Tricky Medium Dry Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Tricky
Cider Name: Medium Dry
Region: Somerset
ABV: 6%
Taste: Dry
Served: 500ml bottle at room temperature
Smell: Apples
Colour: Golden
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Slightly sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Bristol Cider Shop
Date: 10/10/12

After a long commute to Wales and back I really needed a pint of cider to chill me out. The tipple of choice today is the Tricky Medium Dry Cider, which I got on my mini cider trip to the Bristol Cider Shop last week. It’s been a long while (over a year since I had the medium down The Orchard) since I last had one of their ciders, so there’s no time like the present to get on it again.

Last time I remember not being too overwhelmed with the cider from Tricky, so I am hoping that changes this time. I’d have preferred to try it in draught, rather than in bottles, but that hasn’t been possible this time. This one is made with a blend of local bittersweet apples, so this should have fairly decent tannins and a good bit of bitterness.

This poured with a slight head to it but that fizzled out completely within a few seconds. So the carbonation definitely looks fairly minimal with this one. The smell is of fresh ripe apples and is pretty decent. Though it’s not the farmhouse apple smell I was expecting to find with this one unfortunately.

The taste is definitely crisp, smooth and more of the drier side of medium dry that it claims. There is also fairly high levels of tannins and an interesting bittersharp twist. After having a few mouthfuls of this your gums and mouth do start to dry out quite rapidly. My problem with this one is it feels slightly watery and you don’t get that full and deep apple taste I was hoping for. This is still fairly decent a cider if you like it on the dry side, but I think there’s something missing with this one to make it something I would go back for more often. Overall I’m a little undecided in all honesty, but I would be interested to try their draught cider again. The wow factor just never happened for me with this one.

Would I buy this again?: Possibly but prefer to go for the draught.
Overall Rating: 7/10


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    Mike Brown said,

    I like my cider like i like my women…. rough.

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