Loic Raison Traditionnel Cidre Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Loic Raison
Cider Name: Traditionnel
Region: Brittany, France
ABV: 5.5%
Taste: Dry
Served: Lightly chilled 750ml bottle
Smell: Fruity/Farmhouse
Colour: Dull orange
Clarity: Cloudy
Carbonation: Sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

From: Le Bon Vin
Date: 02/11/14

The last instalment of my French cidre reviews this week is what looks the most promising and exciting cidre on paper. It’s cloudy, unfiltered and possibly maybe similar to our scrumpy? Well, we shall see if it is later on. Up next is the Traditionnel cidre from Loic Raison.

After a bit of a mixed bag so far from Loic Raison (The Brut being the good and the Cidre Framboise being the not so great), I really am hoping this cidre ends the week on a high. This cidre is labelled as follows:

“One for the purists, strength and boldness characterise this naturally cloudy and unfiltered cider. Resolutely traditional, the authentic character guarantees freshness and a full bodied flavour. Its appearance is cloudy yellow and its taste is lively – showing farmhouse notes on the nose and a strong structure in the mouth. Excellent with strong food flavours such as mature cheese and steak.”

My initial feeling was this was going to be basically an unfiltered Brut, though this is 1% higher ABV than the Brut was. So it could be along the same lines but obviously something is different to get the higher ABV. It’s not often I’ve come across a French cidre that is actually cloudy. They usually like it to be crystal clear like a wine. Is there a market in France for cloudy cidres? Or is it mainly aimed at the British crowd? Anyway, it’s time to open this cidre and see if it can end my week well….

This poured with a fair bit fizz, fruity/farmhouse aroma to it and a dull orange colour. Though it is cloudy, I can’t really see sediment in my glass or bottle, which is strange.

My first sip of this is lightly sweet, fruity and then develops to be more dry as the taste goes on. Tannins feel fairly high, acidity is moderate and a fairly bitter/sharp end to it, with a mild hint of wood in the aftertaste. It’s one of these ciders that has a juicy feel to it, but also has a bit of depth and character. I have to say I’m not a fan of the fizz in this. This would be best left alone and doesn’t seem to enhance the flavour at all, in my opinion. It’s more of a hindrance compared to their other 3 cidres, where it seemed to work ok. Though it did seem to be more fizzy than the others were. Maybe I should have left it a while until I drank it? Being organised and drinking like that is not my thing though. When I want a cider, I open it and drink it there and then!

Overall, it’s a decent enough cider. It’s similar to the Brut, but the Brut just seemed to have a bit more about it for me. Personally I’d prefer to see this as a non-carbonated cidre. I think it would do much better in my opinion. It’s one of these ciders that just doesn’t have that wow factor for me. It’s nice and easy to drink, but nothing about it to make it stand out from the crowd.

Would I buy this again?: Yes, though not a first choice.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Disclaimer: This was a free sample from Le Bon Vin, however this had no bearing on my review of this cider.

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