7th-11th July – Chelmsford CAMRA Summer Beer & Cider Festival 2015 (Chelmsford, Essex) Preview

Address: Admirals Park, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2PL (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Tue 7th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£4 after 5:30pm)
Wed 8th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£4 after 5:30pm)
Thu 9th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£4 after 5:30pm)
Fri 10th July: 12pm-11pm (Free before 5:30pm/£5 after 5:30pm)
Sat 11th July: 12pm-11pm (£1)

Concessions: Free entrance for CAMRA card carrying members at all times.

Tickets: Available on the door

Festival Glass: £3 (Refundable)

Ciders/Perries: 100+ ciders/perries available.


Producer Product County ABV
Apple Cottage Filthy Tramp Juice FTJ Cambridgeshire 6.7
Apple Cottage Kt (SV) Cambridgeshire 5.6
Apple Cottage Thirst Aid Cambridgeshire 6.7
Ashover Poets Pippin Derbyshire 6
Barnes & Adams Old Parlour Gloucestershire 5
Berties Cider Co Cox-a-Ruby-Do (SV) Essex 7
Berties Cider Co Obsession Essex 4.5
Berties Cider Co Phoenix Essex 6.5
Biddendens Bushels Kent 6
Biddendens Strong Kent 8
Blue Barrel Oak Whisky Cask Nottinghamshire 6.7
Blue Barrel Old Chesnut Nottinghamshire 6.1
Bottle Kicking Cider Rambler Leicestershire 6
Bottle Kicking Cider Scrambler Leicestershire 7
Bottle Kicking Cider Scrummage Traditional Leicestershire 6.5
Celtic Marches Lily The Pink Worcestershire 4.5
Celtic Marches Thundering Molly Worcestershire 5.2
Charnwood Appley ‘Ave Another Leicestershire 5.7
Charnwood Pure Charnwood Leicestershire 5.4
Chiddingstone Cider Kent 7.5
Cromwell Session Cambridgeshire 4.8
Cromwell Sweetheart Cambridgeshire 6.8
Crones Old Norfolk Organic Norfolk 7.5
Crones Rum Cask Norfolk 7.5
Crones User Friendly Norfolk 6.1
Delvin End Summer Festival Essex 7
Delvin End Waltzing Wasp Essex 7
Dengie Cider Dengie Medium Dry Essex 6
Double Vision Medium Kent 7.4
Double Vision Sweet Kent 7.4
Downham Cider Jonagold (SV) Norfolk 5.5
Green Trees Rainbow Nottinghamshire 6.5
Green Valley Stillwood Vintage Devon 8.3
Green Valley Sweet Devon 6.8
Haygrove Evolution Harry Taylor’s Thrown Hat Herefordshire 5
Haygrove Evolution Kingston Redstreak Herefordshire 7
Heck’s Kingston Black (SV) Somerset 6.5
Hill Holme Majors Cider Essex 6
Jonty’s Cider Forget Me Night (Whisky Cask) Norfolk 7
Jonty’s Cider Red Sky (SV) Norfolk 6
London Glider Crab Apple London 6
London Glider Medium Dry London 6
Marshwood Vale Dorset Dumpling Dorset 6.5
Millwhites Hedge Layer Somerset 4.8
Newtons Dabinett (SV) Herefordshire 6.2
Newtons Gasping Goose Herefordshire 4.8
Oakwood Organic East Sussex 6.4
Orgasmic Sweet Herefordshire 6
Orgasmic White Jersey Herefordshire 6
Pickled Pig Oak Cask Cambridgeshire 6.5
Pickled Pig Old Spot Cambridgeshire 6.5
Pickled Pig Porkers Snout Cambridgeshire 6.5
Pine Trees Dudda’s Tun Medium Kent 5.5
Pine Trees Dudda’s Tun Sweet Kent 7.5
Pookhill Craic Irish Whiskey Cask East Sussex 7.5
Pookhill Dabinett (SV) Oak Cask East Sussex 6
Pookhill Yarlington Mill (SV) East Sussex 6
Rosie’s Black Bart Rum Cask Clwyd 7.2
Rosie’s Wicked Wasp Whisky Cask Clwyd 7.2
Seacider Cider East Sussex 5.8
Sheppy’s Farmhouse Medium Somerset 6
Sheppy’s Farmhouse Sweet Somerset 6
Tardebigge Medium Worcestershire ?
Thirsty Farmer Dabinett Reserve (SV) Leicestershire 6.5
Three Cats Medium Derbyshire 6
Torkard Cider Cross Border Conflict Nottinghamshire 6.9
Torkard Cider Floppy Tabs Nottinghamshire 6.8
Tutts Clump Rum Cask Berkshire 7.5
Uncle Stoat’s Cider East Sussex 6
Westcroft Janet’s Jungle Juice Somerset 6


Producer Product County ABV
Apple Cottage Fred’s Perry Cambridgeshire 7
Apple Cottage Perry Coma Cambridgeshire 7
Barnes & Adams Baynham Court Gloucestershire 6
Berties Cider Co Galanthus Perry Essex 5
Butford Organic Herefordshire 6
Celtic Marches Crackling Rosie Worcestershire 4.5
Cromwell Cavalier Perry Cambridgeshire 7
Double Vision Impeared Vision Kent 7.4
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Glamorganshire 4.5
Heck’s Blakeney Red (SV) Somerset 6
Hogan’s Poachers Perry Warwickshire 5.8
Hurst View Puckered Pear Staffordshire 6
Lazy Days Perry Monmouthshire 5.2
Lilley’s Cider Barn Bee Sting Somerset 7.5
London Glider Perry London 6
Mc Crindle’s Perry Gloucestershire 5.8
Mr Whitehead’s Pear Light Hampshire 3.8
Newtons Winnals Longdon (SV) Herefordshire 4.5
Oakwood Perry East Sussex 5
Olivers Classic Perry Herefordshire 6
Orgasmic Parton Perry Herefordshire 5
Pickled Pig Will’s Medium Perry Cambridgeshire 6
Pickled Pig Will’s Sweet Perry Cambridgeshire 6
Pine Trees Pear ‘O’ Duddas Kent 5.5
Raglan Cider Mill Snowy Owl Monmouthshire ?
Rockingham Cider Blakeney Red (SV) Northamptonshire 6.7
Snailsbank Perry Herefordshire ?


Producer Product County ABV
Apple Cottage Kt Perry Cambridgeshire 6.5
Apple Cottage Pyder Baldock Cambridgeshire 5
Charnwood Pears & Apples Leicestershire 5.2
Gwatkins Pyder Herefordshire 5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Pyder Glamorganshire 6
Lilley’s Cider Barn Apple & Pears Somerset 5.2
Lilley’s Cider Barn Crazy Goat Somerset 6.8
Lilley’s Cider Barn Cheeky Pig Somerset 7.5
Little Red Rooster Dry East Sussex 8.4
Little Red Rooster Medium East Sussex 8.4
Little Red Rooster Sweet East Sussex 8.4
Millwhites Apple & Pears Somerset 5

Food: Food will be available from the following companies:

Cambridge Donuts
Cheese & Pie Man
Fish & Chips
Handmade Cornish Pasties
Kamikaze Kitchen
Merry Berry – Truffles and Chocolates
Olive & Things
Pipers Crisps
Yuley’s Bratwurst & Pizza

Entertainment: Entertainment schedule as follows:


7:00pm Takooree: A brother/sister duo (Sophie and Louis Takooree) performing a range of acoustic songs, both covers and originals. twitter.com/louistakooree, picbi.com/sophietakooree

9pm Dave Sharp (The Alarm): From the raucous energy of punk rock and the Alarm, Dave now tours performing acoustic roots rock and folk! http://www.davesharp.org


5:30pm Thedownside: Thedownside are an acoustic party band WITH unique interpretations of classic songs. Their blend of acoustic guitars and harmony vocals captures the essence of classic artists from the Police and Bob Marley to the Stereophonics, the Killers and Florence and the machine. They have an extensive repertoire and hundreds of gigs under their belts. http://www.thedownside.net

8:30pm Jenni Hayward & Steve Wilson: Acoustic sounds with a twist (Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, etc.).


5pm Joel Fisk & Geoff Johnson: Acoustic duo playing blues based material and covers by artists such as The Eagles, Neil Young and Tom Petty. joelfisk.co.uk

8pm Band From County Hell: A five-piece band that have been described as one of the most exciting and original Celtic bands on today’s circuit. http://www.bfch.co.uk


4:30pm Full Mental Racket: Full Mental Racket are a classic rock covers band! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Full-Mental-Racket/275441051096

8pm Squeal: Squeal are a hard-working, totally rocking covers band, with material ranging from old classics right up to modern newly released material. squealmusic.wordpress.com


Family Fun Day with children’s fun fair, face painting, and ice cream van, all until 5pm. Wrist bands for unlimited Fun Fair rides £5.

1pm Reunion Quartet: Classic barber shop harmonies.

4pm Wyatt’s Band: High Energy Acoustic Rock! wyattsband.com

7pm The Jiggawatts: Classic rock covers. http://www.thejiggawatts.co.uk


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