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International Craft Cider Festival 2011 Review

Address: Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Gelligaer Road, Nelson, Treharris, CF46 6ER

Date: 12th-14th August 2011

Date Visted: 12th-14th August


The International Craft Cider Festival has been a festival that has been on my cider radar for a long time now. From the moment I heard about it and then finding it coincided with my birthday weekend, it was something I just had to go to. With it being about craft cider, then how could I pass up an amazing opportunity like that?!?

One of the first things I had noticed about the location when we got there was just how out of the way it was. Not in the sense that it is in the middle of no where (there was civilisation!), but more to do with the fact it wasn’t near a big town/city and was a little off of the beaten track. I think this added to the charm of it, as you were surrounded by Llancaiach Fawr Manor, which seemed like a nice manor.

The grounds were huge and had ample space for camping/parking, music stage and the cider tents. The layout just seemed to work, even if I did nearly go round the one way parking system the wrong way! I blame it being early and the signs not being up for the one way system. Or maybe I was just tired. No one was harmed in that though!

All the food served from the stalls, by the music stage, was of good quality and not something that just seemed to be rushed out at a cheap cost. My personal favourite was the curry from Samosaco; the curry in a naan bowl was just inspired. It reminds me of when I was in Latvia and they had soup served in a carved out loaf of bread. It just goes down well in my opinion and a nice little novelty too.

The indoor market stall was definitely worth a look too. There were lots of nice chutneys and cheeses amongst other things. I bought a lovely cider mug, even though it wasn’t cheap, it felt a good quality one to drink my cider from. The highlight of the indoor market for me was the jerkys. This was nothing like the standard jerkys you get in a supermarket, but proper flavoursome ones.

My only gripe with the food was the lack of an early morning breakfast option. The likes of the guys selling bacon and eggs could have made a killing if they had opened before 11am or 12pm. We did have a bacon or sausage sandwich in the café at the manor, but I wasn’t necessarily best impressed with it. It was alright but nothing special.

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