10th-12th July – Beer On The Wye XI – Hereford CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2015 (Hereford, Herefordshire) Preview

Address: Hereford Rowing Club, Greyfriars Avenue, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 0BE (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Fri 10th July: 2pm-5pm (£3) & 5pm-11pm (£5)
Sat 11th July: 12pm-5pm (£4) & 5pm-11pm (£5)
Sun 12th July: 12pm-5pm (£1)

£10 for afternoon sessions or £15 for evening sessions will cover admission and a choice of pint or half-pint festival glass (refundable), with the rest made up in drink tokens.

Concessions: CAMRA members pay the normal price but get a £2 allowance, (£1 on Sunday) in lieu of discount.

Tickets: Available on the door

Entry comes with a FREE festival programme, which lists all the drinks available.

Camping: £10 per night for small/medium tent pitch. £15 per night for large tent or caravan/camping van.

Pre-booking of pitches is ESSENTIAL, but it is OK to pay on arrival on the day. Booking for all camping accommodation is via the HRC and is PREFERRED by e-mail or alternatively via 07813 331456. Camper van/caravan-owners should please note that the site is grassed, uneven in places and has no shore supplies. There are rubbish disposal and water facilities at the clubhouse. Parking for associated car(s) is free. Please take directions from the HRC camp site steward on arrival.

Ciders/Perries: The following ciders/perries will be available:

Barbourne Harry Masters Jersey Cider Single Varietal 6.5%
Barbourne Hopped Cider Blended 4.0%
Barbourne Stoke Red Cider Single Varietal 6.5%
Barbourne Strawberry Cider Blended 4.0%
Barbourne Sweet Kernel Blended 4.5%
Barbourne Painted Lady Perry Blended 5.0%
Barbourne Worcestershire Perry Blended 6.0%
Barkers BBC (Barkers Best Cider) Blended 6.5%
Barkers Upsi-daisy Perry Blended 6.5%
Bartestree First Cuckoo Cider Blended 3.5%
Bartestree Blakeney Red Perry Single Varietal 4.0%
Border Orchards Breakwells Seedling Cider Single Varietal 5.6%
Border Orchards Stoke Red Cider Single Varietal 5.5%
Butford Organics Dabinett Organic Cider Single Varietal 7.0%
Butford Organics Organic Cider Blended 6.7%
Butford Organics Butford Perry Blended 6.0%
Butford Organics Organic (Hendre Huffcap) Perry Blended 4.5%
Carey Organics Major Blend Organic Cider Blended 5.6%
Carey Organics Yarlington Mill and Vilberie Organic Cider Specific Varieties 5.6%
Carrington (Russell) Russ’s Rough Scrump Blended 6.2%
Chiblers Chiblers Cider Blended 7.5%
Chiblers Chiblers Perry Blended 6.5%
Cleeve Orchard Cleeve Orchard Cider Blended 6.0%
Cleeve Orchard Cleeve Orchard Perry Blended 6.0%
Cockyard #Cider Blended 5.5%
Crown Inn Number 7 Cider Blended 6.0%
Dunkerton’s Breakwells Seedling Cider Single Varietal 7.5%
Dunkerton’s Browns Cider Single Varietal 7.5%
Dunkerton’s Dunkerton’s Cider Blended 7.0%
Dunkerton’s Dunkerton’s Perry Blended 7.5%
George (John) Cider Blended 6.0%
Gregg’s Pit Browns Apple, Dabinett & Yarlington Mill Cider Specific Varieties 6.0%
Gregg’s Pit Browns Apple, Kingston Black & Sweet Coppin Cider Specific Varieties 7.0%
Gregg’s Pit Aylton Red, Blakeney Red & Gregg’s Pit Perry Specific Varieties 6.0%
Gregg’s Pit Blakeney, Butt & Oldfield Perry Specific Varieties 5.5%
Gregg’s Pit Thorn Perry Single Varietal 6.0%
Gryfter Gryfter Cider Blended 7.0%
Gwatkin Norman Cider Single Varietal 7.5%
Gwatkin Red Diesel (Strawberry) Cider Blended 5.0%
Gwatkin Stoke Red Cider Single Varietal 7.5%
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill Cider Specific Varieties 7.5%
Gwatkin Farmhouse Perry Blended 7.5%
Gwatkin Squeal Pig Perry Blended 4.5%
Hallets Blindfold Cider Blended 6.0%
Hallets National Treasure Cider Blended 5.0%
Hallets PX (Limited Edition) Cider Blended 6.0%
Hallets Rum Cask (Limited Edition) Cider Blended 5.6%
Hallets Blakeney Red Perry Single Varietal 4.5%
Henney’s Traditional Cider Blended 6.0%
Hereford Bull Hereford Bull Cider Blended 7.0%
Hewitts Browns and Dabinett Cider Specific Varieties 6.5%
Hewitts Browns Cider Blended 6.5%
Hogan’s Picker’s Passion Cider Blended 5.3%
Hogan’s Poacher’s Perry Blended 5.8%
Jean’s (Nowell) Grannies Special Cider Blended 6.5%
Little Cider Press Little Cider Press Cider Blended 6.5%
Malvern Magic Malvern Magic Cider Blended 5.5%
Malvern Magic Malvern Magic Perry Blended 5.5%
Marches Kingston Black Cider Single Varietal 6.5%
Marches Marcherman Cider Blended 7.5%
Marches Marcher Perry Blended 6.0%
Marches Sweet Fanny Adams (Blakeney Red) Perry Single Varietal 5.5%
Munsley Munsley Cider Blended 7.0%
Munsley Munsley Cider Blended 7.0%
Newton Court First Press Apple Cider Blended 5.8%
Newton Court Gasping Goose Organic Cider Blended 5.8%
Newton Court Redstreak Cider Single Varietal 5.8%
Newton Court Yarlington Mill Single Varietal 6.1%
Newton Court Panting Partridge Perry Blended 5.8%
Oliver’s Gold Rush Cider Blended 6.5%
Oliver’s Lost Apple Orchard Cider Blended 6.5%
Oliver’s Making Hay Cider Blended 6.0%
Oliver’s Shazam Cider Blended 6.0%
Oliver’s Strawberry Smile Cider Blended 4.0%
Oliver’s Yarlington Mill Cider Single Varietal 6.5%
Oliver’s Classic Perry Blended 6.0%
Oliver’s Thorn Perry Single Varietal 5.0%
Once Upon A Tree Harry Taylor’s Thrown Hat Blended 5.0%
Orchards Gloucestershire Cider Blended 6.7%
Orchards Wye Cider Blended 6.0%
Orchards Blakeney Red Perry Single Varietal 5.3%
Orgasmic Brownsnout Single Varietal 6.0%
Orgasmic Traditional Cider Blended 6.0%
Orgasmic White Jersey Single Varietal 6.0%
Orgasmic Parton Perry Blended 5.0%
Raglan Cider Mill Hanky Panky (Spirit Cask) Cider Blended 6.5%
Raglan Cider Mill Sweet Bessie Cider Blended 5.5%
Raglan Cider Mill Snowy Owl Perry Blended 5.5%
Rathays Old Goat Cider Blended 7.7%
Rixen (Albert) Albert’s Cider Blended 6.5%
Rosie’s Triple D Black Bart Cider Blended 6.8%
Rosie’s Triple D Triple D Cider Blended 6.4%
Rosie’s Triple D Wicked Wasp Cider Blended 7.2%
Ross-On-Wye Oak Cask (Whisky) Cider Blended 7.2%
Ross-On-Wye Suzi Wong Cider Blended 5.5%
Ross-On-Wye Alpaca Perry Blended 6.0%
Ross-On-Wye Broome Farm Perry Blended 6.0%
Skyborry Skyborry Cider Blended 5.8%
Skyborry Brandy Perry Single Varietal 5.5%
Snails Bank Appley Dapply Cider Blended 5.2%
Snails Bank Pig Squeal Cider Blended 7.0%
Snails Bank Snails Bank Perry Blended 5.1%
Springherne Bittersweet Blend Cider Blended 5.8%
Springherne Reine des Hatives and Nehou Cider Specific Varieties 7.1%
Springherne Blakeney Red Blend Perry Blended 5.6%
Springherne Early Pear Blend Perry Blended 5.4%
Stockmoor Farm Early Bird Cider Blended 6.2%
Stockmoor Farm Gilly Cider Single Varietal 7.0%
Stockmoor Farm Stoke Red Cider Two Varieties 5.5%
Stockmoor Farm Vintage Dabinett Cider Single Varietal 6.0%
Stockmoor Farm Stockmoor Perry Blended 5.5%
Tillington Bell Kingston Black Cider Single Varietal 6.0%
Tillington Bell Tillington Belle (Michelin and Dabinett ) Cider Specific Varieties 5.0%
Ty Gwyn Dabinett Cider Single Varietal 6.5%
Ty Gwyn Blakeney Red Perry Single Varietal 6.5%
Upper House Farm Breakwells Seedling & Reine Dehatives Cider Specific Varieties 5.5%
Upper House Farm Stoke Red Cider Single Varietal 6.0%
Weobley Marsh Sharp Blade Cider Blended 5.2%
Weston’s Henry Westons 1880 Still Cider Blended 6.0%
Weston’s Old Rosie Cider with Elderflower Blended 4.0%
Weston’s Old Rosie Cider with Rhubarb Blended 4.0%
Weston’s Old Rosie Cloudy Cider Blended 7.3%
Weston’s Raspberry Twist Cider Blended 4.0%
Weston’s Henry Weston’s Country Perry Blended 4.5%
Wilce’s Herefordshire Cider Blended 6.0%
Woodthorpe Hall Ruby Suzie Cider Blended 10.0%

Food: Food (hot and cold) will be available at ALL times the festival is open, with vegetarians well catered for. Five food concessions will be offering fish & chips, pizzas, sausage, hot dogs, burgers, baguettes, Polynesian dishes and a hog roast (when it’s gone it’s gone!) A hot breakfast service will be provided on the festival site for campers on the Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Tyrrells crisps will be available on the various bars at all times.

Entertainment: Live music from the following bands:

Friday 6pm Neil Ivison Acoustic Hits from 50’s to 2015
Friday 7:30pm Vincent Flatts Final Drive Southern-Fried Rock ‘n’ Boogie
Friday 9.30pm The Undertakers Rock ‘n’ Roll from 50’s 60’s & 70’s
Saturday 3pm Gwyn Ashton Solo Blues Rock
Saturday 5:30pm Flatworld Roots ‘n’ grooves from Eastern Europe and beyond
Saturday 7.30pm The Daggers Classic Rock
Saturday 9.30pm XOVA Reggae, Indie, Pop, Ska
Sunday 2pm The Haunted Souls Americana, Folk and Country


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