14th March, 5th September & 10th October 2015 – Cider & Perry: Make & Enjoy (Course – Cider Academy)

Website: Cider Academy

Dates: The course is run on the following dates:

• Saturday 14th March
• Saturday 5th September
• Saturday 10th October


The Orchard Centre, Blackwell’s End, Hartpury, GL19 3DB


£145 (inc VAT) – Includes a buffet lunch, refreshments, notes & supply of materials (other than, if required, a demijohn & airlock to take some fermenting juice away with you). To check current availability click here.

Early booking discount:

The following early-booking discounts are currently available:

• For courses booked & paid for at least 2 months in advance, deduct £20.00 pp;
• For courses booked & paid for between 1 to 2 months in advance, deduct £10.00 pp.

Booking Details: Online / Printable Booking Form

Course schedule

Subjects covered in this course:
• History, heritage and traditions of cider making
• Types and use of apples & pears
• Choice and care of equipment
• Milling and pressing of apples & pears
• Fermentation & Maturation
• Blending & bottling
• Tasting & appreciating cider & perry

Practical work includes:
o Equipment selection & preparation
o Milling & pressing of fruit
o Juice preparation
o Commencing fermentation
o Cider & perry tasting

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