Swallowfields Ryeford Blend Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Swallowfields
Cider Name: Ryeford Blend Cider
Region: Herefordshire
ABV: 5.5%
Taste: Dry
Served: Half-pint at room temperature
Smell: Ripe apples
Colour: Dull straw
Clarity: Cloudy
Carbonation: Still

Review/Tasting Notes:

Purchased From: Bristol Cider Fest
Date: 22/06/13

My experiences tonight on the cider front tonight have been vastly mixed. I’ve had the good, bad and down right ugly. Up next is another new cider in the shape of Ryeford Blend Cider from Swallowfields.

This producer I have certainly heard of but never touched. I can’t say whether it is good or bad, but that’s what tonight is all about – finding out about new ciders!

This poured dull, cloudy and a light straw colour. My mate says it looks like lemon squash and I can see that comparison. It smelt like very ripe rustic apples and for me it was fine to smell. Taste however, that’s a different thing completely. It was watery in taste, lightly appley, dry and fairly bitter. It’s one of those ciders that just doesn’t do it for me. The character for me is just not right and I’m not enjoying this. It feels a little bland and potentially slightly off. Some ciders just aren’t my thing and unfortunately this is one of them.

Would I buy this again?: No
Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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