10th-14th July – Chelmsford CAMRA Summer Beer & Cider Festival 2012 (Chelmsford, Essex) Preview

Address: Admirals Park, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2PL (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Tue 10th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£4 after 6pm)
Wed 11th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£4 after 6pm)
Thu 12th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£4 after 6pm)
Fri 13th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£5 after 6pm)
Sat 14th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£5 after 6pm)

Concessions: Free entrance for CAMRA card carrying members at all times.

Tickets: Available on the door

Festival Glass: £3 (Refundable)

Ciders/Perries: 156 ciders/perries available.


Cider County Style ABV%
Apple Cottage Filthy Tramp Juice Hertfordshire Sweet 6.2
Apple Cottage Muxnutz Med 6.0
Apple Cottage Discovery SV Sweet 6.2
Apple Cottage Swish Med 7.0
Appledram W.Sussex. Sweet 7.5
Berry Farm Devon Med 6.0
Biddenden Vineyard Bushels Kent Med 6.0
Bridge Farm Somerset Med 6.5
Broadoak Bristol Port Med 7.5
Broadoak Kingston Black Med 7.5
Broadoak Medium Med 5.0
Broadoak Moonshine Med/Sweet 7.5
Broadoak Old Bristolian Med 7.5
Broadoak Sweet Sweet 5.0
Broomfield Orchards Kent Med 7.0
Buffoons Maggoty Cox Essex Med/Dry 7.0
Buffoons Nutcracker Med 7.5
Burrow Hill Somerset Med 6.0
Cam Valley Idared SV Cambridgeshire Dry 6.5
Cam Valley Russet Blend Med/Sweet 6.8
Carters Essex Med/Dry 7.0
Chiddingstone Kent Bone Dry 7.5
Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cornwall Med 4.8
Cornish Orchards Vintage Dry 7.2
Cromwell Oliver’s Choice Cambridgeshire Med 6.7
Cromwell Oliver’s Sweetheart Sweet 6.7
Crones Owd Norfolk Norfolk Med/Dry 7.5
Crones Rum Cask Dry 7.5
Crones User Friendly Med 6.2
Crossman Prime Farmhouse Somerset Dry 6.0
Med 6.0
Sweet 6.0
Delvin End Pheasant Plucker Essex Dry 7.0
Delvin End Rum Cask Dry 7.0
Delvin End Summer Festival Dry 7.0
Dorset Nectar Dorset Dry 5.0
Med 5.0
Sweet 5.0
Dorset Nectar Dabinett SV Med 5.0
Double Vision Kent Med 7.4
East Stour Med 5.9
ENTC Discovery Norfolk Dry 7.3
ENTC Norfolk Hawker Sweet 6.5
ENTC Norfolk Haymaker Med 6.5
Grays Devon Med/Sweet 6.5
Gwatkins Game Cock Herefordshire Sweet 4.5
Gwatkins Golden Valley Scrumpy Dry 6.0
Gwatkins Kingston Black Dry 7.5
Gwatkins No Bull Med 4.5
Gwatkins Norman Med 7.5
Gwatkins Silly Ewe Dry 4.5
Gwatkins Stoke Red Sweet 7.5
Gwatkins Yarlington Mill Med 7.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon Glamorgan Med/Dry 7.2
Gwynt Y Ddraig Dabinett Med/Dry 6.0
Gwynt Y Ddraig Dog Dancer Med 6.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Dry Dry 6.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Medium Med 6.0
Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Sweet Sweet 5.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Fiery Fox Med 6.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Happy Daze Med 4.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Haymaker Med 6.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Scrumpy Med 5.3
Hancocks Dry Devon Dry 6.0
Hancocks Medium Med 6.0
Hancocks Sweet Sweet 6.0
Hartlands Gloucestershire Sweet 7.0
Hecks Browns Somerset Med 6.5
Hecks Hangdown Med 6.5
Hecks Kingston Black Med/Dry 7.0
Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury Med 6.5
Hecks Vintage Dry Dry 7.0
Hecks Vintage Medium Med 6.4
Jonty’s Early Night Norfolk Sweet 6.7
Jonty’s Rum O’l Night Norfolk Med/Sweet 7.5
Kingswood Kent Med 6.5
London Glider London Med/Dry 7.0
Marshwood Vale Dorset Med 7.5
Marshwood Vale Lambrook Pippin SV Dry 6.9
Millwhites Chisel Jersey SV Hertfordshire Med/Dry 8.0
Millwhites Dabinett SV Med 7.0
Millwhites Gaddesdon Glory Med 6.5
Millwhites Hedge Layer Med 4.8
Millwhites Mixed Scrumpy Med 6.5
Millwhites Rooksbridge Own Orchard Reserve Med 6.5
Millwhites Rum Cask Med 7.5
Mr Whiteheads Rum Cask Hampshire Med/Sweet 7.0
Naish/Chant Badger’s Spit Somerset Sweet 6.0
New Forest Snakecatcher Hampshire Med 7.0
Oakwood Organic East Sussex Med/Dry 8.0
Paglesham Punch Essex Dry 6.5
Perry Bros. Vintage Somerset Med 6.0
Sweet 6.0
Rich’s Farmhouse Dry 6.0
Med 6.0
Sweet 6.0
Rich’s Legbender Med 6.0
Sandford Orchard Devon Red Devon Med/Sweet 4.5
Sandford Orchard Devon Scrumpy Med 6.0
Sandford Orchard Shaky Bridge Med/Sweet 6.0
Sevon Sider Somerset Redstreak Gloucestershire Sweet 6.3
Sheppys Somerset Sweet 6.0
Sir Carter’s Scrumpy Essex Med 6.0
Springfield Red Dragon Monmouthshire Med 7.2
Springfield Sledgehammer Med/Dry 7.2
Swallowfields ‘Moody Old Cow’ Herefordshire Med 5.5
Tutts Clump Berkshire Med/Sweet 6.0
Welsh Mountain Powys Sweet 7.5
West Croft Janet’s Jungle Juice Somerset Med 6.5
Westons 1st Quality Herefordshire Med 5.0
Westons Bounds Med 4.8
Westons Old Rosie Med 7.3
Westons Traditional Scrumpy Med 6.3
Westons Vintage Organic (Wyld Wood) Med 7.3
Wilkins Farmhouse Somerset Dry 6.0
Med 6.0
Sweet 6.0
Winkleigh Autumn Scrumpy Devon Med/Sweet 7.5
Winkleigh Sam’s Sweet 6.0
Wiscombe Suicider Med/Dry 8.0


Perry County Style ABV%
Bridge Farm Somerset Med 6.5
Broadoak Premium Sweet 7.5
Butford Organic Herefordshire Med/Dry 5.8
Cornish Orchard Cornwall Med 5
Cromwell Cavalier Cambridgeshire Med/Dry 5.2
Cromwell Roundhead Med/Dry 5.2
Crones Norfolk Med 6.4
Double Vision Impeared Vision Kent Med 7.4
Gwatkin Blakeney Red Herefordshire Med 7.5
Gwatkin Farmhouse Perry Med 7.5
Gwatkin Malvern Hill Perry Sweet 7.5
Gwatkin Oldfield Perry Med 7.5
Gwatkins Squeal Pig Med 4.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Gold Glamorgan Sweet 6
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Med 4.5
Hecks Blackney Red Somerset Med 6.5
Lilleys Bee Sting Sweet 7.5
Merrymoon ‘Scary Peary’ Kent Dry 6.4
Minchew’s ‘Stinking Bishop’ Gloucestershire Med/Dry 6
Mr Whiteheads Midnight Special Hampshire Med 5
Mr Whiteheads Novo Pyrus Med 7
Mr Whiteheads Pear Light Med 3.8
Newtons Blackney Red Herefordshire Med 6
Newtons Winnals Longdon Med 6
Oakwood Organic Whisky Cask East Sussex Med/Dry 5
Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire Dry 6
Severnsider Gloucestershire Sweet 6.4
Westons Herefordshire Med/Sweet 4.5


Pyder County Style ABV%
Gwatkins Herefordshire Sweet 5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Glamorgan Med 6
Lilleys Crazy Goat Somerset Med/Sweet 6.8
Lilleys Pigswill Med/Dry 7.5
Little Red Rooster East Sussex Dry 8.4
Med 8.4
Sweet 8.4
Millwhites Apples & Pears Herefordshire Med/Sweet 5
Mr Whiteheads Apple & Pears Hampshire Med 5

Food: Food will be available from the following companies:

Hopleaf BBQ and Hot Pot
Leon’s Vegetarian Food
Hughes Meats Hog Roast
Nuch’s Thai Kitchen
Olives and Things
The Cheese and Pie Man

Entertainment:Entertainment schedule as follows:


KiKi (8pm)


Crossroads (8pm)


In Blue Skies (8pm)


Happy Hour (8pm)


Family Fun Day (12-6pm) Childrens Funfair & Rides – Unlimited Rides wristband available – £5

The Lady Killers New Orleans Jazz Band (1pm)
Sloe Gin Blues Rock Band Band (3pm)
One Step Behind (8pm)


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