20th July – Ciderdog Cider Festival 2019 (London) Preview

Address: The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London, SE1 3SS (Website)

Entry Price/Session times:

Sat 20th July: 12pm-1am (Free)

Tickets: N/A

Drink Price: £3.50 per pint

Ciders/Perries: 100+ ciders/perries will be available.

Name of Cider Producer A.B.V Notes
1 Dry Hecks 6.5 A delicious aroma of light apple skin and subtle pear with a long, dry finish.
2 Abrahalls Dry Celtic Marches 6.5 Skilfully crafted Abrahall’s AD 6% cider is a well-rounded, easy to drink, dry cider, made from 100% cider apples.
3 Mendip Hills Worleys 6.4 Pale and gold in colour with great apple flavour and some strong tannins to finish.
4 Deanhouse Dry North Cider 7.0 A bright, well rounded dry cider made using sharp apples and garden fruit from Deanhouse.
5 Russet Turners 0.1 Made only from Kentish Russet apples which are renowned for their unique nutty flavour.
6 Oak Cask Ross Cider 7.4 Packed full of flavour and with a lingering fruity mouth feel.
7 Dry Bollhayes 6.5 A blended bone dry cider.
8 Abandon Ship Ex-Press Cider 6.9 Has crisp dry apple and wine notes, tickling acidity, and a drying tannin finish.
9 Half + Half Bollhayes 6.5 A blended medium/dry cider.
10 Valley Oak North Cider Co. 6.0 A pale cloudy cider made with cider apples, cooking and
eating apples, fermented and matured in young oak barrels. Full of sharp flavour with a subtle oak nose.
11 RDH Upper House Farm 4.5 The taste is very smooth, lovely bitterness leading to a long, dry finish.
12 Barn Owl Perry’s 5.5 Packaged young to maintain its sweet fruity taste, expressing both apples in a well balanced sweet cider. Easy drinking and full of flavour.
13 Red Hen Worleys Crisp medium dry organic draught cider from Herefordshire.
14 Medium/Dry Silly Moo 4.5 Full of fresh apple aromas, bottled Silly Moo is a medium dry 4.8% ABV slightly sparkling cider. Golden in colour and made from only freshly pressed Sussex apple juice and yeast, no added sugar or sweeteners.
15 Medium/Dry Hecks 6.5 Golden and cloudy in appearance with a lovely long smooth lingering dry taste .
16 Medium Seacider 4.6 Bestseller. A refreshing and easy drinking medium cider made from sweet eating apples.
17 Redstreak Perrys 6.1 A medium single variety red streak cider with a refreshing crisp apple taste.
18 Abrahalls Medium Celtic Marches 6.5 Made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples including Dabinett & Michelin.
19 Medium Turners 6.0 Very highly Commended at the British Cider Championships in 2015.
20 Shezam Oliver’s 6.0 Medium easy drinking cider. Enjoy straight from the fridge or the handful.
21 Nehou Upper House Farm 4.5 A fine traditional, unfiltered cider with a rich haze crafted from a blend of specially selected apples.
22 Medium Broome Farm 5.0 A perfect traditional Herefordshire medium.
23 Valley Gold North Cider Co. 6.0 A delicious golden full flavoured cider, delivering sweet apple flavours and a classic bitter finish.
24 Tumbledown Snailsbank 5.2 Dabinett and Michelin apples are blended here to present a very interesting Medium Cider. A strong appley character is pepped up with a touch of sweetness that just demands that you come back for another taste.
25 Tumpy Ground Once Upon A Tree 7.0 Clear & golden in colour, medium in style and made from a blend of cider varieties.
26 Medium Umbrella Brewing 5.0 A delicate, light and aromatic apple cider.
27 Pilot Ascension 4.8 Medium sweet with flavours of baked apple finishing with a delicate dryness .
28 Rocky Road Worleys A medium-dry, slightly sparkling cider – with good tannin and a spicy finish.
29 Scrummage Harrys 6.0 Tannic, full bodied and deliciously farmhousey!
30 Kingston Black Hecks 6.5 Delicious single variety Kingston Black from Hecks.
31 Medium Bollhayes 6.5 A classic cider matured in oak barrels which influences a stronger deeper flavour.
32 Cloudy Celtic Marches 5.0 Good depth of flavour and a crisp slightly sweet finish!
33 Thundering Molly Celtic Marches 5.3 Gorgeous golden colour with a well balanced finish. Made on the family farm in Herefordshire.
34 Pig Squeal Snailsbank 7.0 Made using a single orchard giving us a medium cider with a bittersweet apple aroma.
35 Fusion North Cider 5.9 A clean sharp cider made using a blend of 4 cider apple varieties.
36 Gasping Goose Newton Court 4.8 A well balanced, golden medium bodied craft cider made with organic apples.
37 Medium Butford Organics 6.3 A cider to quench the thirst on those long, hot summer nights .
38 Ashton Bitter Celtic Marches 6.5 A rare single varietal cider from these stalwart Herefordshire cidermakers.
39 First Draught Luke’s 0.1 A lovely, easy drinking medium with tons of body and a toffee-like finish.
40 Thrown Hat Once Upon A Tree 5.5 Delicious, easy drinking, medium cider that actually tastes of apples. Bittersweet flavours of apple skin, then caramel and a herby note.
41 Lily the pink Celtic Marches 4.5 A medium fruity cider, gorgeous pink colour with an intense fruity aroma.
42 Gundog Millionaire Ex-press cider 6.9 This well balanced cider has crisp apple notes, along with hints of citrus and grapefruit, robust acidity, and a lingering tannin finish.
43 First Press Newton Court 6.0 Made using a blend of eating apples including Newtons Wonder and Worcester Pomain.
44 Suzie Wong Broome Farm 5.5 A soft and fruity session cider.
45 Sweet Broome Farm 5.0 A smooth, easy drinking medium cider with a delicate apple aroma.
46 Shepherds Warning Ex-Press Cider This cider is bursting with fruit and juicy notes, complementing acidity, with a soft tannin finish.
47 National Treasure Hallets 5.0 Full fruit flavour with a long, lingering finish.
48 Sweet Butford Organics 6.5 Full flavoured with a sweet finish.
49 Portwine of Glasto Hecks 6.5 Hazy golden colour, aroma of apple and wood, med/sweet flavour of earthy apples.
50 Beatnik Billy Worleys 6.0 A sweet cider. Light and low-ABV, with bags of fruit and mellow balanced sharpness.
Name of Cider Producer A.B.V Notes
51 Sweet Turners 7.0 Blended with Cox, Russet, Gala and Bramley apples, this cider is unfiltered and sugar-sweetened.
52 Sweet Union North Cider Co. 5.5 A sweet cider packed full of flavour.
53 Brown Hecks 6.5 Super juicy with a slight twang.
54 Appley Dappley Snailsbank 5.0 A sweet, lively cider that blends traditional bitter sweet apples with a more contemporary Russet apple to make a light, refreshing and quaffable cider.
55 Ex-press Cider Pip Pip Hooray 4.0 Packed full of apple and full fruit flavour.
56 Heron Perry’s 5.5 Sweet, fruity and deliciously well balanced.
57 Redstreak Newton Court 5.0 Made from a single varietal apple and bursting with sweetness.
58 Sweet Coppin Newton Court 7.0 Old Devon variety of apples producing mid-season pure sweet apples. Mild, bittersweet easy drinking cider with low acidity and low tannin.
59 Vintage Kentish Pip 6.2 This single variety cider is made with a higher number of cider apples and then aged to mellow out the tannins.
60 No 8 Harrys 6.2 Traditional, sweet and full of rich apple flavour.
61 Rhubarb Tricky 4.0 Refreshing and easy to drink.
62 Elderflower Tricky 4.0 A generous splash of elderflower cordial picked in late May. Light, floral and delicious.
63 Can I Play With Mangoes? Ascension 4.0 Double mango infused cider! Medium cider blended with Kesar and Alphonso Mangoes. Tropical, aromatic and deliciously sweet.
64 Marmalade Seacider 4.0 Brand new and made purely from apples and marmalade.
65 Bakewell Tart Seacider 4.0 Made from apple juice and fresh cherries picked from the local greengrocer!
66 Blood Orange Seacider 4.0 Inspired by Beaverton’s Bloody Ell’ this cider is not to be missed.
67 Shimmy Ascension 4.0 The latest banger from these super experimental makers comes in the shape of a mouth puckering lemon and pineapple sour.
68 Pineapple Snailsbank 4.0 Delicious pineapple infused cider.
69 Apple Pie Turners 4.0 Flavoured with spices and sweetened with fresh apple juice!
70 Gooseberry Fool Snailsbank 4.0 A firm favourite and a must try!
71 Elderflower Turners 4.0 Made from Kentish apples and hand-made elderflower syrup.
72 Blackcurrant Newton Court 4.0 Made from homegrown blackcurrants.
73 Rhubarb Tricky 4.0 Made from apples, blackcurrant and raspberries!
74 Ruby Tuesday Celtic Marches 4.0 Pressed raspberries are blended with apples to give a crisp flavour.
75 Rhubarb Turners 4.0 Crisp, fruity cider infused with rhubarb.
76 Raspberry Ripple Snailsbank 4.0 A delicious raspberry flavoured medium sweet cider.
77 Quince North Cider Co. 4.0 A beautiful honey coloured cider made from quince, floral
quince flavours with subtle acidity.
78 Lemon Meringue Seacider 4.0 A sweet mellow sugary lemon sherbet flavour.
79 Dance Commander Ascension 4.0 Bursting with sweet apples and cherry.
80 Black Forest Snailsbank 4.0 Medium cider blended with sour black cherry, sweet vanilla and subtle hints of chocolate.
81 Blackberry Once Upon A Tree 4.0 Refreshing with a sharp finish.
82 Rhubarb Seacider 4.0 A sweet, fruity, rhubarb finish. Like drinking a dessert.
83 Mango+Lime Harrys 4.0 Deliciously sweet and juicy with tropical notes.
84 Passion fruit Seacider 4.0 Beautifully juicy with a tart finish .
85 Raspberry+Blackcurrant Harrys 4.0 Full of rich berries.
86 Elderflower Gin+Tonic Snailsbank 4.0 BIB Elderflower, Gin & Tonic 4% Snails Bank 20L Subtle apple aromas mixed with a delicate bitterness from the G&T & a fruity sweetness from the Elderflower.
87 Wild Summer Kentish Pip 4.0 Infused with pollen and nectar from elderflowers picked on the farm, this light and super refreshing summer cider makes your pallet sing.
88 Banoffee Pie Snailsbank 4.0 Apple cider rippled through with luscious toffee, sweet banana and vanilla.
89 Wineder Snailsbank 4.0 A unique blend of cider apples and red wine grapes giving a lovely deep bouquet.
90 Rhubarb Snailsbank 4.0 Urban Orchard base cider blended with mixed red berries including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry juice for natural sweetness.
91 White Peach Seacider 4.0 A fruity and refreshing blend of our Medium Apple Cider and White Peach.
92 Purple Haze Ascension 4.0 Blackcurrant Lemonade style Cider. Masses of Cassis and tart lemon notes with lipsmacking moreishness.
93 Raspberry Ripple Seacider 4.0 Delicious fruity packed full of fruit with a sharp finish.
94 Panting Partridge Newton Court Cider 5.3 Medium with a juicy pear taste and delicate wine finish.
95 Per Ascension 4.8 Named after Per Lindstrand, a legend of aviation and Hot Air Ballooning, this ray of sunshine is a blend of vintage apple cider and freshly pressed Conference pear juice. Sweet, balanced and super smashable.
96 Classic Perry Olivers 5.0 Award-winning medium perry with a lovely, tart finish.
97 Perry Hallets 5.0 A fruity medium Perry with a complex yet balanced flavor only found in real Perry.
98 Traditional Perry Broome Farm 6.0 Cloudy pale yellow, with aroma of pears and citrus, and a zesty pear flavour.
99 Winnals Longden Newton Court 5.3 An award winning perry full of sweetness and flavour.
100 Cracklin’ Rosie Celtic Marches 4.5 A medium perry with a fine and delicate taste.

Event Information: Ciderdog features a staggering 100 British ciders & perries, all expertly curated by our good friends The Real Al Company; dedicated suppliers of high-quality small batch cider.

A specially made 8m-long scaffolding bar will house our 100 bag-in-box ciders (under ice sheets tokeep them chilled) from an array of cider makers such as Sea Cider, Oliver’s, Turners, and Ascension.

From super sweet to bone dry, cloudy scrumpys, single varieties and blends Ciderdog has something for every cider drinker. There will be award winners, special one-off collaborations, and (traditionalists look away) cider mixed with everything from passion fruit and blueberry, to chilli and ginger. Plus The Miller slushy cocktail machine will return, serving frozen cider cocktails to keep you cool in the sun.

We’re mixing things up this year, with Que Padre Tacqueria making a special appearance (currently in residency at Highbury Library) serving up delicious tacos (3 for £10) to keep bellies full whilst cider sampling. We’ll have pairing recommendations to match the perfect ciders to their small plates. Vegan and gluten free guests will, as always, be well catered for (did we mention all the ciders are vegan and GF!)

Plus our top resident DJs will be spinning summer tunes in our huge beer garden, providing chilled out vibes, then keeping the party going ‘til late with 90s, 00s, r’n’b, hip hop, indie & more.

If cider isn’t your bag-in-box we have a host of London brewed craft beers (The Kernel, Partizan, Howling Hops, Pressure Drop to name a few) delicious soft drinks from Square Root Soda, low/no alcohol beers from Big Drop & a whole lot more to choose from.

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