11th-14th February- CAMRA National Winter Ales & Cider Festival 2015 (Derby, Derbyshire) Preview

Address: The Roundhouse, Derby College, Pride Park, Derby, Derbyshire, DE24 8JE (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Wed 11th February: 4pm-11pm (£3)
Thu 12th February: 11am-5pm (£2) & 5pm-11pm (£5)
Fri 13th February: 11am-5pm (£3) & 5pm-11pm (£6)
Sat 14th February: 11am-5pm (£3) & 5pm-11pm (£6)

Concessions: CAMRA members free on Wed/Thu AM/Fri AM and £2 all other sessions. Over 65’s & 18-25s free entry on Thu/Fri Lunchtime sessions.

Tickets: Available on the door.

Ciders/Perries: The following ciders/perries will be available:

Main Hall Ciders

Bartestree Bartestree, Herefordshire 6.5% Medium
A craft cider maker, highly respected in the cider world, based just outside Hereford.

Biddenden Bushels Ashford, Kent 6.0% Med Sweet
A clear, very pale cider with a slight sparkle, made from local culinary fruit.

Blue Barrel Oak Barrel Sherwood, Nottinghamshire 6.5% Medium
A cask matured cider using local fruit. First time at a Derby festival.

Bottle Kicking Hallaton, Leicestershire 6.5% Medium
A rapidly expanding cider maker using a mixture of local fruit and cider varieties.

Carey Organic Carey, Herefordshire 7.0% Dry
A crisp, dry cider from an organic farm just outside Hereford.

Dorset Nectar Waytown, Dorset 5.0% Med Dry
A father and son operation, who live in their orchard. Made from organic fruit.

Double Vision Maidstone, Kent 7.4% Med Sweet
A clear, mellow Eastern Counties style cider. Dangerously quaffable.

Green Valley Vintage Clyst St. George, Devon 8.3% Medium
A full-flavoured cider from a major Devon produces just outside Exeter.

Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon Pontypridd, Glamorgan 7.2% Medium
An ever popular, fruity cider from Wales leading cider maker.

Hecks Kingston Black Street, Somerset 6.5% Med Sweet
A classic single apple variety cider, mid-brown and with great depth of flavour.

Hubzs ‘Ang Over Peterborough, Cambridgeshire 8.0% Med Sweet
A small producer and winner at Peterborough Festival 2014. New to Derby.

Pickled Pig Porkers Snout Streatham, Cambridgeshire 6.5% Med Sweet
A cider maker with a fast-growing reputation. Cider made from local fruit.

Rich Watchfield, Somerset 6.0% Sweet
A clear, easy drinking cider from one of Somerset’s major producers.

Rosies Black Bart Wrexham, North Wales 7.0% Med Sweet
A full-flavoured cider with a lingering aftertaste. New to the Festival.

Scropton Doris Stokes Scropton, Derbyshire 6.3% Medium
A well-known local cider maker. This may be Scropton’s last year.

Slackjaw Horsley Woodhouse, Derbyshire 6.5% Med Dry
A very small cider maker using a home-built mill and press.

Springfield Red Dragon Llangovan, Gwent 7.0% Medium
A mid-brown cider with great depth of flavour and aftertaste.

Thatchers Cheddar Valley Sandford, Somerset 6.0% Med Sweet
Orange / Red in colour, a classic from a very large cider maker.

Three Cats Morley, Derbyshire 6.7% Sweet
Pale, sweet and with a slight sparkle. East Midlands 1st 2014.

Troggi Earlswood, Monmouthshire 6.2% Med Dry
A crisp, clean cider with some bite from a small, craft cider maker.

Winkleigh Autumn Scrumpy Winkleigh, Devon 7.5% Med Sweet
A clear, easy drinking cider from a major Devon cider maker. Not a scrumpy at all!

Woodys Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire 6.0% Med Dry
Not quite an East Midlands cider, bit close. Made with local fruit.

Main Hall Perries

Barbourne Worcester 6.0% Medium
A crisp, clean perry with a hint of sparkle.

Broadoak Clutton, Somerset 7.5% Sweet
A smooth, sweet and highly quaffable and ever-popular perry.

Greggs Pitt Aylton Red & Blakeney Much Marcle, Herefordshire 6.0% Medium
A two-pear variety perry from the heart of perry country.

McCrindles Lidney, Gloucestershire 6.0% Medium
A refreshing perry with some bite. New to the festival.

Newton Court Leominster, Herefordshire 6.0% Med Sweet
A slightly hazy, flavoursome perry. Made from locally grown organic fruit.

Olivers Ocle Pychard, Hereforshire 6.0% Medium
A crisp, clean perry with plenty of flavour and a long, satisfying aftertaste.

Ross Cider & Perry Co. Peterstow, Herefordshire 6.0% Med Dry
A full-flavoured perry from one of Herefordshire’s leading producers.

Westons Much Marcle, Herefordshire 4.5% Med Sweet
A clear perry, weaker in strength but still with plenty of flavour.

Marquee Ciders

Barbourne Worcester 6.5% Medium
A small-scale cider producer using local fruit. Based near Worcester racecourse.

Bramley Street Scrimpy Somercotes, Derbyshire 6.3% Med Dry
A very local cider maker, relatively new to the cider scene. East Midlands 2nd 2014.

Farmers Fear Thirsty Farmer Mountsorrel, Leicestershire 7.2% Med Sweet
A pale, fruity cider with a slight sparkle. East Midlands 3rd 2014.

Gwatkins Stoke Red Abbey Dore, Herefordshire 7.5% Sweet
A single apple variety, mid brown in colour and bursting with flavour.

Hunt & Sons Paignton, Devon 6.0% Medium
A traditional Devon farm cider. Handy for supplies if you are holidaying in the area.

Hurst View Jibber Jabber Staffordshire 7.5% Med Dry
No tasting notes available, new to the festival.

Oakfield FarmTaste of the Orchard Stanley Common, Derbyshire 5.6% Med Sweet
A very local recent addition to the cider scene. Cider sold in the farm shop.

Ross Cider & Perry Co. Peterstow, Herefordshire 6.5% Medium
A well-balanced blend of cider varieties grown at Broome Farm.

Sheppys Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset 6.0% Med Sweet
A pale, fruity, easy-drinking cider from a large producer near the Devon border.

Spencer & Haspel Shock Ockbrook, Derbyshire 8.4% Dry
Made with local fruit and sold at Mr Grundy’s, Ashbourne Road, Derby.

Westcroft Janets Jungle Juice Brent Knoll, Somerset 6.0% Medium
A classic and highly popular Somerset farm cider. Fruity and moreish.

Marquee Perries

Bartestree Bartestree, Herefordshire 6.0% Medium
A flavoursome perry with a satisfying aftertaste from a well-known craft producer.

Bottle Kicking Hallaton, Leicestershire 6.0% Med Sweet
A clear, fruity perry made from Herefordshire pears.

Double Vision Impaired Vision Maidstone, Kent 7.4% Med Sweet
A very pale, easy drinking and deceptively strong perry.

Gwynt y Ddraig Pontypridd, Glamorgan 6.0% Med Sweet
A smooth and highly quaffable perry made from Herefordshire pears.

Hecks Blakeney Red Street, Somerset 6.0% Med Sweet
A single-variety perry. Great depth of flavour and aftertaste.

Food: Hot food will be available from the popular Roundhouse catering team. Stalls will be showcasing;

* Pipers Crisps
* Mr Morgans Infamous Cheese Selections!
* Merry Berry Truffles

Entertainment: Live music will be available.


Wednesday 11th February – Open Mic – Act must be confirmed beforehand, contact: winterents@derbycamra.org.uk if interested

Thursday 12th February – The Jam Movement http://thejammovement.com/

Friday 13th February – Kazabian http://kazabian.com/

Saturday 14th February – UK Foo Fighters http://www.foofighters.org.uk/#sonic-motorways-tour


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