McCrindle’s Vintage Cider (2009) Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: McCrindle’s
Cider Name: Vintage Cider (2009)
Region: Gloucestershire
ABV: 6.5%
Taste: Medium/Dry
Served: Chilled 500ml bottle
Smell: Sweet apples/Farmhouse
Colour: Golden/Amber
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Lightly sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Bristol Cider Shop
Date: 29/08/12

Another cider I have recently found while rummaging through my cider collection is a 2009 Vintage bottle of McCrindles Cider. I’ve seen and tasted that they make an amazing perry (being so close to the Blakeney, it would be rude for them not to!), but I have yet to explore their cider until now. From the looks of the bottle this was a small batch cider, which happens to have the batch number L0712. It also notes the cider apples are from a single years harvest and then matured.

The smell definitely is of quite sweet apples, but you can also feel a bit of farmhouse in there and slight hints of wood/oak. It’s another cider you can just smell it and it just feels amazing and puts a smile on your face before you have even drank it!

Now the taste….it starts off with sweetish apple taste, but than the it brings your mouth to life with a slight sour and dry touch to it, which is complimented well with the fizz. It’s very smooth, not too bitter, so moreish and just feels right. There is also a fair amount of tannins too and it has a gorgeous woody edge to it. I think this cider does feel very well balanced and it is a very good job indeed, by what is largely just a small producer. I can imagine a still version of this straight from the barrel would just be sublime and to die for.

Would I buy this again?: Yes
Overall Rating: 9/10


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