4th-6th April – The Swansea Bay CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2013 Preview

Address: Brangwyn Hall, The Guildhall, Swansea, SA1 4PE (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Thu 4th April: 5pm-11pm (£5*)
Fri 5th April: 12pm-11pm (£5*)
Sat 6th April: 12pm-11pm (£5*)

* = Admission includes glass and programme.

Concessions: £3 entry for card-carrying CAMRA members

Tickets: Available on the door.

Ciders/Perries: The ciders/perries available are as follows:

Producer Cider/Perry Name Cider/ Perry ABV Taste Comments
Blaengawney Farm Blindfold C 6 M full friut flavour with a citrus finish
Blaengawney Farm Hallets real C 6 M/S full bodied cider, with it’s own subtle texture and unique taste
Blaengawney Farm Heart breaker C 7 D Classic dry cider, full flavour and a delicate sharpness
Blaengawney Farm National treasure C 5 S Sweet cider blended with a vintage cider
Bridge Farm perry P 6.5 M Classic perry from multi award winning maker
Broadoak premium perry P 7.5 S Liquid pear drops CAMRA perry of the year 09
Butford farm perry P 6.7 MD 2nd place CAMRA 2012, real perry character
Chafford ‘Hellishly Strong’ cider C !*? M Naughty…but oh-so-nice!
Chuclehead cider C 7 M Full fruit classic easy drinking cider
Double vision Elderflower perry P 7.4 M Subtle elderflower aroma; irresistible flavour
Double vision Impeared Vision perry P 7.4 M Seriously quaffable, silky smooth
Gower Heritage Perry P 4.5 M A perry with a hint of citrus
Gwatkins varietal cider C 7.5 D Dark, mean and moody with whisky/oak notes,Kingston black apples
Gwatkins varietal cider C 7.5 M rich and red, Cider of the Year 2002 and 2009, Yarlington mill apples
Gwynt-y-ddraig Ancient Warrior C 6 D Traditional farmhouse dry cider, matured in oak barrels
Gwynt-y-ddraig Black Dragon C 7.5 M Matured in Oak barrels,rich in body and colour
Gwynt-y-ddraig Dog Dancer C 6.5 M Bittersweet apples blended with sharp apples, smooth, crisp
Gwynt-y-ddraig Farmers pride C 5.3 M/D Refreshing Cider with a traditional couldy hue, smooth and easy to drink.
Gwynt-y-ddraig Fiery Fox C 6.5 M Golden cider,smoth fresh crisp sharpness
Gwynt-y-ddraig Happy Daze C 4.5 M A light fruity aroma with a balanced finish
Gwynt-y-ddraig Haymaker C 6 M Flavours are sweet apple with hints of caramel. Some barnyard notes
Gwynt-y-ddraig Pyder C/P 6 M Blend of apples and pear juice matured in wood
Gwynt-y-ddraig Sweet C 5.5 S Very smoth and the acidity is mellowed by the sweetness
Gwynt-y-ddraig Two Trees P 4.5 M A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate.
Hecks varietal cider C 7 MD CAMRA Cider of the Year 2006, Kingston black apples in oak
Hecks varietal perry P 6 M A sure fire full fruit hit, Blakeney red pears
Middle farm Little Red Rooster cider perry C/P 8.4 M Clear medium orange yellow colour , woody, pear – apple tart
Mr Whitehead Apples and pears C/P 5 M Fruity and light tart finish
Mr Whitehead Blackberry cider C 4 M Blackberry and apple pie without the pastry
Mr Whitehead Boxing Dog C 7.5 D Made from Cox and Worcester apples
Mr Whitehead Devil’s Device C 8.4 M/D Golden in colour, nutty,earthy flavours
Mr Whitehead Katy C 5.6 M/D Fresh apple aroma with a hint of spice
Mr Whitehead Legbender C 6 M Crisp clear still cider
Mr Whitehead Midnight special P 5 M/D Blend of dessert and perry pears
Mr Whitehead Rum Cask C 7.5 M Mixture of Cox and Russet apples fermented in rum barrels
Mr Whitehead Russet C 7.5 M A light golden cider with earthy, woody flavours
Oakwood perry P 5 Org. MD A beautiful sourness softened by the rum
Polygoon Vineyard cider C 5 M Refreshing clean crisp dry apple flavour
Portslade WILD THING cider C 6.5 D Multiple award winner at the Sussex Beerex
Rich’s Farmhouse cider C 6 M Cloudy cider with a fresh apple aroma
Rich’s Legbender C 6 M Crisp clear still cider
Rosie’s Black Bart’s cider C 7.2 S Matured in rum oak barrels
Rosie’s Wicked Wasp cider C 7.4 MD Beautifully judged spirit/cider finish
Sandford Orchard Bumbleberry cider C 4 M Apples, Strawberries, Blackcurrants, Raspberries and Blackberries – a fruity cider
Sandford Orchard Shaky Bridge cider C 6 M CAMRA cider of the year 2010, a scrumpy, with a fresh apple finish
Swallowfields Moody Old Cow cider C 6 M Really characterful and satisfying
Swallowfields Wonky Donkey cider C 6.2 M Sedimented cider with real bits of apple
Troggi Troggi cider C 7.1 D Very subtle and sophisticated, clean alternative to wine
Troggi Troggi perry P 6.4 D Beautifully dry with a crisp, appealing sourness
West Croft Janet’sJungleJuice cider C 6 MD CAMRA Cider of the Year 2007,Cloudy amber in colour. Sweet apple juice aroma and a medium dry finish
Wilkins Farmhouse cider C 6.5 M A complex, light cider which is intensely appley
Wiscombe Suicider cider C 8 MD A rum-casked cider

Food: Hot/cold food will be available.

Entertainment: Live music will be available as follows:

Thursday 9pm – The Brothel Creepers
Friday 6pm – Afternoon in Paris
Friday 9pm – LAF
Saturday 3pm – Nomads Duo
Saturday 6pm – Burghers


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