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Euston Cider Tap (London) Review

Address: Euston Cider Tap, East Lodge, 188 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2EF

Draught (Sparkling)

Aspalls Harry Sparrow
Hogans Dry
Lilleys Apples & Pears
Original Sin Cidery
Sandford Orchards Devon Mist
Sandford Orchards Shaky Bridge

Draught (Barrel)

Mulled Cider
Olivers Allfords
Olivers Rock Perry
Orchard Pig Medium
Raglan Tawny Owl Perry
Troggi Seidr
Upper House Farm Dry
Wilkins Farmhouse
WM Watkin Oak Barrel Cider


Fosseway Somerset Glory
Hogans Cider
Lilleys Apples & Pears
Lilleys Beesting
Olivers Shezam
Olivers Yarlington Mill
Orchard Pig
Original Sin Cider
Sandford Orchards Devon Red
Sandford Orchards Devon Scrumpy
Sandford Orchards Fannys Bramble
Sandford Orchards Old Kirton
Selection of Normandy Cidre
Somerset Cider Brandy
Plus more..


It’s not often I get a chance to go to London, but with having recently changed jobs, I had an opportunity to go this week for my induction. My usual experience of London is the hustle and bustle of the sardine crammed underground and generally just getting from A to B. I haven’t been out in London for anything but business in so long, so this time I had to just change that. Having been up since 5:30am to get on a train to London, I was in no rush to go back on the earlier trains to stand all the way home in rush hour. So where else is better to go to miss all the traffic than a pub?!?

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