6th-7th September – 1st West Midlands CAMRA Cider & Perry Festival 2013 (West Bromwich, West Midlands) Preview

Address: West Bromwich Town Hall, High Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 8DX (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 6th September: 12pm-10:30pm (£2.50)
Sat 7th September: 12pm-10:30pm (£2.50)

Tickets: Available on the door

Concessions: CAMRA members get reduced entrance of £1.50

Ciders/Perries: Around 120 ciders/perries will be available. The list is as follows:

Ciders on National Bar

Ampleforth Abbey
Cider 8.3% – Made by monks at Ampleforth Abbey in Yorkshire.
Biddenden – Kent’s oldest commercial vineyard, they grow apples too!
Bushels 6.0%
Strong 8%
Broadoak – A popular producer from Clutton, Somerset.
Moonshine 7.5%
Dove Syke – Made in the Ribble Valley Lancashire.
Ribble Valley Gold 6%
Glebe Farm – Produced from eating and cooking apples in Cambridgeshire
Medium Cambridgeshire Cider 6.5%
Gwynt y Ddraig – Well known producer from Pontypridd in Wales
Black Dragon 7.3%
Hunt’s Farm Cider – Farmhouse Cider from Paignton, Devon
Dry 6%
Medium 6%
Sweet 6%
Perry’s Cider Mill – Producing cider in Ilminster Somerset since 1920
Cider 6%
Severncider – Produced in the village of Awre in the Forest of Dean
Cider 6%
Skidbrooke – from Louth, Lincolnshire
Farmhouse Sweet 6%
Solway – From Abbeytown, Cumbria.  The producer has recently moved to Staffordshire, and intends to continue production from there.
Fair Maid of Devon 6%
Kingston Black 6%
Medium 6%
Tricky – Made in Churchinford Somerset
Dry 6.5%
Sweet 6.5%
Tutt’s Clump – Produced in Bradfield West Berkshire
Oldbury 5.5%
Royal Berkshire 7%
Rum Cask 7.5%
Special Reserve 6%
Traditional Farmhouse 6%
Venton’s – Straw Pressed Devonshire Cider Matured in Whisky Casks
Dry 6.5%
Medium 6.5%

Perries and Pyders on National Bar

Broadoak – Clutton, Somerset
Perry 7.5%
Gwynt y Ddraig – Pontypridd Wales
Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Pyder 6%
Heck’s – Produced in Street Somerset Since 1840
Blakeney Red 6.5%
Hendre Huffcap 6.5%
Perry 6%
Solway – Abbeytown, Cumbria
Perry 5.8%
Pyder 5.9%
Tutt’s Clump – Bradfield, West Berkshire
Perry 6%
Ty Bryn – Perries made in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
Blakeney 5.6%
Lazy Daze 5.6%

Ciders on Regional Bars

Abrahall’s – Produced in Herefordshire, this company is also known as Celtic Marches.
AM 6.5%
Thundering Molly 5.2%
Ashgrove – from Marden, Herefordshire
Orchard Ram 6.7%
Barkers – A small producer in Hallow, Worcestershire.
BBC (Barker’s Best Cider) 7.6%
Barbourne – based in Worcester
Dabinett 6%
Whisky Cask 7%
Border Orchards – Made in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.
Medium 6.5%
Boston Farm – Farm produced cider from Evesham Worcestershire
Evesham Kneeknocker Medium 5.9%
Butford Organics – Award Winning Producer from Bodenham, Herefordshire
Dry 6%
Medium Sweet 6%
Carey Organics – As the name suggests, made in Carey, Herefordshire
Medium 6.4%
Clive’s Fruit Farm – Produced on a beautiful farm in Upton-upon-Severn
Worcestershire Wobblejuice 5.8%
Chapman’s – A small producer in Ledbury Herefordshire
Katy 6%
Dunkerton’s – Well know award winning producer
S V Breakwell Seedling 7%
S V Brown’s 7%
S V Court Royal 7%
Gillow – A small producer in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.
Medium Dry Blend 6.7%
Sweet Blend 6.7%
Tom Putt 6%
Gwatkin’s – Popular producer set in the Golden Valley, Abbey Dore, Herefordshire,
Foxwhelp 7.5%
Kingston Black 7.5%
No Bull 4.5%
Stoke Red 7.5%
Rum Cask 7.5%
Gregg’s Pit – Produced in  Much Marcle, Herefordshire.
Browns, Kingston Black and Sweet Coppin 6.5%
Dabinette and White Close Pippin 6.5%
Hogan’s – Made in the Malvern Hills in Haselor, Warwickshire
Hazy Daisy 3.9%
Panking Pole 6%
Picker’s Passion 5.3%
Hurst View – Small New Producer from Ivetsey Bank, Staffordshire
Traditional Cider 6.5%
Mahorall Farm – From Ludlow, Shropshire
Mayorall Farm Cider 5.5%
Malvern Magic – produced in Uren, Ledbury
Medium 6%
Marches Cyder – Made in by an ex-pat Blackcountryman in Lucton, Hereforshire
Marcherman 7.5%
May’s Cider – Also known as the Amazing Cider Company from Kynaston near Much Marcle.
Medium 5.5%
Moseley Cider Collective – Tiny producer in Moseley, Birmingham
Dry Cider 5.4%
Newton Court – Made in Leominster, Herefordshire.
Yarlington Mill 7%
Dabinett 7%
Oliver’s – Artisan Producer from Ocle Pychard in Herefordshire.
Medium 6%
Dry 6%
S V Ellis Bitters 6.7%
Once Upon A Tree – Produced at Dragon Orchard near Ledbury.
Tumpy Ground 7%
Orgasmic Cider – – From Eardisley, Herefordshire in the Wye Valley
Medium Cider 6%
Rathay’s – Award Winning Producer from Sutton St. Nicholas, Herefordshire.
Old Goat 7.5%
Ross on Wye – Also known as Broome Farm, and produced (unsurprisingly) in Ross-on Wye
Dry Cider 6%
Medium Cider 6%
Oak Cask Sweet 7.5%
Rous – Based in Evesham Worcestershire
Medium Dry 6.5%
Sarah’s – Made in Bosbury, Herefordshire
Medium Dry Cider 6%
Snailsbank – A small producer from Bishop’s Frome in Herefordshire
Tumbledown Medium 5.2%
Tumbledown Apple Sweet 5.2%
Springherne – Produced in Ross-on-Wye
Medium 6%
Stockmoor Farm – From Pembridge in Leominster
Cider 6%
Swallowfield – Made in Hope Mansell near Ross-on-Wye
Wonky Donkey 6%
Chisel Jersey 7.1%
Tardebigge – from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.
Medium 6%
Upper House Farm – Produced in Hereford
Cider 6%
Weston’s – A Large Producer from the Ledbury Area
Rosie’s Pig 4.8%
Old Rosie 7.3%
Wilce’s – A small producer from Ledbury
Dry 6%
Medium 6%
Woody’s – from Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire
Dry 6%
Medium 6%
Sweet 6%

Perries on Regional Bars

Barker’s – Hallow, Worcestershire
BURP (Barker’s Upsadaisy Real Perry) 7.3%
Butford  Organics – Bodenham, Herefordshire
Medium Dry Perry 6%
Medium Sweet Perry 6%
Chapman’s – Ledbury, Herefordshire
Stinking Bishop Perry 6.8%
Clive’s Fruit Farm – Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire.
Worcestershire Wobblejuice Perry 6.8%
Gwatkin’s – Abbey Dore, Herefordshire
Farmhouse Perry 7.5%
Gregg’s Pit – Much Marcle, Herefordshire
Blakeney Red 6%
Hogan’s – Haselor, Warwickshire
Vintage Perry 5.8%
Marches Cyder – Lucton, Herefordshire
Cluster Top Perry 6.5%
Sweet Fanny Adam’s Perry 6.5%
Oliver’s  – Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire
Medium Dry Perry 6%
Medium Sweet Perry 6%
Orgasmic Cider – Eardisley, Herefordshire
Parton Perry Medium 5%
Rathay’s – Sutton St. Nicholas, Herefordshire
Painted Lady 6%
Ross-on-Wye – Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire
Medium Dry Perry 6%
Medium Sweet Perry 6%
Stockmore Farm – Pembridge, Leominster
Perry 6%
Swallowfield – Hope Mansell, near Ross-on-Wye
Painted Lady 5.5%

Food: TBC

Entertainment: There will be live music played throughout the festival.

Friday Night:

Thirsty Work are a Birmingham-based five-piece band made up of highly experienced local musicians that have fine local musical pedigree. The band’s repertoire covers a wide cross-section of tasteful, melodious rock covers that include artists such as Bryan Adams, Journey, Rainbow, Goo-Goo Dolls, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller and Fleetwood Mac. The band produce such youthful vigour that it’ll blow the Sanatogen and corn plasters away for decades!

Saturday Night:

Average Bloke Band– If Rock & Roll / Rhythm & Blues / Funky Music with a grooving edge is your thing then check out The Average Bloke Band. These guys have played far and wide with literally hundreds of great musicians covering many different genres of music.


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