5th-13th October – Dodington Lodge Hotel Cider & Perry Festival 2013 (Whitchurch, Shropshire) Preview

Address: The Dodington Lodge Hotel, Dodington, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1EN (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Sat 5th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Sun 6th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Mon 7th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Tue 8th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Wed 9th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Thu 10th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Fri 11th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Sat 12th October: 11am-11pm (Free)
Sun 13th October: 11am-11pm (Free)

Tickets: N/A

Ciders/Perries: There will be a selection of Real Ciders/Perries from across the country. As they are near the England/Wales border, then there is likely to be a few Welsh ciders available.


Abrahalls Thundering Molly 5.2% ABV
Broadoak Moonshine 7.5% ABV
Gwatkins Gamecock 4.5% ABV
Gwynt y Ddraig Autumn Magic Blackberry 4.0% ABV
Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon 7.3% ABV
Winkleigh Sam’s Medium Cider 6.0% ABV
Rosie’s Triple D
Rosie’s Black Bart
Rosie’s Wicked Wasp
Thatcher’s Cheddar Valley
Westons Rosie Pig
Mahorall Dry Still 6.5% ABV
Mahorall Medium Still 6.5% ABV
Mahorall Damson Medium Sweet 4% ABV
Mahorall Elderflower Medium Sweet 4% ABV
Mahorall Cider with Ginger 4% ABV
Mahorall Damson & Elderflower 4% ABV
Old Monty’s  2/3 varieties


Gwatkins Farmhouse Perry 7.0% ABV
Gwynt y Ddraig Welsh Gold Perry 6.0 ABV
H West Country Perry
Moores Perry 6.0%

Food: Food will be available from 12pm-2pm and 6:30pm onwards on all days. The only exception is Sunday night (6:30pm onwards) when food is not served.

Entertainment: The festival will coincide with the towns annual Blackberry Fair which is held on 5th October.

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