2nd-5th May – 19th Reading CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2013 (Reading, Berkshire) Preview

Address: Kings Meadow, Napier Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8BN (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Thu 2nd May: 4:30pm-11pm (£5*)
Fri 3rd May: 11am-3:30pm (£5*) & 5pm-11pm (£8*)
Sat 4th May: 11am-4:30pm (£8*) & 6pm-11pm (£8*)
Sun 5th May: 12pm-7pm (£5*)

* = Includes a free souvenir glass while stocks last, and a programme.

Concessions: Card carrying CAMRA members will be entitled to an extra free drink token upon presentation of your valid membership card with your ticket.

Tickets: Available on the door or advanced ticket bundles can be purchased here. Advanced ticket bundles are £10.90 more than the on the door prices and include priority entry and 6 half-pint drink tokens, as well as the standard souvenir glass and programme..

Ciders/Perries: 150+ ciders/perries will be available.

Producer County Cider ABV% Notes
146 Cider Hampshire Hampshire Heritage 6.50% From Saturday
146 Cider Hampshire Mild West 6.00%  
146 Cider Hampshire The Medium One 6.60%  
Abrahalls Worcestershire Thundering Molly 5.20%  
Ampleforth Abbey Yorkshire Ampleforth Cider 6.50%  
Barbourne Worcestershire Perry 6.00%  
Barkers Worcestershire Cider    
Barkers Worcestershire Perry    
Batcheldors West Sussex ‘J.B.’ Cider 7.50%  
Berry Farm Devon Cider 6.00%  
Biddenden Kent Bushels 6.00% From Saturday
Biddenden Kent Strong 8.00%  
Bottle Kicking Cider Leicestershire Scrambler 7.00%  
Bridge Farm Somerset Medium 6.50%  
Bridge Farm Somerset Perry 6.50%  
Broadoak Somerset Perry 7.50%  
Broomfield Kent Medium    
Burnards Cider Norfolk Monty’s Double 4.60%  
Burnards Cider Norfolk Three Sheets t’ Wind 6.00%  
Burrow Hill Somerset Medium 6.00%  
Butford Organics Herefordshire Perry 6.00%  
Chafford Kent Hellishly Strong 10.00%  
Chants Somerset Badgers Spit 6.00%  
Charnwood Leicestershire Appley ‘Av Another    
Chiddingstone Kent Medium Sweet 7.50%  
Chucklehead Devon Medium 7.00%  
Cider by Rosie Dorset Cider    
Ciderniks Berkshire Combe Raider 6.50%  
Ciderniks Berkshire Dab Hand 6.50%  
Ciderniks Berkshire Kingston Black SV 6.50%  
CJ’s Gwent Surprise    
Cornish Orchards Cornwall Cider 4.80%  
Cotswold Cider Oxfordshire No Brainer 6.00%  
Cotswold Cider Oxfordshire Yellowhammer Carnival 6.00%  
Countryman Devon Medium 6.00%  
Countryman Devon Sweet 6.00%  
Cromwell Cambridgeshire Perry    
Crossmans Somerset Sweet 6.00%  
Dorset Nectar Dorset Medium    
Double Vision Kent Medium 7.40% From Saturday
Double Vision Kent Impeared Vision 7.40%  
Dove Syke Lancashire Ribble Valley Gold 6.20%  
Dunkertons Herefordshire Medium 7.00%  
Dunkertons Herefordshire Sweet 7.00%  
Dunkertons Herefordshire Perry    
East Stour Kent Perry 5.80%  
Grays Devon Medium Sweet 6.50%  
Green Valley Devon Medium 6.80%  
Greggs Pit Herefordshire Blakeney Red SV 6.00%  
Greggs Pit Herefordshire Thorn SV 6.00%  
Gwatkins Herefordshire Stoke Red SV 7.50%  
Gwatkins Herefordshire Yarlington Mill SV 7.50%  
Gwatkins Herefordshire Perry 7.00%  
Gwynt Y Ddraig Glamorgan Black Dragon 7.30%  
Gwynt Y Ddraig Glamorgan Celtic Warrior 5.50%  
Gwynt Y Ddraig Glamorgan Welsh Warrior 6.00% From Saturday
Gwynt Y Ddraig Glamorgan Perry 4.50%  
Gwynt Y Ddraig Glamorgan Pyder 6.00%  
Hancocks Devon Sweet 6.00%  
Hancocks Devon Medium 6.00%  
Hecks Somerset Port Wine 6.50%  
Hecks Somerset Perry 6.50%  
Hogans Warwickshire Pickers Passion 5.30%  
Hogans Warwickshire Vintage Perry 5.80%  
Hunts Devon Medium Sweet 6.00%  
Jollydale Lincolnshire Dry    
Jonty’s Norfolk Early Night 6.50%  
Kent Cider Company Kent Experimental Blend No 23    
Kingswood Kent Brain Bitter    
Lambourn Valley Berkshire Vintage 2011   From Saturday
Lambourn Valley Berkshire Vintage 2012    
Little Orchard Company Oxfordshire Kentish    
Little Orchard Company Oxfordshire West Country    
Little Red Rooster East Sussex Medium 8.40% From Saturday
Little Red Rooster East Sussex Sweet 8.40%  
London Glider Greater London Medium Dry    
London Glider Greater London Perry    
Lulworth Skipper Dorset Medium    
Marshwood Vale Dorset Dry    
Merrymoon Kent Lunatickle    
Minchews Gloucestershire Cider    
Minchews Gloucestershire Perry    
Moores Gloucestershire Perry 6.00%  
Moorlands Farm East Yorkshire Medium Sweet 6.40%  
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Cirrus Minor 5.00%  
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Heart of Hampshire 6.00%  
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Devil’s Device 8.40%  
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Russet SV    
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Pear Light 3.80% From Saturday
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Midnight Special 5.00%  
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Novo Pyrus 7.00%  
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Rum Cask 7.00%  
New Forest Hampshire Medium 7.00% From Saturday
New Forest Hampshire Sweet 7.00%  
New Forest Hampshire Kingston Black SV 8.00%  
Newton Court Herefordshire Perry 5.60%  
Oakwood East Sussex Organic Cider 6.00% From Saturday
Oakwood East Sussex Organic Perry 5.00%  
Olivers Herefordshire Perry 6.00%  
Orchards of Husthwaite North Yorkshire Galtres Gold 7.50%  
Orgasmic Herefordshire Parton Perry 5.00%  
Parsons Choice Somerset Sweet 6.00%  
Perry Bros. Somerset Vintage Medium 6.00%  
Perry Bros. Somerset Vintage Sweet 6.00%  
Pete’s Pollock’s Surrey Surrey Cider     
Pine Trees Farm Kent Dudda’s Tun 7.50%  
Pine Trees Farm Kent Pear O’Dudda’s 5.50%  
Pookhill East Sussex New Season 2012 6.00%  
Pookhill East Sussex Rum Reserve 8.00%  
Portslade East Sussex Wild Thing 7.50%  
Potton Press Bedfordshire Cox SV    
Potton Press Bedfordshire Happy Medium    
Potton Press Bedfordshire Sweet Spot    
Potton Press Bedfordshire Perry   From Saturday
Pure North Huddersfield Fusion 6.50%  
Pure North Huddersfield Valley Gold 6.00%  
Radnage Cider Buckinghamshire Cider 5.50%  
Raglan Cider Mill Monmouthshire Medium    
Raglan Cider Mill Monmouthshire Perry    
Red Dog Oxfordshire Cider    
Richs Somerset Legbender 6.00% From Saturday
Rogers Dorset Farm Hand’s Reward    
Rosie’s Clwyd Black Bart’s 7.20%  
Ross On Wye Herefordshire Dry 6.00%  
Ross On Wye Herefordshire Medium 6.00%  
Ross On Wye Herefordshire Perry 6.00%  
Salthill cider Berkshire Dry    
Salthill cider Berkshire Medium    
Sandford Orchards Devon Old Kitten 6.00%  
Seidr O Sir Radnorshire Medium    
Severnsider Gloucestershire Perry    
Sheppys Somerset Medium 6.00% From Saturday
Sheppys Somerset Sweet 6.00%  
Shiny Barrel Hampshire Cider 6.40%  
Skidbrooke Cyder Lincolnshire Farmhouse Sweet 5.50%  
Springfield Monmouthshire Wobbly Munk 7.10%  
Swallowfield Herefordshire Perry    
Tardebigge Worcestershire Cider    
Thatchers Somerset Cheddar Valley 6.00%  
Troggi Monmouthshire Cider    
Troggi Monmouthshire Perry 6.40%  
Tutts Clump Berkshire Berkshire Diamond 4.50%  
Tutts Clump Berkshire Five Counties 6.50%  
Tutts Clump Berkshire Repress 3.50%  
Tutts Clump Berkshire Royal Berkshire 7.00%  
Tutts Clump Berkshire Rum Cask 7.50%  
Tutts Clump Berkshire Scrumpy 5.50%  
Tutts Clump Berkshire Traditional Farmhouse 6.00% From Saturday
Tutts Clump Berkshire Farmhouse Perry 6.00%  
Twisted Cider Dorset Misty Medium 5.50%  
Twisted Cider Dorset Misty Sweet 5.50%  
Virtual Orchard Buckinghamshire Hard Core    
Virtual Orchard Buckinghamshire Single Varietal    
W M Watkins Monmouthshire Perry    
Welsh Mountain Powys Bittersweet 7.50%  
Welsh Mountain Powys New Season 7.50%  
West Milton Dorset Cider    
Whin Hill Norfolk Standard 6.40%  
Whin Hill Norfolk Perry 6.00%  
Wilkins Somerset Medium 6.00% From Saturday
Wilkins Somerset Sweet 6.00%  
Winkleigh Devon Autumn Scrumpy 7.50% From Saturday
Winkleigh Devon Sams Medium 6.00%  
Winkleigh Devon Sams Sweet 6.00%  
Woodley Sider Berkshire Cider    
Woughton Orchard Buckinghamshire “7” 7.00%  
Yellowcoate East Sussex Cider 5.50% From Saturday

Food: Plenty of food available at all times.

Entertainment: Live music on Friday & Saturday.

Previous Review: 2011 2012


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