3rd-5th March – Wigan CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2016 (Wigan, Lancashire) Preview

Address: Robin Park Sports Centre, Loire Drive, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0UH (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Thu 3rd March: 5:30pm-11pm (£2)
Fri 4th March: 12pm-11pm (£1 before 6pm/£3 after 6pm)
Sat 5th March: 11:30am-10pm (£2)

Concessions: Entry is FREE for CAMRA members at all sessions, upon production of membership card.

Tickets: Available on the door

Ciders/Perries: The following ciders/perries will be available:

Cider prices – Pint £3.60, Half Pint £1.80, Third Pint £1.20. * denotes limited stock

AMPLEFORTH ABBEY : Cider (6.5%) [North Yorkshire]
Made by Monks in North Yorkshire. Light golden with a very big apple flavour.

CROSSMANS : Farmhouse Cider (6.0%) [Somerset]
Made from a blend of Michelin, Fredericks, Stoke Red, Yarlington Mill and Dabinetts.

DEE CIDERS : Richards Sweet Cider (6.4%) [Flintshire]
Sweet Cider. Big sweet red apple nose, plenty of sugar. From Wales.

DORSET NECTAR CIDER : Elderflower (3.8%) [Dorset]
Medium Cider, infused with Elderflower.

DORSET NECTAR CIDER : Wild Cat* (5.5%) [Dorset]
Medium cider made using wild yeasts delivering a balanced cider.

DOVE SYKE CIDER : Ribble Valley Gold (6.2%) [Lancashire]
Medium/Dry Cider, made in Lancashire. From local apples. A Golden crisp easy drinking cider.

DUNHAM MASSEY CIDER : Katy* (6.2%) [Cheshire]
Medium Cider. Made on Dunham Massey estate, from Katy apples grown in their own orchard.

GREEN VALLEY : Dry Devon Cyder (5.5%) [Devon]
Traditional Dry Scrumpy from Devon.

GWATKIN : Norman* (7.5%) [Herefordshire]
Medium, cloudy cider made from a single variety of apple (Norman). The Norman Cider apple was imported from Normandy in France during the 19th Century.

GWATKIN : Stoke Red* (7.5%) [Herefordshire]
Sweet, cloudy cider made from a single variety of apple (Stoke Red). Takes its name from the area in which it was originally grown, Rodney Stoke in Somerset.

GWATKIN : Kingston Black* (7.5%) [Herefordshire]
Dry, slightly cloudy cider made from a single variety of apple (Kingston Black). The Kingston Black apple is the most famous apple in the cider making world!

GWATKIN : Yarlington Mill* (7.5%) [Herefordshire]
Medium, cloudy cider made from a single variety of apple (Yarlington Mill). This cider won the 2009 CAMRA cider awards.

GWYNT Y DDRAIG : Blackdragon (7.2%) [South Wales]
Medium/Dry Cider. Dangerously quaffable, rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh, fruity aroma.

GWYNT Y DDRAIG : Autumn Magic with Blackberries (4.0%) [South Wales]
Medium cider with blackberries. Contains wild blackberries harvested from around the valleys of south wales.

HANDMADE CIDER : White Label* (5.8%) [Wiltshire]
Sweet Cider. This cider is easy drinking, well rounded and deliciously fruity.

HECKS : Box Foxwhelp* (6.5%) [Somerset]
Extremely Dry Cider, made from a single variety of apple (Box Foxwhelp).

HECKS : Morgan Sweet (6.5%) [Somerset]
Medium/Sweet Cider, made from a single variety of apple (Morgan Sweet).

HECKS : Browns Apple (6.5%) [Somerset]
Sweet Cider, made from a single variety of apple (Browns Apple).

MILLWHITES : Rum Cask (7.5%) [Hertfordshire]
Medium/Dry Cider aged in wooden casks which previously contained Rum.

NEMPNETT : Somerset Redstreak (6.8%) [Somerset]
Medium/Dry Cider, made from a single variety of apple (Somerset Redstreak).

OLIVERS : Sweet (6.0%) [Herefordshire]
Sweet Cider. Made from a blend of apples in Herefordshire.

RALPHS : Old Badland Cider (6.0%) [Powys]
Medium Cider, pressed the traditional way on a horse powered stone press.

ROSS ON WYE : Oak Cask* (7.0%) [Herefordshire]
Dry Cider, matured in oak whisky casks.

ROSS ON WYE : Suzy Wong (5.3%) [Herefordshire]
Medium/Sweet cider, made from a blend of apples.

SANDFORD ORCHARDS : Strawberry Lane (4.0%) [Somerset]
Medium Cider, blended with wild strawberries. Citrus contrast provided from fresh lime juice.

SHEPPY’S : Sheppy’s Cider (6.0%) [Somerset]
Sweet Farmhouse Cider at its finest. Made from a variety of home-grown apples fermented in oak.

SKIDBROOKE : 3yr Matured* (6.0%) [Lincolnshire]
Dry Farmhouse cider. Matured for 3yrs in solid oak casks.

SNAIL’S BANK : Fruit Bat (4.0%) [Herefordshire ]
Crisp apple cider blended with strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrants.

VIRTUAL ORCHARD : Hop in Cider (5.5%) [Buckinghamshire]
Medium/Dry Cider, with a hoppy twist! With added Citra Hops.

WAULKMILL : Sticky Mack (4.0%) [Dumfries and Galloway]
Sweet Cider. With burnt sugar added at fermentation stage to make a “toffee apple” flavoured cider.

WESTCROFT : Little Trees (6.5%) [Somerset]
Crisp & fresh dry apple aroma, medium cider with good sweetness.

WINKLEIGH CIDER : Sam’s Sweet (6.0%) [Devon]
Sweet Cider, ’tis proper Devon Cider!

Perry prices – Pint £3.60, Half Pint £1.80, Third Pint £1.20. * denotes limited stock

GREGGS PIT : Thorn Perry* (7.0%) [Herefordshire]
Medium/Dry. Thorn Perry Pears are one of the oldest vintage perry pears. It’s juicy, has a full pear flavour and has got a good dry and astringent kick to the end of it.

GWATKIN : Farmhouse Perry (7.0%) [Herefordshire]
Medium/Sweet Perry. This is made from a blend of old fashioned varieties of pears, harvested from the few remaining pear orchards of rural Herefordshire.

HECKS : Hendre Huffcap (6.0%) [Somerset]
Medium/Sweet Perry, made from a single variety of Pear (Hendre Huffcap).

NEMPNETT : Piglets Choice Perry (7.0%) [Somerset]
Medium Perry. Light straw clour, floral aroma, light and delicate taste.

NEWTON COURT : Winnal Longdon’s Perry* (5.3%) [Herefordshire]
Medium/Dry Perry, made from a single variety of pear (Winnal’s Longdon). Which dates back to circa 1790.

NEWTON COURT : Blakeney Red* (5.6%) [Herefordshire]
Medium/Sweet Perry, made from a single variety of pear (Blakeney Red).

OLIVERS : Rock Perry (5.5%) [Herefordshire]
Dry Perry, made from a single variety of pear (Rock).

PREMIUM DRINKS : Passionfruit Perry (7.3%) [West Yorkshire]
Sweet Perry with Passionfruit juice added for a something a little different.

RALPHS : Old Badland Perry (6.0%) [Powys]
Medium Perry, from award winning mid-Wales producer.

ROSS ON WYE : Dry Perry* (6.0%) [Herefordshire]
Dry Perry. A cloudy perry with a sweet fruity backbone that drys in the finish.

SNAIL’S BANK : Very Perry* (5.0%) [Herefordshire]
Medium Perry. Recently awarded a bronze medal in CAMRA national Perry awards.

WAULKMILL : Mooseheid Perry* (5.0%) [Dumfries and Galloway]
Medium/Dry Perry. CAMRA Gold Award 2014 Northern Perry.

Mead prices – 125 ml, £2.80.

HECKS : Mead (14.6%) [Somerset]
Traditional mead made from honey produced by bees that live in the Hecks cider orchard!

Food: TBC

Entertainment: The following entertainment will be available:

CHONKINFECKLE Thursday 5th March 20:00 – 23:00
BILLY & THE TEMPERAMENTALS Friday 6th March 20:00 – 23:00
KISS THE BLARNEY Saturday 7th March 13:00 – 16:00
RUN OUT THE GUNS Saturday 7th March 17:00 – 22:00

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