26th-27th June – 5th Greater Manchester CAMRA Cider & Perry Festival 2015 (Manchester, Lancashire) Preview

Address: Palace Hotel, Oxford St, Manchester, Lancashire, M60 7HA (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 26th June: 12pm-10:30pm (£3)
Sat 27th June: 12pm-10:30pm (£3)

Concessions: CAMRA members & EBCU members enter for only £2

Tickets: Available on the door

Ciders/Perries: 40+ ciders/perries will be available. List TBC.

Last year the following ciders/perries were available:

Name ABV
Allen Cider TBC
Ampleforth Abbey Medium Cider 6.50%
Bollhayes Cider 6.00%
Border Orchards Cider 6.50%
Burnards Montys Double Cider 4.60%
Burnards Oaky Dokey Cider 5.20%
Burrow Hill Medium Dry Cider 6.00%
Butford Organics Medium Dry Cider 7.20%
Chants Singing Cider 7.50%
Ciderfect Vilberie Cider 7.20%
CJ Surprise Medium Sweet Cider 5.50%
Cotswold No Brainer Cider 6.00%
Crossmans Medium Sweet Cider 6.00%
Dan Y Graig Medium Cider 5.50%
Days Cottage Medium Cider 7.50%
Dove Syke Ribble Valley Gold Medium Dry Cider 6.20%
Govier Dry Cider TBC
Gwatkin Stoke Red Cider 7.50%
Hecks Yarlington Mill Cider 6.00%
Honeypot Cider TBC
Madhatters Farting Dog Cider TBC
Manx Cider Company Jimmie Kickstart Cider TBC
Mays Medium Sweet Cider 5.50%
Millwhites Hedgelayer Cider 4.50%
Moorlands Farm Medium Dry Cider 6.40%
Newton Court Cider TBC
Nooks Yard Dry Cider 5.80%
Old Bike Cider TBC
Olivers Medium Cider 6.50%
Orchard Pig Explorer Cider 4.50%
Orchards of Husthwaite Gold Cider 7.50%
Pure North Katy Cider 6.00%
Pure North Sweet Union Cider 5.50%
Red Bank Autumn Harvest Cider 7.20%
Ross on Wye Dry Cider 6.50%
Sandford Orchards Devon Scrumpy Cider 6.00%
Sarahs Medium Dry Cider 7.00%
Seidr O Sir Betws Medium Cider TBC
Springfield Old Barn Cider 7.80%
Springherne Medium Cider 6.00%
Thistly Cross Jaggy Thistle Cider TBC
Troggi Cider 7.00%
Wilkins Medium Cider 6.00%
Butford Organics Perry 5.20%
Double Vision Perry 7.40%
Newton Court Medium Perry 5.00%
Nooks Yard Cheshire Perry 6.30%
Olivers Medium Perry 6.50%
Penault Perry 5.90%
Raglan Cider Mill Snowy Owl Perry TBC
Red Bank Perry TBC
Ross on Wye Alpaca Medium Dry Perry 6.50%
Troggi Perry TBC
WM Watkins Lazy Days Medium Perry 5.60%

Food: Food available all day



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