Blands & Fils Cidre Normand Doux Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Blands & Fils
Cider Name: Cidre Normand Doux
Region: Normandy, France
ABV: 4.5%
Taste: Sweet
Served: Lightly chilled 750ml bottle
Smell: Dry apples
Colour: Golden/Straw
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

From: Essex Cider Shop
Date: 16/02/13

It’s Saturday night, Bristol Rovers have won today, the sheeds have lost and there’s a house party at a friends. It’s like a standard weekend and I love it! Whilst here, I’ve been asked to review a new cider. I wasn’t expecting it, but hey I can’t refuse that! Up tonight is the Blands & Fils Cidre Normand Doux.

Blands is run by Anne and Adam Bland, who are expats of Bristol and have set up their cider business in Normandy. Their cider is keeved and naturally sparkling, which is fairly rare and a dark art to master. I’m really intrigued to see if this is a mix of West Country cider mixed with a French one.

I didn’t get much choice with how to pour this one. I got what was I given! It was extremely sparkling and plenty of froth coming into my glass at first. Once it all settled down it smelt fairly dry and had a light farmhouse smell to it.

I had a taste of this and it didn’t taste anywhere near as dry as it smelt. It’s smooth, delicate, balanced and has a sweet and juicy apple taste. This is just too easy to drink. There’s a light tang and bitterness to the end of it but it’s not on the same lines as a West Country cider. For a French style cider it’s decent. It’s a little on the too sweet side for me to have more than by the glass. I’d be interested to see how the drier one is. I bet that’s more to my taste.

Would I buy this again?: Yes, but prefer something drier
Overall Rating: 7.5/10


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