5th-7th September – 13th Headington Beer & Cider Festival 2014 (Oxford, Oxfordshire) Preview

Address: The Masons Arms, 2 Quarry School Place, Headington, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 8LH (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 5th September: 5pm-11pm (Free)
Sat 6th September: 12pm-11pm (Free)
Sun 7th September: 12pm-4pm & 7pm-10:30pm (Free)

Ciders/Perries: The ciders/perries available are as follows:

Cider Name ABV Location
Biddenden Vineyard Vineyard 8% Kent
Merry Moon Chilli Cider 6.00% Kent
Palmerhayes Kneebender Scrumpy 6% Devon
Gillows Knicker Droper 6.70% Herefordshire
Abrahalls Slack Alice 4.60% Herefordshire
Green Valley Vintage Stillwood 8.30% Devon
Snails Bank Tumbledown Summer Fruits 4% Herefordshire
New Forest Snakecatcher 5.50% New Forest
Dreymans Wasps Blood 5.90% Sussex
Double Vision Vision in Pink 5.20% Kent
Worleys Browns Apple 6.50% Somerset
Kings Wood Brainbiter 6.60% Kent
Cornish Orchards Perry 5.00% Cornwall
Nempnett Piglets Choice Perry 5.50% Somerset
Double Vision Impeared Vision Perry 7.40% Kent

Food: TBC. Last year there was a Friday night BBQ & Saturday night pig roast

Entertainment: TBC. Last year there was live music on Saturday night


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