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Chalkdown 2015 Vintage Cider Review

Vital Stats:

Producer: Chalkdown
Cider Name: 2015 Vintage
Region: Hampshire
ABV: 8.3%
Taste: Dry
Served: Lightly chilled 750ml bottle
Smell: Green Apple
Colour: Golden/Yellow
Clarity: Clear
Carbonation: Sparkling

Review/Tasting Notes:

From: Chalkdown Cider
Date: 28/02/20

As mentioned earlier this month, I am slowly getting into the cider reviews again, after an extended period away. With the emphasis definitely on slow, as I’m frantically typing with one hand due to dislocating a shoulder (AGAIN!). And no not done in an exciting way either; Overstretching on a ladder is apparently all it takes! I could turn to video reviews or voice typing but that aint my thing. First up on the cider reviews this decade is the 2015 Vintage cider from Chalkdown, who won the International Cider Challenge Trophy for best bottle fermented/bottle conditioned cider for two years running in 2017 and 2018.

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Blog Update

I was going to start out by saying sorry I’ve not been around doing cider reviews for a while now, with thinking it was only a year or so. Turns out more like 2 and half years! Ouch! I guess they can say that life has got in the way of doing this hobby of mine. In that time life went a bit off the rails with a long term relationship ending and now onto better things in a new relationship (she likes cider too, which is a bonus!) and buying my own house. Though the big thing getting in the way is work and the lack of free time. Add into the mix a bit of a healthier lifestyle, DIY on the house and you don’t get much free time at all. How some people do it I don’t know!

Anyway, all of that is what has happened and time to get this blog back up and running again in some shape or form and revive the hobby once again. Not to the same level as before, as I think that’s where my enjoyment left in feeling it was all about publishing content and I am not really a writer either; I’m just a man with an opinion! It’s time to get the blog back to what it was intended for all those 9 years ago when I started it, which is to make it a record of what cider I like/dislike, where is good to drink cider and just information mainly that I would find useful. I guess you can say I am making this blog more about what I want to look back on and not what I think other people might want to see. I’ve for too long always thought about what other people may think and that has to change.

So what’s changing you ask? Well here’s a start for 10….

Cider Reviews – I’m going to keep these short and sweet again and more to the point. It may not always be the most descriptive but I’m going to use it more of a notepad for myself to keep track on what I like/dislike in the cider world. If a producer wants me to put some background info on them, then more than happy to. Though I’m thinking of opening up a different section of the site for background info on cider makers to keep it separate and easier to find. Maybe a Q&A section of such, as per below.

Cider Producer Q&A – Thinking of setting this up just so I can keep producer information in one place. Just need to think of a list of  questions first.

Cider Events – I’m not going to actively search these out. I wasted far too much time in the past trying to find this out and the amount of events organisers who couldn’t even send me/advertise a cider list or similar was shockingly high. If you have an event that wants listing then fill out the details here and I will get it on the site. If your cider/perry list is predominantly “fruit cider”, then this site isn’t for you. I want to promote real cider on this site.

Cider Pubs/Bars/Restaurants – This is what I have mainly been doing the past year or so, though never really publicised it. I like to know where is good for a pint/bottle of cider/perry. If you have any suggestions then let me know and I’ll go check it out. Below is how the map currently looks but will sort out a page on the site in due course. Zoom out to show more than just Bristol too.

Apple Core = No Real Cider/Perry

Bronze Apple = 1-5 Real Ciders/Perries

Silver Apple = 6-10 Real Ciders/Perries

Gold Apple = 11+ Real Ciders/Perries

Cider Recipes – I may dabble in this occasionally. Like the cider reviews, will be short and sweet and to the point and not done like some swanky food critic. If you know anything simple(ish) that is worth a go then give me a shout. I am not a great cook, but I can follow a recipe and always have an opinion on my food.


So yes I’m back and will hopefully put up a new cider review soon and update other parts of it where I can. Just need to make myself a bit of time from now on (where I can) and let this get back to what where it should be. It’s good to be back cider world!

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