My Year Of Cider Before I’m 30…Ratings Order

Note: Unfortunately I have already turned 30 now. Therefore this is just for archive purposes on how my year went on trying as many ciders as I could. 317 wasn’t too bad I thought!

So, I am well on my way to getting to 30 and finally into my last year now. Quite scary when you come to think about it, as it only felt like yesterday I had just turned 18. Though then again, that could just be my memory going with old age!

Some people when they get to where I am frantically write a list of 10 things they want to achieve before they get to their next decade, but then again I am not just like some people and I won’t be doing that. I love my cider and my mission before I hit that big 30 will be to try and have as many ciders as I can in my final year. I’m not necessarily setting a must-do target as such, but it would be nice to try 500 different ciders in this year. Surely that’s possible?!?!

So here’s to getting old and I will try and discover as much cider (both new and old) before I get there. Let the adventure begin!!!

Ratings Order


Norcotts Elderflower Cider


Gwynt y Ddraig Autumn Magic
Thatchers Mixed Fruit Cider


No ciders with this rating yet


Badger Pear Wood Cider
Fallen Angel Scotch Bonnet Cider
Thatchers Cheddar Valley


Sainsbury’s Original Somerset Cider
Savanna Dry Cider
Thatchers Old Rascal


Hereford’s Pilgrim British Cider
Thatchers Rose Cider


Bath Ciders Bounders
Lilleys Apples and Pears
Thatchers Gold
Swallowfields Ryeford Blend Cider
Westons Stowford Press


Apfelundwein Apfel-Vino Brettacher 2012 Trocken (SV)
Aspall Draught Suffolk Cyder
Burnards Montys Double Cider
Cider Farm Lakes Somerset Cider (Dry)
Gwynt y Ddraig Fiery Fox
Gwynt y Ddraig Haymaker
Healey’s Cornish Rattler Cider
Knights Premium Reserve Cider
Madhatters Worlds End Cider
Springherne Dry Cider
Thatchers Copper Press
Tesco Finest Oak Matured Still Cider
Thatchers Green Goblin
Thatchers Heritage
Thatchers Traditional

Westons Marcle Hill
Westons Rosie’s Pig
Westons Traditional Scrumpy


Aspall Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder
Celtic Marches Abrahalls Cider
Chateau de Brouay Cidre Bouche Normand – Brut
Ciderniks Dab Hand
Dengie Medium/Dry Cider
Dick Willow’s Broxwood Foxwhelp (SV)
Gwatkin Squeal Pig Perry
Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry
Marco Pierre White The Governor Cider
Millwhites Blackberry Blush
Moles Black Rat (Still) Cider
Newton Court Yarlington Mill (SV) Cider
Old Grove Bramley (2011) (SV) Cider
Perry’s Morgan Sweet (SV) Cider
Ross-On-Wye Ashton Brown Jersey (SV) Cider
Sheppy’s Oakwood Cider
Thatchers 2009 Vintage Cider
Thatchers 2011 Vintage Cider
Thatchers Katy (SV) Cider
Winkleigh Sam’s Dry Cider


Aspall Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder
Biddendens Bushels Cider
Blaengawney Farm Blindfold
Bottle Kicking Scrummage Cider
Bridge Farm Bottle Conditioned Medium Cider
Brook Farm Medium Dry Cider
Crones Cider User Friendly
Dove Syke Ribble Valley Gold Medium Dry Cider
Dunkertons Court Royal (SV) Cider
El Gaitero Spanish Cider

Gwatkin Foxwhelp (SV)
Gwatkin Norman Cider (SV)
Gwynt y Ddraig Farmhouse Cloudy Scrumpy
Healey’s Cornish Scrumpy Medium Dry
Hecks Kingston Black
Henney’s Dry Cider
Herberth Braeburn (SV) Apfelwein
Jorg Stier Apfel Cidre Apfelwein
Klaane Sachsehauser Apfelwein
Lyme Bay Sparkling Cider
Millwhites Hedge Layer Cider
Mr Whiteheads Apples & Pears
Old Bristolian
Paglesham Punch Cider
Perry’s Somerset Tremlett (SV) Cider
Pips Dry Cider
Pips Sweet Cider
Possmann Frau Rauscher Speierling Apfelwein
Ross-On-Wye Alpaca ‘Perry’ Medium Dry Perry
Ross-On-Wye Balls Bittersweet (SV) Cider
Ross-On-Wye Harry Masters Jersey Oak Cask Dry Cider (SV)
Ross-On-Wye Major (SV) Cider
Sainsbury’s Sparkling French Cider (Medium/Dry)
Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Vintage (2010) Cider
Sandford Orchards Devon Mist
Sheppy’s Dabinett (SV) Cider
Sherston First Press
Tricky Medium Dry Cider
Tricky Medium Sweet Cider
Tutts Clump Royal Wedding Cider
Tutts Clump Traditional Farmhouse Cider (Medium/Dry)
Tutts Clump Traditional Farmhouse Perry (Medium/Dry)
Ty Gwyn Dabinett Medium (2011) (SV) Cider
Waitrose Organic 2010 Vintage Cider
Waitrose Reserve Cider (Dry)
Welsh Mountain Cider Dabinett (2009 Vintage) (SV)
Westons 2011 Vintage
Westons Wyld Wood


Ashgrove Orchards Orchard Ram Medium Dry Cider
Barnes & Adams Tyndale Gold (2011) Cider
Bath Ciders Bounders Traditional
Blands & Fils Cidre Normand Brut
Blands & Fils Cidre Normand Doux
Bridge Farm Chilli Cider
Bridge Farm Medium
Burrow Hill Farm Pressed Medium/Dry Sparkling Perry
Cadogan Medium/Sweet Cider
Celtic Marches Abrahalls Dry Still Cider
Celtic Marches Abrahalls Medium Still Cider
Ciderniks Combe Raider
Cyril Zangs Cidre Brut
Days Cottage Perry
Fosseway Somerset Glory
Gregg’s Pit Brown Snout, Chisel Jersey & Dabinett Cider
Gwatkin Pyder
Gwatkin Stoke Red (SV) Cider
Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon
Gwynt y Ddraig Dabinett (SV) Cider
Handmade Cider Company White Label (2011) Cider
Hecks Vintage Medium Cider
Hereford Bull Medium/Sweet Cider
Hoffmann Apfelwein
Hogan’s Panking Pole Cider
Jollydale Dry Still Cyder
Jorg Stier Echter Speierling Apfelwein
Millwhites Apples & Pears
Millwhites Dabinett (SV) Cider
Nempnett Somerset Redstreak (SV) Cider
Oliver’s Classic Perry
Oliver’s Red Pear Cocktail Perry
Oliver’s Traditional Cider
Orchard Pig Explorer (Medium)
Pennards Organic Dry Cider
Perry’s Farm Pressed Dry Cider
Perry’s Somerset Dabinett (SV) Cider
Purbeck Cider Dorset Draft (Medium) Cider
Rosie’s Black Bart
Ross-On-Wye Alpaca ‘Blossom’ Medium Dry Cider
Ross-On-Wye Alpaca ‘Cyder’ Dry Cider
Ross-On-Wye Beauty of Bath (SV) Cider
Sandford Orchards Devon Scrumpy
Severn Cider Dabinett (SV) Cider
Severn Cider Medium Sparkling Perry
Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve (2011)
Sherston Special Reserve Cider
Three Choirs Medium Dry Cider
Twisted Cider Misty Cider (Medium/Dry)
Westons Old Rosie
Zur Buchscheer Apfelwein


Ashridge Medium/Dry (Draught) Cider
Ben Crossman Prime Farmhouse Medium

Blaengawney Farm Hallets Real Cider
Bridge Farm Brown Snout (SV)
Bridge Farm Dry Cider
Burrow Hill Alf ‘n’ Alf
Burrow Hill Bottle Fermented Sparkling Dry Kingston Black Cider (SV)
Burrow Hill Cider Bus Cider
Butford Organics Nimbus Cider
Cadogan Medium/Dry Cider
Carey Organic Chisel Jersey (SV) Cider
Dick Willow’s ‘Dicky Meadows’ Medium/Dry Cider
Dunkertons Breakwells Seedling (SV) Cider
Dunkertons Organic Vintage Cider
Freyeisen Apfelwein
Giard Cidre AOP Pays d’Auge
Gillow Knicker Dropper Cider
Gregg’s Pit Aylton Red & Blakeney (2011) Perry
Guillet Cidre Breton Cider
Gwatkin Blakeney Red (SV)
Gwatkin Kingston Black (SV) Cider
Gwatkin Old Rats Tale
Gwatkin Original Dry Cider
Gwynt y Ddraig Happy Daze
Hecks Perry
Henney’s 2011 Vintage Still Cider
Jollydale Medium/Dry Cyder
Jorg Stier Emma Schoppe Apfelwein
Jorg Stier Schlehen Apfelwein
La Mare Estate Pompette Vintage Jersey Cider
La Robeline Cidre de Jerri Dry Cider
La Robeline Cidre de Jerri Medium Cider
Lawrences Dry Cider
Ledbury Cider & Perry Co Wilces Cider
Lyne Down Roaring Meg
Millwhites Rooksbridge Reserve Cider
Newton Court Autumn Harvest Perry
Newton Court Golden Blush
Norton Wood Dry Cider
Oliver’s Lullam Perry
Oliver’s Medium Cider
Oliver’s Scrumpy Cider
Oliver’s Shezam
Perry’s Farm Pressed Sweet Cider
Perry’s Single Orchard Cider
Perry’s Vintage Reserve Cider
Quality English Perry
Rich’s Farmhouse Cider
Rich’s Golden Years Lambrook Pippin (SV) (2011) Cider
Robinsons Fine Dry Vintage Cider
Ross-On-Wye Eddie’s Cider
Ross-On-Wye Brown Snout (SV) Cider
Ross-On-Wye Medium Dry Rum Barreled Perry
Severn Cider Medium Sparkling Cider
Wilcox ‘Cheddar Beauty’ Somerset Redstreak (SV) Cider
Wilkins Sweet


ApfelweinKontor WeinAusApfeln Streuobst Apfelwein 2012 Trocken
Ashgrove Orchards Orchard Harvest Cider
Bridge Farm Porter’s Perfection (SV) Cider
Bristol Ciderworks Sparkling Dry Cider
Burrow Hill Medium Cider
Burrow Hill Farm Pressed Medium/Dry Cider
Butford Organics Gatria Cider
Butford Organics Medium Perry
Cadogan Dabinett (SV) Cider
Cadogan Yarlington Mill (SV) Cider
Carey Organic Whitethorn Medium (Sparkling) Cider
Chiblers October Perry
Cider 88 Cider
Cornish Orchards Black & Gold (Sparkling)
Dick Willow’s Oaked Cider
Dunkertons Browns (SV) Cider
Dunkertons Organic Perry
Dunkertons Premium Organic Cider
Fosseway Cider
Gillow Brown Snout (SV) Cider
Gold Rush Cider
Gregg’s Pit Browns Apple, Kingston Black & Sweet Coppin (2011) Cider
Gregg’s Pit Thorn (SV) (2011) Perry
Gwatkin Thorn (SV) Perry
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill (SV)
Gwynt y Ddraig Gold Medal Cider
Harry’s Dry Cider
Hartland Perry
Hecks Blakeney Red (SV) Perry
Honey’s Midford Cider
Hunt’s Medium/Sweet Cider
Jorg Stier Hessen A La Carte Schoppen Apfelwein
La Mare Estate Branchage Medium Sparkling Cider
Lawrences Medium Cider
Lyme Bay Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider
Lyne Down Kingston Black (SV)
Mahoralls Farm Cider Medium Sparkling
Millwhites Scrumpy
Nempnett Harry Masters (SV) Cider
Nempnett Piglets Choice Perry
Newton Court Autumn Harvest
Nook’s Yard Dry Cider
North Hall Cider
Oliver’s Dry Cider
Oliver’s Medium Perry
Oliver’s Vintage 2010 Dry Cider
Once Upon A Tree Kingston Redstreak
The Orgasmic Cider Co Parton Perry
Parsons Choice Medium Dry Cider
Parsons Choice Sweet Cider
Perry’s Farm Pressed Medium Cider
Pips Medium Cider
Rich’s Golden Years Dunkertons (SV) (2011) Cider
Rich’s Golden Years Yarlington (SV) (2011) Cider
Rich’s Golden Years Yarlington & Lambrook Pippin (2011) Cider
Rogers Furzecutter Cider
Ross-On-Wye Flakey Bark Blend Oak Cask Perry
Ross-On-Wye Gin Pear (SV) Perry
Severn Cider Dry Sparkling Cider
Severn Cider Medium Sweet Sparkling Cider
St George Cider
Worley’s Mendip Hills Cider


Ashill Dry Cider
Ben Crossman Home Orchard Special
Bennetts Champion Farmhouse Dry Cider

Butford Organics Aurora Perry
Butford Organics Dry Cider
Butford Organics Medium Cider
Chant Cider Lady J Belle De Jersey (SV) Perry
Dunkertons Black Fox
Dunkertons Dry Organic Cider
Gregg’s Pit Dabinett, Kingston Black & Yarlington Mill (2011) Cider
Handmade Cider Company Crazy Diamond (2011) Cider
Healey’s Classic Oak Matured Cyder
Hecks Port Wine Of Glastonbury (SV)
Lyne Down Browns (SV)
Mad Apple Cider Traditional Farmhouse Cider
McCrindle’s Blakeney Red (SV) Perry
McCrindle’s Loiterpin Perry
McCrindles Vintage Cider (2009)
Millwhites Rum Cask

Millwhites Whiskey Cask
Naish Farmhouse Dry Cider
Oliver’s Posh Scrumpy Cider
Oliver’s Three Counties Perry
Oliver’s Yarlington Mill (SV)
Once Upon A Tree Tumpy Ground
Perry’s Somerset Redstreak (SV) Cider
Pilton Cider (2011)
Ross-On-Wye Farmhouse Medium/Dry Cider
Ross-On-Wye Farmhouse Perry
Ross-On-Wye Headless Man
Ross-On-Wye Kingston Black (SV) Cider
Ross-On-Wye Oak Barrel Medium Still Cider
Springfield Cider Sledgehammer
Springfield Cider Wobbly Munk
Trabanco Sidra Natural Cosecha Propia (2011)
Weidmann & Groh Speierling Halbtrocken (2012) Apfelwein
Wilcox Medium/Dry
Worley’s Premium Vintage (2011) Cider


Chant Cider Badger Spit
Dunkertons Kingston Black (SV) Cider
Millwhites Rioja Cask
Nempnett Piglets Choice Oak Matured Cider
Once Upon A Tree Putley Gold (2011) Cider
Ventons Skippy’s Scrumpy ‘Barrel 7’ Cider
West Croft Janet’s Jungle Juice
Wilkins Medium/Dry

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