Manuel Busto Amandi Mayador “Produccion Limitada 2012” Sidra Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Manuel Busto Amandi
Cider Name: Mayador (Produccion Limitada 2012)
Region: Asturias, Spain
ABV: 5%
Taste: Medium/Sweet
Served: Lightly chilled 750ml bottle
Smell: Ripe apples/Acidic
Colour: Golden/Yellow
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

Date: 04/11/14

Following on from last weeks French cidre reviews, I thought I’d keep the theme still international, but explore the Spanish sidra that they have to offer. This is a sidra I brought back last year from their big III INTERNATIONAL HALL OF GALA CIDER FAYRE in Asturias and goes by the name of Mayador.

Mayador is a sidra produced by Manuel Busto Amandi in the Asturias region of Spain and has been producing sidra since 1939. From a little digging on the internet, it appears the name Mayador comes about as the name of the person who smashes/crushes the apples with a wooden stick before the juice is then fermented into cider. Apparently smashing/crushing apples in Spanish is called “Mayo” and there you have the mystery behind the name.

The Mayador sidra produced by them looks to be done for the international market and designed to look and feel like a Prosecco/champagne. This is not the traditional sidra you would get from their farms, but more of one designed for the dinner table.

The presentation of the bottle is professional and even has a limited edition bottle number. Though as mine is 028951, then just how limited edition is it?!?! In terms of description on the bottle, there’s not really much to it, but the only description it does have says the following (according to Google Translate!)

“We have developed this cider using traditional methods using selected Asturias apples”

According to their website, they describe it as follows:

“Sparkling cider made of Asturian apples blending sweet, acid and bitter varieties carefully selected and fermented in chestnut barrels to obtain a dry taste.”

As I can’t really describe and decipher much more from this sidra at this stage, then I better go open it up and see what it’s all about…

I popped the cork and boy did it want to escape from the bottle. If I wasn’t careful, it could have flung half way across the house and smashed through the window. Thankfully I had the cork under control and no accidents were to be had this time! This initially had a huge foamy head to it, which settled down a little, but had a constant stream of bubbles rising. It has a golden/yellow colour and a little acidic and ripe apples aroma.

I take in my first sip and I feel a fairly sweet, smooth, fresh apple taste to begin with, which then gets very tart/acidic as the sip goes on. It’s a cider that has character to it, a light woody aftertaste and very little tannins overall. If you can get over the acidic nature of the cider, then it’s well worth a try. I love the tanginess you get from a good sidra, which in this case is not overpowering. It just seems to wake up and kick your tastebuds into life. It’s certainly brought back some good memories from my time in Asturias last year.

Overall, I like it, but it’s possibly slightly on the sweeter side than I usually go for. Also, the bubbles can be a bit much by the end of the pint. Though that’s probably because I’m drinking it like a normal cider and not with my dinner!

Would I buy this again?: Yes
Overall Rating: 8/10


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