17th-19th October – Cider Making with Barrie Gibson (Golant, Cornwall) Preview

Address: Hybadore Holiday Cottages, Hybadore, Golant, Cornwall, PL23 1LA (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 17th October-Sun 19th October: Course price from £135 (excluding accommodation/transfers)

Event Information:

Everything cider, from apples to barrel – a unique treat for cider lovers

You may love cider – we certainly do! – but have you ever wondered how it’s made? Or, better still, dreamed of becoming involved in the process, even making cider of your own, from apples you’ve picked yourself from a Cornish orchard?

Now the dream can become reality. Joining forces with Barrie Gibson of Fowey Valley Cider, we’ve put together a once-in-a-lifetime experience, taking in the science – never dry, unlike plenty of ciders – hands-on home-making and professional production, and of course, tasting – with the occasional local pork pie thrown in. Hands up, who’s salivating at the prospect?

Day 1 (Fri 17 October): Arrival

cider making course cornwall stainless steel vatsHaving arrived in Fowey, you’ll get to know your fellow apple lovers, plus Barrie, at an informal dinner upstairs at The Bistro, one of Fowey’s most popular restaurants. We’ll be laying on head chef Glynn Wellington’s frankly amazing chicken wings and gourmet burgers (let us know if you’re a veggie), accompanied by a tasting of West Country ciders.

Day 2 (Sat 18): Alchemy & The Apple

In the morning – ideally with not too sore a head – we’ll gather at the gorgeous Hybadore farmstead in Golant, just outside Fowey This is where Barrie sources his apples and makes his champagne-style Fowey Valley Cider, and where you’ll learn about the history and alchemy of the cider-making process, as well as how to test and taste.

Lunchtime: We’ll lay on local pork pies, pickles and the works.

cider making course cornwall barrels at fowey river ciderAfter lunch it’s time to put theory into practice. Using home juicers – so you can transfer these skills to your own kitchen – Barrie will guide you through the process of home cider-making. You’ll be taking home your own, lovingly prepared concoctions, to store away until perfect. (Barrie will also share some trade secrets on pepping up the taste.)

Day 3 (Sun 19): Pick Your Own!

cider making course cornwall cider pressOn the final morning you have the chance to become hands-on in the production of professional cider. Pick a few apples in the ancient Hybadore orchard (by no means compulsory, but we think you’d enjoy it), then take them to Barrie’s production centre, where the giant barrels live. Help wash and mill the apples in preparation for juicing in the twin-bed hydraulic press before pumping out into the 1500-litre barrels ready for fermentation in the coming weeks.

For lunch, it’s the perfect Ploughman’s, featuring locally sourced cheese, meats and bread.

Afterwards we bid you a fond farewell (all transfers provided), as you clutch your very own flagon of (potential) cider and leave behind this seductive little corner of England.

Barrie Gibson

cider making course cornwall with barrie gibson of fowey valley ciderBarrie Gibson has been making cider for more than 10 years. He started out with only six apple trees, relying mainly on the generosity of neighbours.

His first press was a 15-litre Vigo and he used a hand scratter from the local brewshop, fermenting in plastic gallon water bottles and raiding the local bottle bank.

He has upgraded equipment twice since then and two years ago decided to ‘go professional’, setting up Fowey Valley Cider.

His first cider, a ‘vintage champagne style’ will be ready for sale at the end of this year, with other ciders following next year.

Package Details

Our cider course is limited to eight people, with options to stay in a holiday cottage at South Torfrey Farm (with potential to share, self-catering) in Golant, or at Trevanion Guest House in Fowey. The package includes:

  • Two nights stay
  • Transfers from/to Par station on arrival and departure, if required
  • Transfers from course to accommodation
  • Meal and cider for the tasting on Friday night
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Two-day cider course & all materials

There is also a very limited number of course-only (everything bar the accommodation) places for locals available.



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