28th March – The Cider Box presents: FIRST PRESSINGS OF 2015 (Hackney, London) Preview

Address: Queen of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Road, Hackney, London, EC2A 3JX (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Sat 28th March: 12pm-7pm (£15* or £22#)

* = Standard Ticket: Includes 1 dish from grill menu, 2 x half pints of cider & 1 tasting session (choose from 1pm / 2.30pm / 4pm)

# = Golden Ticket: Includes all the above (any cider tasting session of your choice) PLUS a special cider vs cheese tasting, with brandy & mead toasts

Tickets: Available here

Event Information:

Join The Cider Box for a special afternoon session taking place in the Rooftop at Queen of Hoxton’s WigWamBam, celebrating a brilliant harvest, and toasting 2015’s first pressings.

Be the one of the first in London to taste 2015’s finest Somerset ciders, fresh from the racks. The event will feature fine juice from the man whose contributions to cider have been recognised with a lifetime achievement award: http://www.copsehousecider.co.uk/ (a Wigwambam exclusive), Joe Strummer’s favourite, Wilkins http://wilkinscider.com/, some rather delightful champagne style cider and even a drop of cheeky Somerset Cider Brandy http://www.ciderbrandy.co.uk/. Oh and mead. Lashings of glorious mead.

Complementing these magnificent juices will be a specially curated food menu, expertly paired by the chaps at Queen of Hoxton. Think pulled pork cooked in cider, lemon & thyme chicken, and delicious veggie options, all cooked on an open fire in the wigwam.

If the cider and gorgeous grub wasn’t enough to get you here, there will be a plethora of exciting and immersive happenings also taking place in the wigwam. Urban orchard foragers Hawkes will be running tutored tasting sessions, with stories of how forgotten London apples make their own unique cider.

Somerset’s finest Tricky Cider will be on hand guiding folk through their 100% fermented apple juice organic west country cider http://www.trickycider.com/.

Dan Heath, judge at the British Cider Championships will lead the tasting sessions, and live folk music will come from London’s finest Apple of my Eye

Add to that a free raffle, impromptu toasts, and more than a fair share of mead, and you have a truly delightful afternoon on a rooftop in East London. A slice of westcountry warmth under the cover of an award winning wigwam.

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