25th August – Hawcoat Park Cider Festival 2013 (Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria) Preview

Address: Hawcoat Park Sports & Social Club, Hawcoat Lane, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 4HF (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Sun 25th August: 12pm-12am (£2)

Tickets: Available on the door

Ciders/Perries: 30 ciders/perries will be available.

Supplier Cider / Perry ABV Style Description
1 Ross-on-Wye Alpaca Perry 6.50% Perry Named after the alpacas who share the field in which
the pears for the perry are grown. A full-bodied blend of pears, a medium perry.
2 Gwynt – y – Ddraig Ancient Warrior 6.50% Dry A true, traditional farmhouse dry cider that was made in homage to the people on Home Farm in Wales.
3 Gwynt – y – Ddraig Black Dragon 7.00% Dry The juice is fermented and matured in oak barrels to
produce a cider rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh fruity aroma.
4 Hecks Blakeney Red Perry 6.00% Perry Single variety Blakeney Red Perry. Medium sweet so it
is slightly sweeter than our other perries but has a delicious perry flavour.
5 Sandford Orchards Bumbleberry 4.00% Fruity Still Medium Cider with a medley of Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Blackberries
6 Ross-on-Wye Cask Conditioned (R) 6.50% Dry A range of dry ciders which include single varieties and
quality blends made for drinking, as well as ciders fermented in oak casks.
7 Ross-on-Wye Cask Conditioned (W) 6.50% Dry A range of dry ciders which include single varieties and
quality blends made for drinking, as well as ciders fermented in oak casks.
8 Thatchers Cheddar Valley 6.00% Medium Thatchers Cheddar Valley cider is a naturally cloudy cider which is matured in oak vats to ensure the distinctive and robust full flavour is retained.
9 Orchard Pig Explorer 4.50% Medium Deliciously crisp. Endlessly pleasurable, real orchard
10 Sandford Orchards Fannys Bramble 4.00% Fruity Made from blackberries and apples, a marriage made in
Devon. The berry richness chimes effortlessly with the smooth apple cider.
11 Gwynt – y – Ddraig Fiery Fox 6.50% Medium A golden medium cider with a refreshing apple aroma.
12 Orchards of
Galtres Blush 6.00% Sweet A medium sweet cider flavoured with a hint of cherry, raspberry and strawberry whilst keeping a crisp apple flavour. Produced in the orchard village of Husthwaite.
13 Sandford Orchards Ginger Cider 4.00% Medium Whole root ginger is crushed through a cider mill to
release the cirtus heat which only fresh ginger can bring.
14 Gwynt – y – Ddraig Haymaker 6.50% Medium A fruity, medium cider bursting with the flavour of apples. A true farmhouse cider with a smooth finish.
15 Hecks Hendre Huffcap Perry 6.50% Perry Pours hazy lemon colour. Initially quite tart and offering a wonderful tanginess before settling down to become, wonderful juicy with a sweetness flooding through. This is full of big, soft juicy overipe pears
16 Thatchers Heritage 4.90% Medium A fine unfiltered cider with a rich haze produced from a
blend of specially selected apples.
17 Hecks Kingston Black 6.00% Dry The Kingston Black arose in Somerset in the late 19th Century and produces here a cider that is classic in appearance, taste and strength. It is copper coloured, rounded, almost velvety in texture and is full of flavour.
18 Moorlands Farm Medium Dry 6.40% Dry Made mainly from Yorkshire grown apples which give
the cider a definitive style and a softer taste than West country ciders.
19 Mays Medium Sweet 5.50% Sweet A full flavoured medium sweet cider with a wonderfully
rich aroma and fruity taste.
20 Moorlands Farm Medium Sweet 6.40% Sweet A crisp, clean, natural medium sweet cider with a
modern taste.
21 Burnards Cider Montys Double 4.60% Medium Montys Double is the name given to slightly pinkish
cider which comes from red streak apples. Refreshing and easy drinking.
22 Orchard Pig Navel Gazer 6.00% Dry Distinctively full-bodied. Thoroughly rounded, real
orchard cider.
23 Burnards Cider Oaky Dokey 5.20% Medium A lovely medium cider fermented in Rum Casks.
background of oak and vanilla.
24 Orchard Pig Philosopher 6.00% Medium Deeply refreshing. Intensely characterful, real orchard
25 Hecks Port Wine of
7.00% Medium True to its name, this cider has in origins in orchards below Glastonbury Tor. Easy on the palate, this is a true session cider with light effervesence and lemony tones.
26 Broadoaks Premium Perry 7.50% Perry Made just from pears, this is a smooth delicately sweet drink. A CAMRA gold award winner in 2009.
27 Gwynt – y – Ddraig Pyder 6.00% Pyder An out of the ordinary blend of apple and pear juice
fermented and matured in wood.
28 Thatchers Traditional 6.00% Dry Naturally hazy, smooth, refreshing, well balanced
medium cider, produced from a blend of English bittersweet apples.
29 Gwynt – y – Ddraig Two Trees Perry 4.50% Perry This oak aged welsh perry is clear and has a caramel nose with a dry finish. Very lively and easy to drink.
30 Gwynt – y – Ddraig Welsh Warrior 6.00% Medium An oak finished cider with a magnificent medium finish.

Food: TBC

Entertainment: TBC


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