Quality English Perry Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Quality English Cider
Perry Name: Perry
Region: Somerset
ABV: 6.5%
Taste: Dry
Served: Lightly chilled 700ml bottle
Smell: Pears/Floral
Colour: Straw/Golden
Clarity: Lightly cloudy
Carbonation: Still

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Somerset Cheese & Cider Fayre, Ring O Bells, Compton Martin
Date: 16/05/13

The cider shelf is diminishing by the day again and I really need a restock, but thankfully I still have one perry left from my trip to the Somerset Cheese & Cider Festival to keep me going tonight. This is a perry made by Quality English Cider, which is run by Keith Goverd.

Keith Goverd is a former scientist at the Long Ashton Research centre here in Bristol. Unfortunately this shut down in 1986 and official government research into cider is no longer about. I’d have been so much more interested in science at school if you got to have cider as the subject, rather than the likes of dissecting a sheeps eye which I had to do. Keith is still one of the most respected people in the cider industry and predominantly now makes apple juice. However, he also does make perry and cider on a smallscale and this is what I will be trying today.

When I met him at the Somerset Cheese & Cider Festival a couple of weeks back I made a bit of a prat of myself with asking who he was, as I couldn’t see any banners for his company at the time. He then began to tell me who he was and I was like oh dear god what have I said and felt a little embarrassed! Having got over that, he seems a decent chap and well worth speaking to if you want to understand the science of cider a bit more. Keith is also part of the Bath Farmers Marker and the primary place to find his products.

This particular perry is just known as “Quality English Perry” on the bottle and has very few details available. To be honest, the only details given is that it contains perry and is 6.5% ABV. It would have been nice to know a bit more about the product, but hey you can’t have it all! From reading their website, it appears the fruit is hand picked and I can only guess it’s milled and pressed in traditional ways. The other thing to note is it’s strange they are using the 700ml bottles, which isn’t a standard size, and also there is some minor sediment resting in the bottle. All in all, it certainly looks good and is made from a respected person, so fingers crossed it tastes good too. It’s time to open that bottle and find out….

For a perry, this actually poured a very ‘cider like’ colour. This was a straw based colour with a golden hint to it. The aroma is a delicate, floral and has a full pear smell to it. It smelt absolutely wonderful and inviting! My first taste was of the beautifully delicate pears, moderately acidic, sharp and then mellows out to give a long lasting dry, oak finish. This is one of those perries that give you a sudden rush of flavour and excitement and then gives you a quieter finish. There is some wine like qualities to this too and overall I really do like it. It’s not the best perry I’ve ever had, but it’s very quaffable and worth trying.

Would I buy this again?: Yes
Overall Rating: 8/10


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