11th-15th August – CAMRA Great British Beer & Cider Festival 2015 (London) Preview

Address: Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX (Website)

Session times:

Tue 11th August: 12pm-5pm (Trade Session) & 5pm-10:30pm
Wed 12th August: 12pm-10:30pm
Thu 13th August: 12pm-10:30pm
Fri 14th August: 12pm-10:30pm
Sat 15th August: 11am-6:30pm

Tickets: Available in advance from here. Also available on the day on the door. Prices as follows:

Advance Day Tickets: £8 (CAMRA members) / £10 (Non-CAMRA members)
Advance Season Tickets: £22 (CAMRA members) / £26 (Non-CAMRA members)
Day Tickets (on the door): £10 (CAMRA members) / £12 (Non-CAMRA members)
VIP Bundle Tickets: £17 (CAMRA members) / £20 (Non-CAMRA members)

Festival Glass: £3 (Refundable)

Ciders/Perries: Over 100 ciders/perries will be available

Producer Name Bar
Allen Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Apple Cottage F.T.J. Filthy Tramp Juice Isaac Newton – B1
Ashover Cider Poets Pippin Isaac Newton – B1
Bertie’s Perry Isaac Newton – B1
Bertie’s Phoenix Isaac Newton – B1
Biddenden Strong Isaac Newton – B1
Blackmore Vale Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Blue Barrel Oak Barrel Whisky Isaac Newton – B1
Border Orchards Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Bottle Kicking Rambler Isaac Newton – B1
Bridge Farm Kingston Black (SV) Isaac Newton – B1
Bridge Farm Perry Isaac Newton – B1
Burnard Monty’s Double Isaac Newton – B1
Burnard Perry Isaac Newton – B1
Burrow Hill Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Cambridge Cider Co. Angry Wasp Isaac Newton – B1
Carey Organic Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Charnwood Appley ‘Ave Another Isaac Newton – B1
Cotswold No Brainer Isaac Newton – B1
Countryman Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Cranborne Chase Traditional Farmhouse Isaac Newton – B1
Crones Rum Cask Isaac Newton – B1
Dan y Graig Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Delvin End Waltzing Wasp Isaac Newton – B1
Dengie Dengie Isaac Newton – B1
Dorset Nectar Sweet Maiden Isaac Newton – B1
Dorset Sunshine Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Double Vision Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Double Vision Impeared Vision Perry Isaac Newton – B1
East Norfolk Norfolk Hawker Isaac Newton – B1
Farmer Fear Thirsty Farmer Isaac Newton – B1
Farmer Jim’s Copper Top Isaac Newton – B1
Franklin’s Fuddle Isaac Newton – B1
Fynburys Rutland Isaac Newton – B1
Gibbet Oak Perry Isaac Newton – B1
Gibbet Oak Russet (SV) Isaac Newton – B1
Gladstone Cider Gladstone 101 Isaac Newton – B1
Govier Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Greyfield Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Gwynt y Ddraig Celtic Warrior Isaac Newton – B1
Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry Isaac Newton – B1
Ham Hill Cider Isaac Newton – B1
Handmade White Label Isaac Newton – B1
Hardings 3 Peace Sweet Isaac Newton – B1
Harry’s Farmhouse Isaac Newton – B1
Hartland Perry Isaac Newton – B1
Hecks Blakeney Red (SV) Perry Discovery – B22
Hewitt Cider Discovery – B22
Hurst View Puckered Pear Perry Discovery – B22
Johnson Summer Daze Discovery – B22
Jonty’s Forget Me Night (Whisky Cask) Discovery – B22
Kentish Pip Vintage Pip Discovery – B22
Lancashire Cider Co Cider Discovery – B22
Little Red Rooster Cider Perry Discovery – B22
Llanblethian Orchards Mayday Discovery – B22
Llanblethian Orchards Pick and Mix Perry Discovery – B22
Lyme Bay Ernie Boys Scrumpy Discovery – B22
Marshwood Vale Yarlington Mill (SV) Discovery – B22
May’s Cider Discovery – B22
Meare Clear Discovery – B22
Nempnett Piglet’s Choice Perry Discovery – B22
Nempnett Somerset Readstreak (SV) Discovery – B22
New Forest Snakecatcher Discovery – B22
Norfolk Cider Co. Kingfisher “Sweet” Discovery – B22
Once Upon A Tree Tumpy Ground Discovery – B22
Orchard Cottage Hitchcox Traditional Discovery – B22
Orgasmic Parton Perry Discovery – B22
Orgasmic White Jersey (SV) Discovery – B22
Penallt Blakeney Red (SV) Perry Discovery – B22
Perry’s Cider Discovery – B22
Pickled Pig Oak Cask Discovery – B22
Portslade Wild Thing Cider Discovery – B22
Raglan Cider Mill Snowy Owl Perry Discovery – B22
Ralph’s Old Badlands Cider Discovery – B22
Ralph’s Old Badlands Perry Discovery – B22
Reddaway’s Cider Discovery – B22
Rich’s Farmhouse Discovery – B22
Sandford Orchard Pear-Shaped Perry Discovery – B22
Seacider Original Discovery – B22
Seidr O Sir Cider Discovery – B22
Sheppy’s Farmhouse Discovery – B22
Sherborne Traditional Farmhouse Discovery – B22
Simon’s Offord’s Drop Perry Discovery – B22
Simon’s Short Stirling Discovery – B22
Skidbrook Cyder General Ludd Discovery – B22
Snails Bank Perry Discovery – B22
Snails Bank Tumbledown Discovery – B22
South Downs Cider Discovery – B22
South Downs Perry Discovery – B22
Spinney Abbey Monk and Disorderly Discovery – B22
Tardebigge Cider Discovery – B22
Thistly Cross Jaggy Thistle Discovery – B22
Three Cats Cider Discovery – B22
Torkard Floppy Tabs Discovery – B22
Turners Perry Discovery – B22
Turners Russet (SV) Discovery – B22
Twisted Wild Orchard Discovery – B22
Vachery Farm Cranleigh Crusader Discovery – B22
Venton Skippy’s Scrumpy Discovery – B22
Virtual Orchard Saxon Aelle Discovery – B22
W M Watkins Lazy Days Perry Discovery – B22
W M Watkins Twisted Oak Discovery – B22
Waulkmill Mooseheid Perry Discovery – B22
Waulkmill Muckletoon Rosie Discovery – B22
Wessex Cider Cider Discovery – B22
West Croft Janets Jungle Juice Discovery – B22
Woody’s Cider Discovery – B22
Worley’s Cider Beatnik Billy Discovery – B22

Food: Food will be available. Click here for a full list of stalls.


The entertainment schedule is listed here

Previous Review: 2011


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