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Welcome to The Cider Blog! I am Nick Morris, a 35 year old cider enthusiast from Bristol. Although originally from Bracknell (near London), I have been in the South West for nearly 20 years now and my love for cider has grown and grown over the years. My cider taste is a bit of a mixed bunch really. Anything from a good quality dry farmhouse cider to the more ‘fine’ champagne style cider. I do hate purely commercial ciders like Magners with a passion! My cider tastes do lean more towards ‘West Country’ style, rather than ‘Eastern Counties’ style, though I will explore any proper cider out there!

Over the years I have unwittingly been to pretty much every pub with any decent cider in Bristol (and always looking for new places to go! – contact me with recommendations, if you know of any I haven’t reviewed). This blog is here to record my thoughts and feelings about anything cider related. This will range from my pub reviews to even making my own cider. I do like to write a good cider review along the way, which are usually straight to the point and try to add a little bit of fun/humour when I can.

Writing an ‘about me’ sections is not really for me, so take it as you will.

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  1. 1

    Ed French said,

    Loads of info for some visiting the area and wanting to know where to drink some cider. Good call mate.

  2. 2

    James Harrod said,

    Good call on the website bud. I’m sure I’ll be making a few comments/additions in near/far future.

  3. 3

    Tim Wale said,

    Hi Nick,
    Thank you for your kind words regarding my Royal Wedding Cider. I had three ciders and one Perry on at Reading, and they sold over 1,200 pints over the five days, and on the Saturday my Royal Wedding Cider was selling at around 80 pints an hour! The interesting thing is, the cider that won the national (hard core) had only sold 20 pints from Wednesday to mid day Saturday! Shows what the public like verses the judges!
    Kind regards,

  4. 4

    sean said,

    Morning Nick,

    Your positive comments about our Totterdown Press cider are much appreciated. You’re most welcome to visit the Apple Chapel and see where it’s made.

  5. 6

    thomswoon said,

    Hey man, have you ever come across rough old wife? That is a riskque opening sentence! http://www.rougholdwife.com/ I was on one of simons cider making courses, really good, and the cider is great, really oaky! Nice blog, any recommendations on mulled cider now the evenings are getting cooler?

    • 7

      TheCiderBlog said,


      Sorry for taking a while to reply. I’ve been a bit slack lately with the blog and just catching up on the old comments now. I’ve not tried the rough old wife, but hoping to at some point soon. I just haven’t seen it in these neck of the woods. Have you started making any of your own cider yet? I’m planning on starting this month doing it from scratch.

      As for recommendations on the mulled cider, last year i used a bit of Janets Jungle Juice with spices and it worked lovely. Medium/Dry cider is generally good i have found to use.


  6. 8

    Bob said,

    Hi Nick,
    Nice site and a good idea, if you ever find yourself in Rugby try the The Merchants Inn, Little Church St, Rugby, they had around 16 ciders and perry’s on plus two on tap! Twas a good night!

  7. 10

    Hi there, thought you might be interested in the Beer and Cider fest at the Johnson Arms, Wed 2nd – Sun 6th Nov: http://curryandbeer.co.uk/wordpress/?p=2988

  8. 12

    Grace Brodie said,

    Hi Nick,
    Just looking at your reviews and I don’t see one for our Jack Ratt Cider from Lyme Bay Winery. Our Vintage Dry (7.4%) has just won a triple gold star at The Great Taste Awards and is in the top 50 food/drinks in Britain. And our Jack Ratt Scrumpy won a double gold star award.
    Have a look at our website http://www.lymebaywinery.co.uk and I’m sure we can sort you out with a sample to review.
    Many thanks,

  9. 13

    Great site ! If your stuck for new bottled varieties have you tried beersofeurope.co.uk ? Lots to choose from although the Β£7.50 delivery charge means you need to order a lot to offset this. I had 21 bottles a few months back – that was a weekend I can barely remember. I tried to start my own blog but after about five pints my notes made no sense…

  10. 14

    Sara Roberton said,

    Would be interested to hear what other people think of Taunton Traditional Cider, it is very popular in our pub but recently we are experiencing trouble with deliveries due to production issues Magners say it’s due to it being seasonal, we have never had this problem before, SO, I AM A ASKING IF ANYONE COULD RECOMMEND AN ALTERNATIVE THAT IS SIMILAR AND EASY TO PURCHASE. Thankyou

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