18th-19th April – 9th Thanet CAMRA Planet Thanet Easter Beer & Cider Festival 2014 (Margate, Kent) Preview

Address: Winter Gardens, Fort Crescent, Margate, Kent, CT9 5NP (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 18th April: 12pm-10:30pm (£5)
Sat 19th April: 12pm-8pm (£3)

Concessions: Free to CAMRA card carrying members on both days with fast track entry at busy times.

Tickets: Available on the door.

Ciders/Perries: The following ciders/perries will be available:

Producer County Name C/P S/M/D ABV
Broomfields Kent Medium C M 7.50%
Dreymans Cider Sussex Chilli Squirrel C D 6.10%
Dreymans Cider Sussex Golden Squirrel C D 6.40%
Moles Brewery Wiltshire Black Rat C M 6.00%
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Boxing Dog C D 7.50%
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Midnight Special Perry C P 5.00%
Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire The Devil’s Device C D 8.40%
Ben Crossman Somerset Sweet C S 6.00%
Cider By Rosie Dorset Medium C M 6.50%
Ciderfect Gloucestershire Vilberie Twist C F 6.60%
CJ’s Cider Wales Medium Dry C MD 6.00%
Double Vision Kent Perry P P 7.40%
Green Valley Devon Vintage C M 8.30%
Gwatkins Herefordshire Farmhouse Perry C P 7.50%
Gwatkins Herefordshire Yarlington Mill C D 7.50%
Hecks Somerset Blakeney Red Perry P P 6.00%
Hecks Somerset Port Wine of Glastonbury C M 7.00%
Hunts Cider Farm Devon Sweet C S 6.00%
Jollydale Lincolnshire Medium Sweet C MS 6.00%
Millwhites Hertfordshire Medium* C M 7.50%
Newton Court Herefordshire Dabinett C M 6.00%
Newton Court Herefordshire Perry P P 6.40%
Parsons Choice Somerset Medium Sweet C MS 6.50%
Riches Somerset Sweet C S 6.00%
Roger Wilkins Somerset Dry C D 6.00%
Roger Wilkins Somerset Medium C M 6.00%
Rosies Triple D Wales Sweet C S 7.20%
Sarah’s Herefordshire Medium Dry C MD 7.00%
Westcrofts Somerset Janets Jungle Juice C D 6.00%
Ross On Wye Herefordshire Alpaca Perry P P 6.50%
Ampleforth Yorkshire Ampleforth Abbey C M 6.50%
Broadoaks Somerset Bristol Port C S 6.00%
Broadoaks Somerset Moonshine C S 7.50%
Broadoaks Somerset Premium Perry P P 7.50%
Burnards Cider Norfolk Slide Blues C M 5.50%
Butfords Organics Herefordshire Medium Dry C D 7.20%
Butfords Organics Herefordshire Perry P P 5.20%
Glebe Farm Cambridgshire Side-R Blackcurrant C F 6.00%
Glebe Farm Cambridgshire Side-R Elderflower C F 6.00%
Gwatkins Herefordshire Game Cock C S 4.50%
Gwynt-y-Ddraig Wales Black Dragon C D 7.00%
Gwynt-y-Ddraig Wales Pyder C/P M 6.00%
Gwynt-y-Ddraig Wales Two Trees Perry P P 4.50%
Lilley’s Cider Barn Somerset Bee Sting Still P MS 7.50%
Lilley’s Cider Barn Somerset Sunset C S 6.00%
Newton Court Herefordshire Autumn Harvest C M 5.50%
Olivers Herefordshire Medium C M 6.70%
Once Upon A Tree Herefordshire Kingston Redstreak C M 8.00%
Once Upon A Tree Herefordshire Tumpy Ground C M 7.20%
Orchards Of Husthwaite North Yorkshire Galtres Blush C F 6.00%
Riches Somerset Legbender C M 6.00%
Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire Alpaca Perry P MD 6.50%
Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire Dry C D 6.50%
Sandford Orchards Devon Fanny’s Bramble C F 4.00%
Sandford Orchards Devon Ginger Cider C M 4.00%
Sandford Orchards Devon Pear Shaped P S 7.50%
Sandford Orchards Devon Strawberry Lane C F 4.00%
Swallowfields Somerset Painted Lady Perry P MD 5.00%
Dudda’s Tun Kent Medium C M 5.50%
Dudda’s Tun Kent Dry C D 5.50%
Dudda’s Tun Kent Pear O’Dudda’s P P 5.50%
Kent Cider Company Kent Toffee Apple C M 6.00%
Kent Cider Company Kent Tydeman’s Early C M 5.50%
Kent Cider Company Kent Pear Cider P M 6.00%
Kentish Pip Kent Vintage C MD 5.50%
BEARDSpoon Beer & Cider Works Kent Undecider’d C
Merry Moon Kent Lemon Moon C F 6.00%
Merry Moon Kent Lunatickle C M 6.60%
Kings Wood Kent Brain Biter C MD 6.40%
Rough Old Wife Kent Tasty Old Wife C M 6.00%
Rough Old Wife Kent Blushing Old Wife C S 6.00%
St. Dunstans Kent Ashton Dry 80/20 C D 6.80%
Stiles Kent Egremont Russet C M 7.50%
Green Oak Farm Kent TBA C

Food: Hot and cold food will be available from a food counter and concessionary food stalls in the Queen’s Hall as will soft drinks

Entertainment: Live music Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday afternoon. Giant pub quiz 5pm Saturday with £100 cash first prize to winning team


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