18th October – Kilmersdon Apple Day 2014 (Kilmersdon, Somerset) Preview

Address: Kilmersdon Village Hall, High Street, Kilmersdon, Somerset, BA3 5TD (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Sat 18th October: 11am-5pm (Free?)

Tickets: N/A

Event Information:

Our Apple Day this year will run from 2 – 4pm with activities for children and many competitions – including an apple cake competition (see below for the recipe), the heaviest apple competition and many more. The theme for the best dressed apple competition is book titles and there will be two categories – 3-8 year olds and 8 upwards. Seasonal refreshments will be available and there will be apple juicing outside the hall from 11am – 5pm (bring your own apples and bottles for the juice).

Somerset Apple Cake


250g/9oz self-raising flour; 1 oz cornflour; 225g/8oz butter; 225g/8oz caster sugar; 225g/8oz chopped Bramley apples; 4 large eggs; soft brown sugar for dusting; lemon juice


Cream together butter and caster sugar. Add 4 large eggs and the self-raising flour alternately. Include the cornflour. Fold the chopped Bramley apples into the mixture. Pour into an 18cm/7inch diameter cake tin. Cut segments from an unpeeled apple and soak in lemon juice. Arrange segments in a circle round the top of the cake and dust with soft brown sugar to make a crusty glaze. Bake at 170C/325F for about an hour and a quarter.

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