Madhatters Worlds End Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Madhatters Cider
Cider Name: Worlds End
Region: Cheshire
ABV: 7.5%
Taste: Medium
Served: Half-pint at room temperature
Smell: Apples
Colour: Straw
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Still

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Greater Manchester Cider & Perry Festival
Date: 21/06/13

I’m county hopping again and this time to Cheshire. After previously having a great cider from there in the name of Nooks Yard Dry Cider, then I’m going to give another producer from the region a chance to impress me. Up now are Madhatters cider, who make the Worlds End Cider.

Madhatters Cider look to be run by Gordon & Marysia Battersby in Stockport, Cheshire. They apparently have won numerous awards for their ciders and look to take their name as their family is associated with the Stockport Hat Works. Other than that information from Google, I’m struggling to find anything else about them. You know what that means people……it’s cider drinking time again!

It’s a light straw colour, fairly clear, moderately apple aroma and just a not bad smell. I take my first taste and it’s appley had then bang the bitter ethanol taste takes over. It’s so not my thing. Too bitter and alcohol tasting. Apple sits in the back seat and doesn’t try to take over. I just don’t enjoy it I’m afraid. It starts fine and ends badly.

Would I buy this again?: No
Overall Rating: 6/10


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