16th-18th October – 34th Stoke CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2014 (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire) Preview

Address: Fenton Manor Sports Complex, City Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 2RR (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Thu 16th October: 2pm-6pm (Free) & 6pm-11pm (£2)
Fri 17th October: 2pm-6pm (£2) & 6pm-11pm (£4)
Sat 18th October: 2pm-6pm (£3) & 6pm-11pm (£3)

Tickets: Available on the door

Concessions: Free entry at all times for card carrying CAMRA members.

Ciders/Perries: 60+ ciders/perries will be available, which are as follows:

Abrahalls (Hereford) Medium 6.5
Ampleforth (West Yorkshire) Ampleforth 8.3
Ashover Pippins Dry 6%
Border Orchards (Hereford) Medium 6.5%
Broadoaks (Somerset) Moonshine 7.5%
Broadoaks (Somerset) Bristol Port 6%
Broadoaks (Somerset) Kingston Black 7.5%
Broadoaks (Somerset) Scrumpy
Carey Organics (Hereford) Medium 6.4
Celtic Marches Thundering Molly
Celtic Marches Lilly the pink
Chants (Somerset) Fighting cider 7.5%
Double Vision cider 7.4% cider 7.4%
Gwatkins (Herefordshire) Game Cock 4.5%
Gwatkins (Herefordshire) No Bull
Gwatkins (Herefordshire) Silly Ewe
Gwatkins (Herefordshire) Stoke Red 7.5%
Gwynt – y – Ddraig (Wales) Black Dragon 7%
Gwynt – y – Ddraig (Wales) Celtic Warrior 5.5%
Gwynt – y – Ddraig (Wales) Dog Dancer 6.5%
Hallets (Wales) Blaengawney Rum 7%
Hallets (Wales) Blindfold 6%
Hallets (Wales) Dabinett 7%
Hallets (Wales) Heartbreaker 7%
Hecks (Somerset) Medium
Hecks Somerset Port Wine of Glastonbury 7%
Hogans Panking pole
Honeys (Somerset) Midford Vale 6%
Hursts View (Staffs) Dabinetts
Lilley’s Cider Barn Somerset Pig swill 7.5%
Lilley’s Cider Barn Somerset Sunset 6%
Nempnetts (Somerset) Piglets choice
Once upon a Tree (Herefordshire) Tumpy ground 7.0%
Orgasmic cider 6%
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Devon Mist 4.5%
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Scrumpy 6%
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Shakey Bridge 6%
Snailsbank Tumbledown cider 5.2%
Thatchers (Somerset) Cheddar Valley 6%
Thistley Cross Dunbar (Scotland) Original 7.2
Thistley Cross Dunbar (Scotland) Whsky Cask
Westcrofts (Somerset) Janets Jungle Juice 6%
Weston’s Old Rosie 7.3%
Weston’s Rosies Pig 4.8%
Winkleigh Sams cider 6.0%
Winkleigh Autumn Scrumpy 7.5%
Broadoaks (Somerset) Premium Perry 7.5%
Double Vision Impeared vision 7.4%
Gwatkins (Herefordshire) squeally pig perry 4.5%
Gwynt – y – Ddraig (Wales) Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Hecks (Somerset) Blakeney Red 6.5%
Nempnetts (Somerset) Piglets choice Perry 5%
Orgasmic Hereford) Perry 5%
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Pear Shaped 7.5%
Ty Bryn(Wales) Blakeney Red 5.6%
Gwynt – y – Ddraig (Wales) Pyder 6%
Gwatkins (Herefordshire) Pyder 5%
Double vision cherry
Double vision elderflower perry
Double vision strawberry
Green Valley strawberry Cider
Lilley’s Cider Barn Somerset Mango
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Fannys Bramble 4%
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Bumbleberry 4%
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Ginger Cider 4%
Sandford Orchards (Devon) Strawberry Lane 4%
Snailsbank Tumbledown Summer Fruits 4.0%
Westons Cider Twist Raspberry 4.0%
Woodys Staffordshire Dr Bob’s special cycer

Food: TBC

Entertainment: Live entertainment as follows:

8pm: Rain Acoustic Duo
9pm: Kiss the Blarney

8pm: Goodfellas
9pm: The Various Artists

12pm: Florence Brass Band
8pm: Lazy Eye
9pm: Monkeyfinger


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