18th-22nd February, 8th-12th April & 2nd-6th September 2013 – Cider & Perry Production Course by Cider Academy: Principles & Practice

Website: Cider Academy

Review of course from Feb 2011

Dates: The course is run on the following dates:

18th-22nd February (Fully booked)
8th-12th April
2nd-6th September


The Orchard Centre, Blackwell’s End, Hartpury, GL19 3DB (Practical lessons)
Old Domincan Chapel, Murrels End Hartpury (Theory lessons)

Price: £595+VAT

Early booking discount:

If you book & paid at least 2 months in advance, then you will receive a £40 discount:

Booking Details: Online / Printable Booking Form

Course schedule

Below is what the course was in 2011, this may have changed slightly since.

Part 1 – Principles and practice of cider orcharding


• Main types & characteristics of a cider orchard
• Site selection, evaluation & preparation
• Tree types. Rootstocks. Tree physiology & nutrition
• Care & management of the new orchard
• The orchard calendar
• Pests & diseases
• Management of the established orchard. Harvesting
• Financial aspects, legislation, H&S & environmental control
• Orchard visit

Part 2 – Principles & practice of cider production


• Background. History. Definitions & characteristics of cider. The current market place. Legislation
• Overview of cider making. Principles of production.
• Fruit selection, harvesting & processing.
• Juice composition & preparation.
• Preparation for fermentation: Laboratory analysis (S.G., acidity & PH). Juice preparation


• Cider microbiology. Use of SO2. Establishment & management of fermentation. Racking
• Maturation & its management. Malo-lactic fermentation
• Laboratory analysis & establishment of fermentation: Free & total SO2. Yeast handling.
• Perry production.


• Pumps & pumping.
• Downstream processing: Blending, fining, filtration, pasteurisation & packaging.
• Quality: Quality control, record keeping, quality assurance & troubleshooting.
• Practical work: An introduction to cider blending & product development.
• Site tour: Production of “Out of the Orchard” products.


• Methods & application of sensory analysis: Sensory evaluation & profiling of cider.
• Practical sensory evaluation & profiling of cider
• Aspects of commercial production: Resource requirements, production costs overview & planning and development of QA/HACCP plans


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