Millwhites Chisel Jersey (SV) Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Millwhites
Cider Name: Chisel Jersey (SV)
Region: Somerset/Hertfordshire
ABV: 8%
Taste: Dry
Served: Half pint at room temperature
Smell: Apple/Slight ethanol
Colour: Golden/Amber
Carbonation: Still

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Bristol Cider Festival
Date: 03/08/12

I have to say I am a fairly big fan of Millwhites. I’ve ad a fair few of their ciders over the last few years and never had a bad one yet. I guess they must suit my tastebuds, as they probably are not for everyone.

Anyway, I found one of their ciders today I had not heard of. It was the Chisel Jersey single variety cider. As you may have seen from other reviews, a single variety cider can be very hit or miss for me. As I had never had a Chisel Jersey before, I was heading into unknown territory!

From the second you smell this bad boy, you can feel the smell of apples rush inside you and a nice smell at that too. There is a hint of ethanol too, so you can tell it is strong and at 8% it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The taste is just very Millwhites! It’s a distinctive taste you just know is theirs. It feels a bit drier than their other ones and a little more acidic too. It’s not quite burn your throat off, but it gives it a nice warm fuzzy feeling. It has a slightly oaky bitter taste to it as well and it feels like you have just lifted the barrel up and pouring it straight in your mouth. Very satisfying.

Would I buy this again?: Yes


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