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Austria Cider Trip Review

Visit Date: 12th-13th April 2004

Austrian OrchardsWhen you traditionally think of Austria, you think of things such as Mozart, skiing or even Arnold Schwarzenegger…but do you think of cider/perry? Well, until a few months ago I never even known there was a cider or perry culture there. Thankfully I’ve since discovered the World’s Best Cider book by Bill Bradshaw & Pete Brown and that has opened my eyes up to cider culture from around the world. Anyway, after reading the book I didn’t think I’d have a chance to visit there so soon as I did. Earlier this month, out of the blue, I got an email from Wine & Partners (Drinks PR company in Austria) inviting me over for a visit to the Salon des Mostes festival held in the Mostviertel (cider quarter) region in Lower Austria. I pondered on the idea of visiting for a while and then just thought sod it and went and did it! Flights and hotel was booked and off I went for another trip into the unknown.

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Asturias Cider Trip Review


Whilst on my last trip to Frankfurt, Germany, I was speaking to Edu (Cider Guerrilla) about cider from around the world and he mentioned that I really should try and see his homeland, Asturias, as it had a wonderful and very passionate cider scene. At the time I was really intrigued about it, especially as I remember at the International Craft Cider Festival in 2011 about one of the guys there having a very different cider pouring technique. Time went by and the conversation had completely left my mind.

Suddenly, a few months later, and out of the blue I get an invite from Edu saying that La Sidra magazine/website wanted me to come visit their III International Hall of Gala Cider event and let them show me about the Asturian cider scene and how things are done over there. To top it all off they also wanted me to help judge their cider event and they were inviting me to the III International Hall of Gala Ciders Dinner, which was being cooked for by a 2 star Michelin chef. At this point I was thinking to myself “What’s the catch?”. I pondered over it and then just told myself to just go for it. I then gladly accepted the invite, booked my flight and set off to the airport in pursuit of cider on 17th October!

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Bristol Cider Shop Cider & Sausage Festival 2012 @ The Gryphon Review

Address: The Gryphon, 41 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5AP

Date: 5th & 6th May 2012

Date Visted: 5th & 6th May 2012


After a rather amazing day at the Reading Beer & Cider Festival the day before, I was in the mood to carry on my cider drinking in the same fashion, which is where the Bristol Cider Shop Sausage & Cider Festival came in to save the day (and the weekend!) perfectly.

The concept of the festival is simple and yet effective. There are lots of sausages and lots of cider…..what more could you possibly want?!?! The choice of venue is possibly not for everyone’s taste, as it is in a metal pub, but I think it adds to the charm of it.

Unfortunately this time I didn’t get to sample the sausages, as they had sold out before I got there on Friday evening, but the choice of cider was yet again top notch. There was a good range of cider which included anything from the very sweet to the very dry and everything else inbetween. My only down point I would say is it sometimes felt a little cramped at times. This was purely down to them not expecting as many people to turn up as they did I guess! Fingers crossed for a larger venue for the next one and let this good cider festival grow! Whenever the next one is planned, then you can guarantee I will have to visit at some point and it is a cider festival not to miss.

Some ciders sampled:

Burrow Hill – ‘Alf and ‘Alf Ross-On-Wye – Balls Bittersweet Dunkertons – Perry
Millwhites – Rum Cask Dunkertons – Organic Cider Orgasmic Cider Company – Brown Snout
Severn Cider – Somerset Redstreak Perrys – Vintage Reserve Butford Organics – Medium

Session Times:

Sat 5th May: 12pm-12am

Sun 6th May: 12pm-12am

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18th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2012 Review

Address: Kings Meadow, Napier Road, Reading, RG1 8BN


After having an amazing time at Reading last year, it would be rude to not see if it could live up to it again this year, right? So off I booked my train tickets with a few days to spare in advance and I was like a kid waiting for Christmas until the big day arrived.

The journey up on the Friday flew by as I was looking through the cider list and picking out a mixture of ciders and perries I wanted to try. All in all I had an ambitious target of around 20 I wanted to try from different corners of the country and also trying to try ciders from the guys I chat with on Twitter. It’s not often I get to try ciders from say the far north, so this was a damn good opportunity to do so.

When I got there the queues were fairly non-existent (I heard the Saturday was packed though!) and I went straight on in to the huge marquee that was holding all that beautiful cider and perry. After getting a drink in I met up with Paul (AKA scrumpydrinker) and his other half, who would end up being my cider drinking companions for the day.

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Bristol Cider Shop Cider Making Trip To Herefordshire Review

Address: Bristol Cider Shop, 7 Christmas Steps, Bristol, BS1 5BS

Date Visted: 24th September


Having read in the latest Bristol Cider Shop newsletter about the launch of their cider making day trips to Herefordshire, I thought I would pop on down and see what it was all about with my friend Emily (from Bristol Bites fame). After previously having been on a cider making course run by Peter Mitchell (Cider Academy), this was not a new experience for me, but I was just seeing how things would compare.

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