26th-28th February & 17th-24th April – Cider & Perry Production: Building Expertise (Advanced Course by Cider Academy)

Website: Cider Academy

Dates: The course workshops are run on the following dates:

26th-28th February
17th-24th April

Address: The Orchard Centre, Blackwell’s End, Hartpury, GL19 3DB

Price: The workshop course(s) are the following price:

Workshop Date Fees (ex. VAT)
1A 17th April 2013 £160.00
1B 18th April 2013 £160.00
1C 19th April 2013 £160.00
2A 22nd April 2013 £150.00
2B 23rd April 2013 £150.00
2C 24th April 2013 £150.00
3A 26th – 28th Feb 2013 £425.00

Early booking discount:

o Two separate one-day workshops: Deduct 7.5% from the total fees
o A single Group of 3 consecutive one-day workshops: Deduct 10% from the total fees. (Not applicable for the single three-day Group 3 workshop)
o Any two Groups of workshops: Deduct 15% from the total fees
o All workshops: Deduct 17.5% from the total fees.

Booking Details: Online / Printable Booking Form

Course schedule


This series of advanced & intensive workshops builds on Cider & Perry Production – Principles & Practice. They aim to provide:
o An in-depth understanding of cider microbiology & chemistry and key aspects of production technology and quality control;
o A thorough exploration into the techniques and application of sensory evaluation & laboratory analysis;
o A detailed insight into the planning & operation of a successful commercial cider production business.

Who is the program for & how is it organised?

Although primarily aimed at those who have previously attended Cider & Perry Production – Principles & Practice, this program of workshops is also suitable for experienced producers and individuals from established and growing cider businesses.
Flexibly designed to meet the needs of all individuals, the program is organised into a number of inter-linked workshops. The individual workshops are available separately or can be taken in groups of up to 3 days study at any one time. Hands-on practical work is involved as appropriate.

Who are the Tutors?
Peter Mitchell – a highly qualified and internationally recognised & reputable authority in cider & perry production – leads the program. With 30 years of practical experience, he is a professional trainer, a cider competition judge and an award-winning cider producer in his own right.
Guest speakers – experts in their fields – will also be involved in the program as appropriate.

What do you get from the program?

o Expert tuition, training in practical methods and comprehensive advice & guidance.
o Detailed reference manuals & workshop notes.
o Documented instructions for all laboratory and other practical methods (plus record proformas) for subsequent use.

Group 1 Workshops

A. Microbiology for Cider Production (1 day): Principles of microbiology (Types of microorganisms, microbial growth, nutrition, contamination & control). Legislation. Cider microorganisms (types & identification, potential problems caused – effects, symptoms, monitoring, prevention). Laboratory Techniques. Sanitisation of plant & equipment.
B. Laboratory Analysis & Quality Control (1 day): Essential chemistry. Laboratory organisation, safety & management. Sampling. Recording, interpretation & analysis of data. Practical application of laboratory techniques in cider production (including: Acidity, pH, SO2, alcohol, CO2). Microbiological analysis.
C. Sensory Analysis for Cider Production (1 day): Descriptive analysis & product profiling (test conduct, use of flavour wheels & attribute tables, detection of organoleptic faults). Chemistry of cider flavour. Hedonic tests & consumer trials.

Group 2 Workshops

A. Commercial Production Planning & Control (1 day): Marketing and business planning. Planning for production – facilities & plant layout. Hygienic design. Equipment selection. Strategies for New Product Development. Work schedules & operating procedures. Record keeping. Performance indicators. Quality Assurance. HACCP.
B. Production Processes & Technologies (1 day): Milling & pressing – maximising efficiency. Use of enzymes. Effective use of SO2 & other preservatives. Fining. Filtration. Pasteurisation. Pumps & pumping.
C. Fermentation & Maturation (1 day): Yeast selection & management. Yeast nutrition. Fermentation biochemistry. Fermentation management. Malo-lactic fermentation. Management of racking & maturation. Monitoring fermentation & maturation. Troubleshooting.

Group 3 Workshop

A. Processing & Packaging Cider & Perry for the Marketplace (3 days): A hands-on practical workshop that utilises the comprehensive facilities at the Orchard Centre to develop, process & package a product for the marketplace. Full details of this workshop are available separately.


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