Westons Stowford Press Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Westons
Cider Name: Stowford Press
Region: Herefordshire
ABV: 4.5%
Taste: Medium/Sweet
Served: Chilled pint
Smell: Sweet apples
Colour: Golden
Carbonation: Sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: The Hill, Bristol
Date: 20/08/12

So it is the 3rd Westons cider I have had in a week and yet again it isn’t bad, but not brilliant either.

Stowford Press is Westons mass-produced run of the mill cider that gets put out to as many pubs/bars etc. With that in mind, it is seen as not “real cider” to most people who love their cider and rightly so. The flavour has just been played around with too much and the apple content isn’t going to be hugely high with it only being toned down to 4.5%. You’d expect a decent real cider to be at least 6%.

The taste is just not exciting for me. It has a mild sour citrus tone with a hint of sweetness, but just a bit bland and being held back with flavour. The appley taste comes and goes far too quickly and has no major substance to it.

Overall it’s a good backup cider when you have nothing else but magners or the like. I’d never choose this over a proper cider though.

Would I buy this again?: If no real ciders available then a good backup

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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  1. 1

    Appletise1 said,

    Perhaps you ought to visit westons, because youll see they actually use apples, even it the product is only 4.5%, You must think that Thatchers Cheddar valley is crap too, thats only 5.2% …..so not many apples there then. Call yourself a cider expert, ciderhead more like whose brain has been pickled with too much ‘rough’

    • 2

      TheCiderBlog said,

      Many thanks for your comment Appletise1. I have indeed been to Westons and seen how they make their cider. There are indeed real apples part of their process and I never at any point said there wasn’t. What I meant with my comment in the review was that the final apple content to say sugar, water & other ingredients is going to be lower, as they are aiming for the pub market with the % they finish out at. Their Export version is apparently tastier than this one, so I will have to try that when I get the chance to.

      Their cider is perfectly drinkable and fine, but as they have played around with it so much, then it’s not a true ‘real cider’ in my eyes. A real cider to me is a cider that has 100% fermented apple juice (or as close to this as possible) and has an exciting and interesting flavour. Unfortunately this one does not. Cheddar Valley is worse than this one, as the flavour is bland and the only selling point nowadays seems to be the bright colour. There are decent ciders under the 6% barrier too, but a naturally fermented cider is usually above that point with the amount of sugar in the apples that turn to alcohol.

      However, Weston’s make a decent Old Rosie and some of their Vintage Reserve ciders are great too. So I don’t have anything against Weston’s at all and I am just voicing my opinion on each cider of theirs (and anyone elses) that I come across. If you don’t agree with my opinion then you are entitled to that too. Everyone has their own different tastes.

      Finally, I have never at any point said that I am a ‘Cider Expert’. I am merely just a cider fan voicing my opinion. I hope you keep on enjoying the cider and trying out new ciders when you can 🙂

  2. 3

    cidermonger said,

    I had a pretty good chuckle when I read Appletise1’s comment…I thought your review was spot on personally. Although I had the export, I see some parallels between mine and yours. Specifically “mild sour citrus tone” and “taste comes and goes far too quickly”. If you’d care to compare you can find it here; http://cidermonger.com/2013/02/12/westons-stowford-press/

    Keep up the good work! CM

  3. 4

    matthew bonser said,

    I adore Stowford press cider

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