McCrindle’s Loiterpin Perry Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: McCrindle’s
Perry Name: Loiterpin
Region: Gloucestershire
ABV: 8.5%
Taste: Dry
Served: Chilled 750ml bottle
Smell: Pears/Floral
Colour: Light straw
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Bristol Cider Shop
Date: 25/12/12

It’s Christmas day, the presents have been opened, I’ve played with the new toys with the nephew and now it’s time for the pièce de résistance, the Christmas dinner. Oh god how I love a good Christmas dinner and this year it is no different with the amazing selection of food being laid on. As it’s a time for a celebration, I’m bringing out the big guns for this and going for a perry that should go down rather well with this dinner! This perry is the Loiterpin by McCrindles

Everything about this bottle just seems to ooze class. It looks like a champagne bottle, is made in a Champenoise method and is being hailed as a champagne substitute. This should be exactly what I need to make Christmas start with a bang (quite literally too!)! I’m not a huge champagne fan, so having a perry made in the same way should give it the same feeling, I’m hoping! Loiterpin is named after what was thought to be a resting place for cart horses who are travelling up Blakeney Hill, which is where the great Blakeney Red Perry Pears originated from. I’ve had a McCrindles perry before, which have always been sublime, so I have extremely high hopes for this!

I’ve now popped the top, started to pour and it is extremely fizzy and looks like champagne. If you were none the wiser, you’d expect it to just be champagne! The aroma is of gorgeous pears, which have a lightly sweet feel to it and some floral tones. As for the taste, it is of delicate pears, crisp and has a soothing dry finish, with a hint of bitterness. It has that fruity sweet feel to it, but then a champagne like finish. I would certainly use this a champagne substitute and it is of a good quality. This is something for a celebration and not what I would use for everyday drinking. If you have a birthday coming up, then this will go down a treat.

If this perry was a car, it would be such a classy car and probably on similar lines to a limo. It’s the type of car you’d rent for a day and not what you would buy to use everyday. Well unless you have more money than sense.

Would I buy this again?: Yes, for a special occasion
Overall Rating: 9/10


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