraig Two Trees 4.9%
Moores perry 6.0%
Newton Court Perry 7.0%
Olivers Perry 6.0%
Rathays Painted Lady Perry 6.0%
Ross on Wye Perry 6.0%
Springherne perry 6.3%
Stockmoor Perry 6.0%
Swallowfield Perry 6.0%
Westons Country Perry 4.5%

Food: TBC



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