20th-22nd January – Processing & Packaging Cider & Perry for the Marketplace (Course)

Website: Cider Academy

Dates: The course is run on the following dates:

20th-22nd January

Address: The Orchard Centre, Blackwell’s End, Hartpury, GL19 3DB

Price: £435+VAT

Early booking discount: Early Booking: For courses booked & paid for at least 2 months in advance, deduct £25.00 off the
course fees

Booking Details: Online / Printable Booking Form

Course schedule


This hands-on practical course aims to:

• Provide training, experience and a comprehensive insight into the steps involved in New Product Development (NPD), down-stream processing, product blending & make-up and packaging cider, perry & other beverages for the marketplace;
• Provide detailed guidance to enterprises & individuals with respect to the overall requirements for processing & packaging drink products – thus assist in future planning and business development;
• Enable individuals transfer the practical skills, knowledge, understanding and information gained to different production environments – including a range of downstream processing & packaging equipment;
• Provide training for those who plan to utilise the Orchard Centre facilities in the future.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for individuals & businesses who:

• Have previous experience and/or have received initial training in cider, perry and drinks production and wish to further develop their skills, knowledge & understanding;
• Wish to plan for and further develop their own enterprises and product range;
• Plan to make use of the facilities at The Orchard Centre.

Due to the practical nature of the course, the group size will be small, to ensure maximum benefit is gained by all delegates.

Who is the Tutor?

Peter Mitchell – a highly qualified and internationally recognised authority in cider and perry making and tasting, leads the course. With over 25 years of practical experience, he is a professional trainer, a UK and USA cider competition judge and an award-winning cider producer in his own right.
Other specialists may be involved in providing some of the training as appropriate.

Course Content & Practical Work

Utilising the comprehensive facilities at the Orchard Centre, the course includes the following:

Planning, Preparation & Operational Control: Facility, equipment, services, materials & resource requirements. Financial aspects & cost control. Health & Safety. Quality Control & Quality Assurance. Preparation & care of facilities & equipment. Sanitisation. HACCP issues. Legal aspects – food safety, labelling, weights & measures. Application of laboratory analysis. Shelf-life. Production efficiency.
Product Development: Background to NPD in drinks production. Methods in market research & consumer evaluation. Development of product recipes & specifications, blending & product make-up trials.
Product Preparation: Clarification & filtration. Selection & use of filtration media. Scale-up – blending & product make-up. Carbonation.
Bottling & Packaging: Types of equipment. Filling still & carbonated products. Selection of bottles & other types of packaging. Set-up & operational issues. Capping.
Product Stabilisation: Pasteurisation. Sterile filtration. Use of preservatives (SO2). Oxygen control.
Labelling & Casing: Labelling requirements. Shrink-wrap casing.

What do you get from the course?

• Guided hands-on practical experience in NPD, down-stream processing, product blending & make-up and packaging;
• Direct involvement in all the steps involved in developing, processing & packaging a drink product for the marketplace;
• Expert tuition and comprehensive advice;
• A detailed reference manual & course booklet;
• A documented (hard & electronic copy) step-by-step guide and outline procedures for the various activities involved – including proforma documents and record keeping systems – for future use.


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